Sith Empire Vesna Drast III

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    Vesna Drast III
    Sith Acolyte


    NAME: Vesna Drast III
    Nicknames: N/A
    AGE: 15
    SPECIES: Human

    FACTION: Sith Empire
    RANK: Sith Acolyte
    XP LEVEL: 1

    HEIGHT: 5'4"
    WEIGHT: 115 lbs
    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
    EYE COLOR: Hazel
    SKIN COLOR: Light
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Multiple ear piercings, light scar on the right side of her neck.
    FORCE: Yes


    Charisamatic and strong-willed, Vesna is the center of great pride for her parents and had been reminded of such since she was a small child. Some may comment of her being spoiled, but Vesna has come to believe as a Drast, the things she asks for are grounded in her rights from the clothes that she wears to the abilities she had been granted with the Force. However, she carries intelligence and wit that seems to overshadow more of her pompous behaviors either learned or groomed by her parents and extended family. When needed, Vesna can play the part of a socialite like her mother, but she is not afraid to unleash more dominating characteristics in order to turn things in her favor.

    As a teen, Vesna comes with the sassy and independent teen girl attitude, though she is still young enough that she wishes to be in the care of her parents, seeking approval and affection that most would consider a vulnerable trait in any Sith apprentice. These vulnerabilities are not always seen, but they are present and factors such as protecting her family from the rebels and Jedi are at the root of those fears. Socially, Vesna enjoys the company of adults and does not do well with others her age; she likes to act older than her age, which does not mesh well with other peers. Tutoring and private instructing have also further isolated her, but Vesna is in the belief this will help accomplish her goals and fill the shoes of that of her ancestors. Often she is an idealist of what she wishes to accomplish, still too immature to realize the hardships she would have to endure to accomplish them.


    As the first born child, she was the pride and joy for her parents, both who would place the heavy weight of duty and title on their daughter. Vesna's father could trace his lineage to Evalyn Drast, the only daughter of Kravos and Andraste, while her mother, Lady Morana, was a popular socialite in the noble circles of the Imperial regime, giving Vesna vast opportunity to one day influence with the power of name alone. However, like most Drasts, Vesna was also gifted Force sensitivity and the scope of her potential was unfathomable to her father, who decided to plan out much of what she would learn and do until she was old enough for the Sith Academy. Though passion and power drove the family, there was love, and Vesna knew her parents loved her very much; at a young age, Vesna struggled like most children with the realities of the galaxy. From witnessing terroristic violence on the holonet from the "rebels" who wanted to see the Drasts fall and listening to her father and mother speak of the concerns for safety, she had a hard time how anyone could hate her or her family. Even her father's explanation at the time did not make much sense and so, in her early fears, Vesna grew weary of those who opposed the Empire.

    Eventually, Vesna and her mother went to stay at the family villa on Serenno, moving out of the business of the core and out into country side where her parents thought it would be better for her to focus on her studies and training. Her days were filled from sunrise until past sunset in literary discussions, philosophy, art and history, as well as weapon instruction, combat, defense, and the Darkside of the Force. She was certainly set from those around her, including cousins and other family members, carrying an arrogant attitude that once thought to be impressive and cute, but she has learned to use it to keep herself distant from other Drasts. As she advanced in her studies, she took a liking of sorcery mainly due to not needing to worry about tearing her dresses, messing up her or nails, and had found many advantages to the darker magic. However, she also learned quickly the price one paid to use it and has a light scar on the right of her neck from this consequence.

    As Vesna reached her teen years, her mother and father almost seemed relieved she would be attending the Sith academy and the young Drast found it very hard in this adjustment. Once at the top of the ladder, she was now at the bottom, no longer being waited on and served and had to begin to earn respect from the other Sith. Difficult as it may be, Vesna discovered her own charisma seemed to draw many to her, those who wished to serve her and then those who wished to put her in her place. The time at the temple did expose Vesna more to the galaxy, drawing a deeper perspective of how Andraste envisioned her Empire and learning more about the influences of the so-called rebellion that that brewed in the unconquered systems. It was then during her first years at the academy did she first saw the Jedi on the holonet and felt fearful for herself, her family, and the Empire, believing the Jedi had finally returned to finish what they had so tried to do five centuries prior: to kill the Drasts. For some, fear cripples, but for Vesna, it drove an inner ambition (though often challenged by teenage impulses) to earn her right and help build an Empire that no one would any longer challenge.

    Skills & Gear

    Combat: As soon as she was able to hold a weapon, Vesna was taught how to use it. She started early with her lightsaber training, gaining the basics and how to channel the Force to her command in the fight. Additionally, Vesna knows how to defend herself without a weapon and with weapons such as a blaster or energy bows.

    Booksmarts: Having access to the best meant her time was filled with many studies, she is not very streetsmart compared to some of her peers and other Sith but hopes in her years at the academy more field experience would be available to her.

    The Force: Her sensitivity has not gone unnoticed as a Drast and has begun to grasp the founding concepts of the dark side of the Force and what it will mean for her to be a Sith. Vesna has taking up a liking to darker sorcery offered by the dark side of the Force.

    Languages: Attending state affairs nearly always meant speaking with someone in a different language and for the purposes of ease, Vesna has learned multiple languages in her short years.

    Gear: Fine clothing, Sith robes, Armor, blaster, comm device, datapad, and a red bladed lightsaber.


    Person: Isn't a loser and has friends, maybe...


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