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 Mandalorians Ves "Trixie" Ordo

Discussion in 'Approved Character Profiles' started by Sreeya, Nov 7, 2019.

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    Ves "Trixie" Ordo

    NAME: Ves "Trixie" Ordo
    AGE: 26
    SPECIES: Human

    FACTION: Mandalorian

    HEIGHT: 5'4
    WEIGHT: 130 lbs
    SKIN COLOR: White
    EYE COLOR: Blue

    Character Information

    • Ves, preferring to be called Trixie, was born on Mandalore, just like most of her people. However, her parents realized she was a problem child early on. She had a penchant for violence that became abundantly clear during her verd’goten when she almost murdered her own father. She also displayed cruelty towards animals she had to kill to survive during the trials. Soon enough, it became clear that she was possibly clinically insane and irrational.

      As the only daughter of her parents, they tended to cover up her problems and continue to support her while feeling helpless in the background. Despite her mental instability, she was exceptional in combat, both in ranged and melee. It got to the point where her erratic and uncontrollable behavior was often overlooked just because her skills were so valuable. She became one of the best warriors, her name known amidst the leadership. However, she didn’t rank up traditionally like others as it was quite obvious she lacked the capacity to ever hold any important roles.

      That was when the Death Watch had originally formed, and the niche was perfect for her. She was there for its inception, joining Cuyan Ordo in his efforts to launch attacks against the Sith. Unlike the Solus clan, she didn’t care about maintaining good faith. Her methods were violent, and she didn’t care about civilian casualties. She was there on numerous occasions where strikes against the Empire were pulled off, and she participated in the underhanded, clandestine efforts.

      One of those attacks saw her captured by the Sith. She was imprisoned for a time, all of her possessions taken away. Since then, she had been tormented mentally by Force users, which hilariously didn’t yield intended results due to her being already slightly insane. After years behind bars, she finally devised an escape and returned to Mandalore to find her home in shambles.

      Though she had never backed Raz Solus, believing the woman to be far too peaceful, she was ecstatic to return in time to begin a crusade. It would just mean the others would have to tolerate her again...

    • Trixie is vulgar, rude, irrational and absolutely nuts. She has no real sense of right and wrong and needs to be given clear directions to avoid hazards. She is exceptionally good on the battlefield, but will need to be explicitly told not to kill in advance. It's difficult for anyone to truly get to know her, and only a few others can stand her enough to call her a friend. Once a friend, her loyalty knows no bounds.

      • Medium Beskar'gam with thermal undersuit, concealed blade, jump boots, dart launcher
      • Shock boxing gloves
      • Lightsaber from Burkhart
      • Quickdraw with stun from Burkhart with 2 extra packs

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