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    Valkyrion Manor

    Personal Lore ~ Alastair Valkyrion
    Location ~ Serenno

    Valkyrion Manor is a gothic mansion in a remote area of Serenno. It is owned by the Valkyrion family (currently only Alastair Valkyrion) and serves as a base of operations. Though it is simply a building.


    Valkyrion Manor has many rooms, mostly unused now. The furniture covered by tarps, dust and cobwebs filling the corners. However there are several areas that are still used.

    • One of the main wings of the manor holds five large rooms, each containing a full bedroom set (King bed, dresser, armoire, nightstands and a full-length mirror) and they each have a window either facing east or west. On the top floor are two more guest bedrooms and one large master suite.
      There is also a small wing of servant's quarters, along with a groundskeeper's hut on the peoperty.

    • Valkyrion Manor has one large dining room, with a long solid wooden table that seats twenty. Complete with matching chairs. Off of this dining room is a full scale kitchen, capable of churning out food to more than feed everyone with the table at full capacity.

      The pantries and storerooms of Valkyrion Manor are capable of being stocked with enough food to last several months. And beneath the house (through a hatch in the pantry floor) is a large wine cellar. Housing all manner of wines, ales and spirits. The Valkyrion family has always been fond of their collection, maintaining and logging it meticulously.

      There is also a ballroom in the manor, not often used. Its sconces and chandelier coated in dust and cobwebs. Though it’s hardwood floor is well worn from times wen it was used to hold grand parties.

    • Valkyrion Manor is home to a mid-sized forge, and small armory to store weapons and armor that are crafted within. The forge has long been silent now, the last thing created within was Alastair Valkyrion's sword. But at one time the Valkyrion forge churned out armor and weaponry as fast as the ingots could be made. The armory now is dusty and unused, any remaining pieces are rusty and out dated.

      The libraries are some of the only rooms that are well visited and maintained. Hundreds upon hundreds of books, scrolls and other written mediums are stored and catalogued here. Alastair's hunger for knowledge often leads him to these rooms for hours. Whenever there is a new acquisition it is logged and put in it’s place, eventually causing empty and unused rooms to be turned into more libraries.

    Valkyrion Manor was built by Lucius Valkyrion in 7000 BBY and has housed many generations of the Valkyrion family, it has been handed down through the family for generations. The most recent such handing down was from Malakai Valkyrion to his son Alastair Valkyrion.

    Valkyrion manor was once renowned for it’s forge, and the parties that were once thrown in It’s grand ballroom -in spite of its somewhat remote location-.

    Otherwise the history of Valkyrion Manor is relatively unremarkable, and with the death of his father leaving him the only living Valkyrion he has cut the staff down to the bare minimum. Even going so far as to close off much of the manor.


    Valkyrion Manor was once staffed by dozens of butlers, maids , cooks and smiths. Now there are only a few essential staff that keep the manor running.

    The current staff includes:
    1 Butler/Head of Staff
    2 Maids
    1 Librarian


    The intent behind Valkyrion Manor is simply to create an official writeup for my character Alastair Valkyrion's ancestral home. In It’s current state it is semi run-down and largely unused. I plan to have some of Alastair's activities be in relation to fixing the place up and restoring it to it’s former glory. Potentially expanding it at some point to house a barracks and other essential things for when Alastair progresses through missions and acquires his own troops.
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