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    TAGGE 'V'

    ► 19​
    ► Human​
    ► 1.6m​
    ► 56kg​
    ► Chestnut​
    ► Black​
    ► Brentaal IV​
    ► Female​
    ► Galactic Alliance​
    ► Jedi Hopeful​
    ► Yes​
    ► Right Arm Replacement​

    • Chapter I: The Scanty Speeders

      Valerie Tagge was born into a militaristic family that served loyally under the harsh regime of the Imperial Republica for generations, her father Davos Tagge was a commanding officer in a military outpost on the planet of Brentaal IV and a well-known tyrant. Her mother was but a simple farmer from a nearby town that had little choice in marrying Davos let alone bearing his children. Many knew her as a compassionate woman with a caring heart however to Valerie she was cold and distant as she was a constant reminder of her oppressed lifestyle.

      Despite having two neglectful parents and a life bound by harsh rules, Valerie often managed to pry joy from the little things around her. Whether it was tinkering with her speeder or sneaking past the compound guards in an attempt to find other children like herself. Getting caught often resulted in a painful interaction with her father so she got very good at never getting caught. The surrounding people very rarely recognised her as the daughter of a tyrannical CO and it was due to this that she managed to find a small group of friends comprised of street urchins of which she grew quite fond. She was referred to her entire life as 'Miss Valerie Tagge' but to them she was simply 'Vee'. This rag-tag group of teenagers would go around causing chaos among Republica patrols in the area and after realising their impact ended up naming themselves the Scanty Speeders. A group signified mainly by their unique headpieces and flight goggles.

      Valerie was too afraid to tell her newfound friends of her family situation in fear of them casting her out so she kept it a secret, in her naivety she thought her ruse would last forever. After multiple successful disruptions of republica movements (many of which succeeding based on information stolen from her father), news of their actions quickly reached the ears of her father and preparations were made in order for them to be lethally dealt with.

      Hearing the intention of her father's plan Valerie panicked. She knew that if she was complacent in warning her friends they would end up dead, or worse. She got on her speeder and recklessly left the compound with little regard for secrecy. Unbeknownst to her, a tracker had been placed on her vehicle beforehand. A tracker that would lead Davos Tagge straight to the Scanty Speeders. When she arrived at their usual meeting spot she had tears in her eyes. She frantically explained why they should all leave immediately. They did not understand the urgency of the situation. Her friends questioned as to how she knew all of this and in order to make them believe her she informed them of who she really was.

      Her friends were outraged as she continued to tell her story. They had felt betrayed by one of their own. This feeling of betrayal only intensified as a loud voice boomed around them telling them to surrender themselves to Republica forces. Valerie was distraught that she could have been so stupid in leading her father to her friends. In one last effort to save them she rushed outside. Vee came face to face with her father demanding that he leave them be and instead punish her. She claimed that if he had any love for her as a daughter he would comply. Davos Tagge, unphased, ordered her arrest and the burning of the Scanty Speeder hideout with the group alive inside.

      Tears streamed down Valerie's face as she was dragged away from the fires now enveloping the building. Right before she was taken away she heard the cold voice of her father as he turned his back. 'You are no daughter of mine.'


      Chapter II: 'V' for Vindication

      Valerie Tagge was placed in a small cell within the compound. To some, these living conditions would seem dire and inhumane although to her she felt no different than she had her entire life, this cell was just slightly smaller than the last. She pondered as to what her fate would be. A lifetime of hard labour, an under the table slave trade deal with some thug or even execution. She knew these were all within the capabilities of her father as she had seen it happen countless times before. Strangely enough however, she was left alone for the most part with visitations mainly being from servants providing her food and their condolences. They had always appreciated Valerie's presence within the compound as a relief from the harsh reality that surrounded them. She dismissed them with a smile and a soft word of thanks before retreating back into her thoughts.

      Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months with little to no interaction with anyone. Valerie was worried, her father was usually not this complacent in passing judgement so perhaps he was planning something especially harsh for her. She had memorised every square inch of her cell and found that escape was not a possibility, she had even resorted to pleading with the servants, whom in fear, rejected her requests. It wasn't until a fateful day that rescue happened upon her.

      She heard clamour from outside the door to her cell and within moments a familiar voice told her to back away from the it. A loud blast and a cloud of smoke later and Valerie came face to face with her mother, a blaster grasped between her fingers and a group of armed servants behind her. She beckoned Valerie to come with her and without a second thought she followed. So many thoughts and questions were flying through her head as they ran through the hallways of the compound however only one managed to make it out her mouth. 'why?'. Her mother looked back at her and smiled. She explained that Valerie's actions made her mother realise that she was not the same as her father and that she would rather die than see another fall captive to his tyrannical grasp. She had been planning an escape for years and she wanted V to come with her.

      Tears welled in Valerie's eyes as they made their way to the hangar bay. She was overwhelmed with emotion as she attempted to comprehend the feeling of maternal love, it was almost too much to bear but she was thankful. The escapees burst into the hangar only to be met by a large squad of soldiers with Davos Tagge in front. Valerie's mother aimed the blaster at the man clad in uniform and spoke with as much vigour as she could muster, ordering for him to move. Davos only smiled and raised his hand to the count of three. Valerie's mother turned to her, grasped and embraced her. Whispering in her ear that she was wrong to disregard her for so many years and that she truly cared for her after which she pushed her away shouting for her to run. A bloody firefight ensued as the servants clashed with the soldiers. Valerie got one last glimpse of her mother before she was enveloped by the chaos. A servant tugged at her shoulder and beckoned for her to follow him to a nearby ship but she was shell-shocked by what was happening. A stray blaster bolt struck her in the upper arm causing her to snap out of her confusion and cry out in pain. Another more burly servant swept her off her feet and into the ship shortly before it taking off. Valerie pleaded that they go back for her mother in between heavy breaths before finally passing out.

      She awoke days later with a strange feeling in her arm, her thoughts were groggy however as she recollected them she jolted up, finding herself in a medical bed and her arm now replaced by a cybernetic counterpart. She was met by the familiar face of the servants who had told her of what had taken place and that they were looking to find the Galactic Alliance and sign up to join their ranks, they offered Valerie the same opportunity. Valerie accepted without a second thought. She believes that it is her responsibility to right the wrongs done by her father and continue to fight in memory of her mother.


    • [​IMG]

      Faceclaim: Doctor Aphra


      IRL Faceclaim: Chloe Bennet

    • [​IMG]

      Despite her unfortunate circumstances growing up, Valerie manages to maintain a happy-go-lucky attitude wherever she goes. She always tries her best not come off too seriously. She is well versed in snarky, sarcastic commentary and wont hesitate to make fun of both her allies and enemies in the most inappropriate of situations. She is fiercely protective over those she trusts and considers close friends akin to family. She also finds herself being too easy to trust in many cases allowing for her to be manipulated easily. She is often interpreted as naive and air-headed at times however what many fail to realise is how calculated her actions actually are. Valerie is infamous for her reckless nature and willingness to risk her life however it is this quality that results in her finding success where many would not.

    • SKILLS








      • Cantina Cordialities — Valerie meets an unlikely duo of rebels deep in the bowels of Nar Shadda ● Active
      • Twin Suns Rising: Wayward Son — Valerie teams up with Omnis to rescue a kidnapped boy on Tatooine ● Complete
      • Raise the Shields! — A fateful partnership between Eisa and Vee forms on a mission to repair a generator on Hoth ● Complete
      • Prudent Providence — Valerie accompanies Aellyn Kerrisoni on a supply run to a desperate Twi-lek village ● Complete
      • Into the Foliage — As a part of the Life Day festivities, Valerie embarks on a pilgrimage to the Life Tree accompanied by a mysterious woman. On this journey, a life-changing power awakes within her. ● Complete
      • Life Day Festivities After a long day of reveling and pilgrimages, Valerie attends the final event for the day. Complete
      • The Spark is lit Following a series of successful missions in the Anoat Sector, the Galactic Alliance enjoys a much needed party. Complete
      • Ruthariin Militia After realising how dire the situation in the Twi-lek village really is, Aellyn and Valerie must protect it at all costs. Complete
      • Getting Some Ears — Valerie enlists to take over a space port for the Alliance alongside a rag tag group of rebels Active
      • Part of Your World — After discovering the latent potential inside herself, Valerie begins her first lesson under the tutelage of the mysterious Jedi Aurora Blackwood. Active
      • Last Stand — Valerie, Tyler and Fey are tasked with escorting the Prime Minister of Ruusan to safety during a coup d'etat. Active

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