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    · Bounty Hunters Guild

    Val Reus

    Excerpt · Biography · Personality · Skills & Abilities · Standard Equipment

    Val Reus is a bounty hunter from Courscant currently enrolled with the Bounty Hunter's Guild. Having served before as a trooper in the Imperial military, he now uses those skills to hunt targets with a price on their head. For the right amount of credits and a good thrill, Val Reus will pursue any mark.



    Val Reus had an unremarkable childhood for the most part. He was born on Courscant, he had a loving father and mother and had a younger sister. Life is pretty normal in the Imperial Republica as far as things go if you are a human. His primary education was pretty normal. After he got out of school he signed up for the Imperial military. He wasn't blind to the Empire's ruthlessness, still he soldiered on. He would rise through the ranks and become a lower tier officer. He would remain with the military for a good decade until he left when he was able to with no ill-will involved. Really he was tired of the rigged lifestyle that came with being part of the military and wanted more freedom.

    After parting ways from the Imperial military, he decided to pick up bounty hunting as his trade. He was already a trained combatant and he had credits saved up for some armor, weapons, and some other gear to start with. Then he signed up and became a member of the Bounty Hunter's Guild. The Empire has no shortage of enemies. Upstart rebels. It has it's fairshare of scum, especially in Imperial Hutta where there usually always is someone who wants someone else taken out of the picture for a reward.

    After Medriaas happened, the galaxy would be plunged into civil war. And it isn't just them that are fighting either. Things are heating up.


    As a bounty hunter, Val Reus doesn't play nice when he is in pursuit of a target. When he goes on the hunt he will do what is needed to bring in the target. Although the Bounty Hunter's Guild does have certain principles expected of it's members, Val will ditch them when it's convenient, not really caring of them. Val Reus, values credits the most, although he isn't going to take on a mark that is out of his league.

    Val Reus can be a bit of an unpleasant person. He keeps mostly a stoic demeanor, can be blunt and rude, doesn't have an ear for humour a lot of the time. Val isn't a vice free man. He often drinks, gambles, although he doesn't do drugs among other things.

    Skills & Abilities

    Val Reus is no stranger to combat as he is a trained soldier. He is adapt with most blaster weapons and can hold his own in bladed combat. Reus is athletic and in good shape and contuines to works to keep himself that way. Since Reus became a bounty hunter, he honed his survival skills as well as tracking. Reus also picked up Huttese, which he is fluent in, which comes in handy when he is in former Hutt Space.

    Combat Engineer Armor
    1x Vorantkus Blaster Rifle
    1x DH-7 Blaster Pistol
    2x Frag Grenades
    2x Concussion Grenades

    All ranged weapons have two spare powerpacks.
    Sidearm concealed in a holster on the belt.
    All grenades are hidden in pouches on a utility belt.

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