Tyrn Rau

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    Tyrn Rau

    Biographical information

    Concord Dawn
    6416 BBY

    Physical description

    Hair color
    Eye color
    2 meters
    85 kilograms

    Political information

    Mandalorians, Clan Rau

    "“We are born to die. We live to be remembered."
    — Mandalorian proverb

    Tyrn Rau was born twenty two years before the outbreak of the Great Galactic War. Born on a small homestead on the Mandalorian planet of Concord Dawn, Tyrn grew up with a simple life. His father, [name] Rau, was a farmer and a merchant raider, living the traditional life of a Rau clansman. His mother, originally [name] Solus, was an armorer and weaponsmith. Until the age of eight, Tyrn was taught by the nearby village's orator, who gave many of the communities children their basic education. Tyrn's father would leave every summer, and Tyrn would watch with equal parts trepidation and envy as the merchant raider caravans blasted off to sail the endless void and bring back riches and tales of glory. Tyrn yearned to join them in their adventures and plunder, eager to become a man.

    At the age of eight Tyrn’s warrior training began. His parents taught him how to shoot accurately, how to fight well with a blade, his fists, and a variety of other weapons. They taught him how to survive in the wild, how to hunt and forage. As a warrior of Clan Rau his role was not that of just a simple soldier however. A warrior of Clan Rau should strive to be equal parts soldier and pilot. To that regard his father also taught him how to pilot a starcraft, as well as how to maintain and repair one. His parent’s took his training seriously, and at some points in time it seemed to the young Mandalorian as if life had become a blur of lessons that exhausted him both physically and mentally.

    At the age of thirteen Tyrn Rau embarked on his Verd’goten. While many Mandalorian clans required their youth to hunt men, beasts, or otherwise prove their nerve and strength through some great task performed alone, the verd'goten of Clan Rau was different. On the year of his thirteenth birthday, Tyrn did not watch as the raider vessels took flight from Concord Dawn. Instead, he watched his home grow smaller and smaller in the viewing port of the Jara'a, until it eventually disappear completely as the raiding vessel made its jump to hyperspace. The next several months were spent spacebound as the Jara'a travelled the Outer Rim.

    These months were not spent idle however. It was during this time, a Rau child's verd'goten, that they would experience battle for the first time. They would experience combat on foot, in space, and everywhere in between as the Rau raider caravans hit planet after planet in the galactic backwater, spreading fear of their red and white armor, or reinforcing it on worlds that were already familiar with them. It was during this time that Tyrn earned the right to be seen as an adult in Mandalorian society, making his first kill in a raid on a pirate base. From that point on, Tyrn Rau was a man and a warrior.

    Nine years would pass before the destruction of Medriaas and the subsequent Mandalorian Uprising. Nine years split between farming on Concord Dawn and raiding in the Outer Rim. Nine years living as a man under the shadow of the Sith Empire, smuggling his gear through Imperial checkpoints to the Outer Rim every summer to partake in the raiding so essential to Clan Rau's economy. Nine years of manhood under oppression that tried to snuff out the very cultural identity of his people. Nine years that came to an end with the destruction of Medriaas, with the death of Tyrn's parents under Imperial bombardment. Nine years that came to end with cries for war as Tyrn donned his beskar'gam and raised is beskad alongside his clansmen in open rebellion against the Sith Empire


    Tyrn Rau is a Mandalorian warrior who enjoys living life to its fullest. Spending his entire childhood growing up in Mandalorian culture, Tyrn is a steadfast believer in Kad Ha'rangir and the Resol'nare. He values honor, strength, cunning, bravery, and discipline, and strives to live his life in a manner that reflects those values. To his allies, friends, and fellow clansmen Tyrn is warm hearted and friendly, quick to smile and full of mirth. Outsiders get a colder perspective of the man as he often regards them with distrust, holding himself with an air of superiority. He is not however unkind unless his hand is forced, in which case he will not hesitate to resort to violence if the situation calls for it.


    Tyrn Rau is a trained Mandalorian warrior, fully capable of using a large variety of melee and ranged weaponry with a high level of expertise. He has been trained to fight with and without his armor since the age of eight, and has plenty of practical experience in both. He is a skilled pilot and mechanic, capable of piloting freighters, starfighters, and other small ships and vehicles.

    As a merchant raider, fighting is not the only part of Tyrn's role within Clan Rau society. Trade and barter are hard learned skills to the young warrior, slowly developed over many years. Tyrn is a native speaker of Mando'a, and is conversationally fluent in heavily accented Basic, Bocci, and Huttese. He can also understand several Wookiee languages.

    Equipment and Assets:


    Life Day Event - Kashyyyk
    1. There's a Snake in my Boot!
    2. Mudwrestling Wookiees
    3. Prying Questions
    Allegiances - Mandalore
    1. Get Off My Lawn
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