Types of Role-Plays

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    Types of Role-Plays

    Role-playing in Star Wars: Fires of Rebellion comes with six primary profile prefixes. Selecting one of these prefixes is required for posting a thread in this board. More than one prefix can be selected by simply clicking multiple prefixes to add more. The prefixes are:
    • Open: Anyone who wants to join the thread may do so without permission. These threads are death and capture disabled by default.
    • Ask: Anyone who wants to join the thread must first ask permission of the thread's creator. Ask threads are PVP/death enabled by default unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise.
    • PvP: This tag is to denote player-vs-player combat. While any player-vs-player conflict can be worked to allow for death-disability pending notation from thread-starter or pending agreement by all parties involved, if a thread has the PvP thread tag, the thread is death-enabled, regardless of OOC notation by thread-starter. PvP-tagged threads, to note, are not required to be fought to death, but the possibility exists.
    • Plot: This tag is to denote it is part of a plot, regardless if factional or personal. Espionage plots do not require Plot tag.
    • Event: Events are special events introduced by admins or members who have character that is Level 4 (and can only be for the faction in which the Level 4 character is part of).
    • [Planets]: Some of the key planets in the Story have tags. Not all planets have tags and a planet tag is not required.
    If you have any questions about what these prefixes mean, feel free to ask an administrator.
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