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 Tyler Ward

Discussion in 'Character Archives' started by Faster Than Light, Dec 22, 2018.

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    B I O G R A P H Y
    Tyler Ward was born on the prosperous core world of Alderaan, a descendant of a Sith Master and Judgement Head Warden from five-hundred years ago. Tyler's family are traditionally supporters of the Sith, more specifically Imperial Republica and the Coruscanti Imperial throne. They saw the Empire as a bringer of order, peace, and security to a galaxy that had none. After Tyler was tested for force-sensitivity not long after he was born, the results came back negative, even in-spite of having a history of force-sensitivity through their family line. His mother and father (the latter of which is a Sith force-user) were disappointed with the prospect that Tyler will never be able to use the Force. His older brother was a Force Sensitive too, as a result his brother would be favored while Tyler would get the shorter end of the proverbial stick. Not to mention Tyler had a more idealistic outlook in the galaxy, which put him at odds at with the rest of his family.

    While his brother would be on the path to joining the Sith Order and all that it entails, Tyler himself had a life planned for him by his parents, he would find himself being put through regular schooling, doing well-enough despite his rebellious attitude and frequent lack of effort which got him into trouble more than a couple times and was disappointing. He risked getting disowned by his family, but managed to dodge such a thing.

    Eventually when he became an adult, his parents 'strongly encouraged' Tyler to an Imperial Academy and follow in the family tradition of serving the Empire. Although he resisted at first, his parents threatened to cut him of completely from the family. Leaving Tyler with little choice, he reluctantly attended an academy and joined up with the Imperial forces. Tyler would be trained as an Imperial Agent, where he would pick up a wide-range of skills such as marksmenship and slicing. Tyler knew to keep his idealistic mindset to himself, that's just inviting trouble, still, he'd be able to make it through academy intact.

    After the end of his stint in Imperial Academy, he would later start serving the Imperial forces properly as an Imperial Agent. By that time, the bombardment of Medriaas happened. The Imperials did well to cover it up, but not well enough, as Tyler was able to find out the truth. Shocked with everything he taught about the Empire being a falsehood with innocents butchered from afar, couldn't take this any longer. His dignity as a human being could not abide this, he was willing to abandon the Empire, his service, and family at his own peril consequences be damned. At the best opportunity, he left Sith space behind him, venturing out towards the Outer Rim on a ship, looking to get away from them and refusing to support either Imperial Republica or the Old Empire. Shortly after, he would eventually manage to happen upon the Galactic Alliance. Supporting their mission, Tyler would join them as a Rebel (after being subject to scrutiny due to his background), becoming an agent for their cause and ready to fight against the Sith however he can with the skills the Imperials gave him.

    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    For most of his life, Tyler was an idealist even if his views on various things were held in contempt from those close to him. Now he has a more rugged outlook, after all working to taking down the Empire isn't going to be pretty and both factions of the Sith are ruthless and hold no quarter. Tyler supports the ideals of freedom and emancipation of the galaxy from the Sith, at any personal cost for it (although not needlessly or foolishly). Tyler has always been a bit belligerent and quarrelsome and that attitude for the most part does carry on now, a maverick at heart. He is fine with breaking some rules if needed to get a task completed and isn't fond of formalities. When at ease, Tyler is personable and approachable, although he has grown a distaste of force-users, Sith or not. Above all he wishes for a better galaxy by any means needed.

    But still, he will serve the Sith Empire, with ambition to move up the ranks.
    A B I L I T I E S
    Tyler Ward is a trained Rebel Agent with quite a bit of experience under his belt. As a capable commando, Tyler is not only a good shot with most blaster weapons and have wits about him to get out of sticky situations. He is also proficient with a bladed weapon, able to also fight in melee combat against lightsaber-users with a vibrosword while also carrying a pistol in his other hand. He is a good slicer, able to hack through terminal and get around security systems.

    Tyler is an fighter pilot, although he isn't anything special in this regard, although flying some more has made him feel more at ease in a cockpit although he perfers to be on the ground.
    S T A N D A R D _ E Q U I P M E N T

    Voran Blaster Rifle (2x Spare Reloads)
    R5 Blaster Pistol (1x Spare Reloads)
    ⇀ Vibrosword
    Custom Armor
    ⇀ 2x Frag Grenades
    ⇀ 2x Concussion Grenades
    Signal Tracer
    Port Scanner
    M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    ⇀ Medal of Intitation
    ⇀ Medal of Honorable Service

    Other Assets
    Rancour IFV (obtained here)
    PIPE VII (obtained here)
    ⇀ 40 Rebel Troopers (Npcs)

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