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    My Jedi, please hear me...time is of the essence, a darkness has polluted Devaron and I have discovered something...sinister. I don't have much time, follow these coordinates, help me, it-"


    The Eedit temple ruins lie on vergence in the Force though with the influence of the dark side over the centuries, it has been a breeding ground for grotesque creatures, the Jedi will need to find these creature's creator and stop them. The Grandmaster will be present, but cannot fight alone. Three Jedi, Brent, Alia, and Amelia arrive to the ruins of the former temple, the Grandmaster's presence can be sensed in the Force, but there is certainly something or someone else present also.

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    It hadn't been so long since she'd explored jungles, camping out in the middle of nowhere trying to connect with the Force, taking her first steps as a member of the Jedi. It all still felt so surreal, like the hopes she'd had for herself had stepped out of her mind and become her waking reality. It made her want to smile whenever she remembered that, but the enveloping sense of darkness that rose from the decrepit temple kept such expressions far away.

    Stepping onto the overgrown stone of the ruins, Aila clutched at her lightsaber, her eyes darting about as they always did, this time trying to see if anything hid its presence within the shadows of the Force. But beyond all that, one thing at least still beckoned from within, a light in the darkness,

    "I suppose then, she's in there?" Aila breathed to the rest of the party, the humidity of the jungle air clutching at her throat. She was the least experienced of all the Jedi present, something she was still keenly aware of. But her training was moving quick, and when the Grandmaster's message was found it was all hands on deck to find her, that included even padawans like her.

    Turning to face the rest of the trio, she cocked her head gave them a look that said,

    'Well, what are we waiting for?'

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    This was not one of those silly moments. Well, maybe it was but Brent had to be on the lookout for the right execution. Then again he was so awesome that whenever he did anything it was sick as heck. As he swiveled around in the turret seat with a flask in hand but quickly pocketed the container in one of his jacket pockets.

    The ship set down and the Drast exited his ship along side his cohort. He felt the overwhelming darkness before he had even landing. He heard Aila and just pressed his lips together and wondered if her words even warranted a response. As the silence pervaded for a few moments Brent took out his shoto lightsaber while the other remained on his hip. Brent did not activate his shoto saber though and instead kept it dormant. In his other hand he held his DH-7 blaster.

    "Probably for some dramatic build up. Maybe the editors in this scene are cutting to show some monolgue from someone inside. Maybe we're just wasting time out here that is convenient for the plot of some being that trencendes our reality. Or..." His finger checked the blaster and made sure it was holding a charge. "...we're wasting time." He wanted to deal with whatever darkness was here. Moreso, he wanted to make sure that Arda was not in too much trouble all on her own.
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