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    · Sith Empire

    ___· Old Empire
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    Excerpt · Biography · Personality · Skills and abilities · Miscellaneous

    Thesyia is a Sephi Sith Acolyte under the Old Empire, hailing from her species' native Thustra. After spending centuries on her homeworld as a minor socialite, she was found by the Sith and that was when she discovered she was force sensitive. Willingly going along with the Sith, she then learned the ways of the Dark Side of the Force and the Sith. Now, she is a Sith Sorceress aligned with Old Sith Empire. Although she is beautiful on the outside, she has a sinister and manipulative personality and seeks power for herself, with aspirations of being a Queen.



    Born on the Sephi homeworld of Thustra, as Kayleth Taldeer, she was the daughter of a Thustrian noble family. She had her mother and a father, and was an only child in her immediate family. Thesyia was born with beautiful skin, white hair, and piercing green eyes. Thesyia had everything a person could have wanted growing up, and for her it was... dull. Secretly she yearned for more. To be something more. She didn't know what exactly she wanted, but she would know it when she sees it.

    It would take many years, centuries for her life to change. But Sephi don't age as fast as regular humans do. What seems like one-hundred years for a human is almost five hundred years to a Sephi. Thesyia was old enough by then to see the Sith throne change hands multiple times.

    For the most part, her two-hundred year life was nothing out of the ordinary. Time passes like a stream in the river. One day however recently., when Thesyia was lounging lazily around the courtyard of her home, she was visited by a strange man wearing in full black cloth. Intrigued, the Sephi slowly stood up and walked towards him. She asked who the man was. The black-clad man revealed himself to be a member of the Order of the Sith. The Sephi raised an eyebrow as she wanted to hear more. The Sith then explained that he was watching her. And that he could feel a power within her, the 'Force'. Dormant, waiting for it to be unleashed. And then explained what the Force was to her and what it's nature is according to a true Sith. The Sith glanced over at a rock in the courtyard, the Sith man told her to reach out with her hand, and pour everything she has into it. Thesyia pours a half-hearted effort into at first, nothing happens. Then the Sith man tells her that all her pride, all her ambition and pride, she needs to pour into it. And then calls her a weakling.

    Insulted, Thesyia then truely does put effort into lifting that rock, successfully lifting it up. Even Thesyia was shocked she had this 'Force' thing. She then wondered what was next. The Sith then offered her to come with him, and the Sephi would learn more if she came with him. Smirking, Thesyia accepted the Sith's offer without much hesitation.

    Thesyia abandoned her real names, going by the name she does now. She went to the Sith academy on Ossus, and it was there she learned the ways of the Sith. She gotten her first lightsaber and learned it's use. Before too long Theysia already has a talent with the Force. It was as if she being a sorceress was her calling. the highborn Sephi already learned a wide range of force techniques, quite a bit of them Dark Side in nature. She has also studied Sith lore as well.

    Before too long her green eyes turned into a glowing yellow, yet they did not detract fro her beauty, or so she thinks.

    Then the slaughter at Medriaas happened. It was a shocking turn of events, not because a lot of plebeians died, but because it's moving the galaxy up in arms. While many lesser beings have died, it has opened up opportunities, which with care can be exploited for anyone's benefit. With Thesyia completed her training and still lots of room to grow more powerful, her ambitions are now clear, she will be a Queen.


    Thesyia is calm and collected for the most part. She is a creature of pride and dignity. Although at first glance (aside from the yellow eyes) she carries heself with elegance and grace, what lies beneath her exterior lies a manipulative and scheming sorceress. She is a proud user of the dark side of the force and looks down with contempt on shorter-lived races or other enemies. She has ambitions to become a Queen and a powerful practitioner of the Dark Side of the Force.

    Skills and abilities

    The highborn Sephi is primarily a sorceress. Although she is relatively a new dark side practitioner, she has evolved her powers to be on par with a Jedi Knight. She knows a wide range of Dark Side powers, mostly offensive in nature, and she does look to expand her knowledge into even arcane Dark Side arts.

    Although Theysia is trained to use a lightsaber, her true talent lies with the Force and would use that as her main weapon in a combat scenario.

    Elaborate White Dress
    1x Lightsaber (Purple)

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    My first character was a Sephi blademaster, I hope you enjoy this one
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