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    This thread is a mission board for The Wook's Crew. These missions are things for both members of his crew or members of the Hutt Cartel, who wish to work for the coolest Cartel crime boss ever, to do in order to expand the faction's influence and add to the Crew's influence.

    Members who successfully complete missions (and take part in them) may find themselves as lieutenants, and even possibly in charge of their own operations or bases/outposts. As the Crew expands their territory and spheres of influece, other ranks and roles may be added on an as-needed basis. There are also the possibility of credit rewards (from The Wook) to be spent on tech, depending on which plot is completed and how well it is done. Completing plots/missions, additionally, earns you favor with The Wook.

    The most important thing to remember is that this faction is not all about The Wook or just his Crew. It's about YOU: the members. Your stories, your characters. While these missions certainly benefit The Wook, do not be afraid to spin them to be beneficial to your character too. For instance: you establish an outpost/base/business? You get to run it as the lieutenant in charge of it. You do a bounty? You get the credits. Make it about you and what interests you and the faction will thrive.

    Instructions: These missions are just bullet points. To successfully complete these missions, you will need to come up with and execute a plot that fulfills the objective of that bullet point. (Depending on the difficulty/the reward) these plots may not have to be very long. Please get with myself or one of the plot mods if you have any questions or need assistance.

    If you see a mission on here that appeals to you, gather like-minded Hutts and go get it done! Post here when your plot is completed so that the mission tracker and the main faction page can be updated. If you do not see an appealing mission, check back often. More will be added as they are suggested/thought of.

    **Denotes a mission that requires a Plot. All others may be completed in regular threads (though some may call for player DMing or dice rolls in lieu of. Use your best judgement. Plots will result in greater rewards, such as control of the resource obtained, promotion to lieutenant, empowerment of your character’s own holdings, and/or advanced tech. Plots may require as many threads as you feel necessary to complete the objective.

    Mission Board

    • [​IMG]
      Priority Missions are considered high-importance and affect more than just asset-gathering. Unless otherwise specified, they will always be plots. Completion of stand-alone priority missions or priority plots will result in advanced tech being awarded to the participants in addition to rewards from the Cartel's reward system.

      • The Piratesmoot - Cartel Space is home to a large number of pirates beholden to nobody but themselves. Some of them have grown beyond one junky ship and a patchwork base and have developed their own small fleets of pirate vessels. The time is coming when a unified piracy fleet will be needed. The three most powerful pirate factions, The Blood Runners, The Devil's Rancors, and The Void Fleet, must agree to work together. Convince all three leaders to, or install a leader in the faction willing to, meet with The Wook.
      • Ruusan Eavesdropping - Located midway between Republic and Cartel space, Ruusan is an ideal location to establish a listening post to intercept Republic communications and act as an early-warning station for any fleet activity in the sector. Secretly construct a listening station on the planet or one of its moons.
      • Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - One of the Cartel's better kept secrets is that they have been able to steal the blueprints for a Cruiser, one of the most formidable classes of ship in the galaxy. To actually build a Cruiser will require significant investment. While you and your threadmates are not made aware of the blueprint's existence, you are still tasked with obtaining a large amount of raw materials for ship-building. Steal a shipment of raw ore (1 thread), launch a scrapping operation of warship wrecks in the D'Astan Sector (be mindful of Sith space) (1 thread), and cut a deal with the industrial planet of Ubrikkia for yet more raw materials and construction droids (2 threads). Invite The Wook to be part of the Plot.

    • [​IMG]
      Located in M-9, the Inner Rim, Raithal is a bitterly cold world. It is not without its resources, however. Raithal is home to a large number of veterans of the Hundred Years Darkness, as well as an Academy that turns out naval officers. It is doubtful that the Cartel will ever become the "power behind the throne" on Raithal, but its valuable supply of trained officers and veterans can be exploited.

      • The Wook has obtained a two-story safehouse, with garage, in a seedy neighborhood on Raithal. However, it is not, by any means, reinforced. Head to Raithal and do what can be done to reinforce the building, surely there are some construction companies that can be persuaded to do work off-the-books.
        • An ideal safehouse will have a hidden armory/panic room, blaster-resistant windows/doors, a couple combat droid guards, and cameras covering avenues of approach.
      • Take over a gang in the neighborhood the safehouse is in.**
      • Establish a cantina on Raithal to act as a front for a fence.**
      • Establish a Veteran's Employment Center to act as a recruiting front.**
      • Hire NPCs (veterans, bodyguards, pilots, etc.) for the gang.
      • Muscle in on the swoop-track betting scene, and get a slice of the bookie, loansharking, and protection businesses.**
      • Recruit an informant in local Law Enforcement.**
      • Clear out an icy network of caves to use as a storage depot for smuggled goods.
      • Obtain ships for the gang. These ships can be freighters, starfighters, or larger ships.

    • [​IMG]

      The planet-wide city on Nar Shaddaa is the current base of operations for The Wook's Crew. As such, their position needs to be strengthened. Fortunately, the environment is perfect for expansion by almost any means. Let us rise to the top on the Smuggler's Moon. The location, in S-12 right on the border of the Outer and Mid Rims, gives it a wealthy and strategic location.

      • Bribe the children of one of Nar Shaddaa's major cities to act as spies and informants for The Wook's crew.
      • Take over a rival gang and their stronghold.**
      • Acquire a casino for The Wook.**
      • Hire NPCs (bounty hunters, smugglers, pirates) to work for The Wook's crew.
      • Acquire a ICT Wompa and two Assault speeder bikes.**
      • There are two salvaging companies that, if combined, would control a healthy fleet of salvaging vessels. By any means necessary, convince the two companies to work for The Wook's Crew.**
      • Acquire ships for The Wook's Crew.

    • [​IMG]

      Located in T-10, at the end of the smuggling route known as the "Kessel Run", Kessel is a lush world contrasted by slave-labor of the spice mines in the Northern hemishpere, and wealthy lords in the Southern hemisphere. Kessel is a major exporter of spice, and ripe for the taking. The Wook acquired a spice distribution center on the planet after what could be described as a "hostile takeover". Let's strengthen the Crew's position on the planet.

      • Take over a spice mine.**
      • Torch a competitor's spice warehouse and take their product for our own.
      • Destroy a competitor's distribution center.**
      • Chart a new course through the Kessel Run at a record-breaking 19 parsecs.**
      • Hire NPCs (Enforcers, smugglers, mercenaries) to work for The Wook's crew.
      • Obtain two Bantha land skiffs and two Assault speeder bikes to help guard our shipments.**
      • Defend territory/shipments/members of the Crew against a competitor's attack.
      • Smuggle a shipment of spice/contrabrand to Raithal/Corellia/Coruscant/Taris.

    • [​IMG]

      It's time to raise the black flag and start cutting throats! Make the presence of our pirates be known and feared through the Outer and Mid Rims!

      • Establish a pirate base on a backwater planet in the Mid Rim.**
      • Obtain a large shipment of weaponry.
      • Pirate ships in the Mid or Outer Rim.
      • Acquire a Vari Boarding Skiff or a Xim-Class War Barge to add to our fleet.**
      • Hijack a shipment of battle droids from Blackrow Hyperlogistics.**
      • Board and capture either an Orivah or a CR-10 corvette to serve as The Wook's flagship (Requires The Wook to take part in the Plot).**

    Leader Board

    • For the PC(s) that have completed the most one-off missions from the Mission Board


    • For the PC(s) that have completed the most Plots from the Mission Board

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    Hi, I was wondering what I would tag one of these Plots as would it be a faction plot or just your normal character plot? (establishing a fence on Raithal is the one I'm writing up now)
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    Although im not Clayton, the answer is Faction Plot since it would benefit both the Cartel and the Wook.

    Also im in it too.

    @TheRevanchist @Clayton
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