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    NPC Faction Name: The Serene Dorinic Federation

    Category: Site Lore/NPC Org

    History and Culture:

    Beginnings (0-250 ABC)

    The Serene Dorinic Federation is an ethno-governmental entity ruling from Dorin (with control over Vicondor as well) in the Expansion Region. It is the planetary government of the Kel Dor people. Formed in the years after the Battle of Coruscant, the Serene Federation was formed by the union of the tribes and city-states on Dorin in 12 ABC. Its first Koss, the Kel Dor word for ‘leader’, was Ak-Pak Tai, a man of the people.

    The Serene Federation was the culmination of efforts to protect against foreign political and cultural influence. While not xenophobic by any means, the Kel Dor leaders feared the Imperial Republica and its Sith, and were deeply shaken by the aftermath of the war with the Galactic Republic and the Jedi. Having been able to retain independence in those few years after the battle on Coruscant, the Kel Dor were driven to unity.

    At first, the Serene Federation took an isolationist bent to galactic affairs, staying squarely within Dorin’s space. However, it became clear that foreign relations with the Imperial Republica would be unavoidable, as it would be with other free sectors. Rather than deal with the Imperials first, the Federation opted an alliance with the planetary government on Vicondor, which eventually yielded a united government.

    Relations with the Imperial Republica were tenuous to say the least. While they viewed aliens with less prejudice than their Old Empire third, they were much more interested in establishing military outposts on Dorin for training. The Federation agreed on the condition that no warfare be brought to their homeworlds. The Imperial Republica, apparently, agreed. Koss Ak-Pak Tai was hopeful, while the parliament was up in arms.

    No warfare or military violence occurred on Dorin or Vicondor for the next 100 years, until a small minority political party backed coup ousted Koss Mor Mor in 114 ABC. It was a largely peaceful coup, save for a small battle in the capital city between Koss Mor Mor loyalists and Imperial and minority supporters. 14,000 lives were lost in the four day battle. This would come to be known as the Rape of Dorin (114-116 ABC) by the losing side and sympathetic onlookers. In the aftermath, the newly enthroned Koss Ja Toh, attempted to strengthen ties with the Imperial Republica, although this was largely in the form of trade deals.

    The next 130 or so years were largely quiet on Dorin and Vicondor.

    Peace and Prosperity to the Present (250 ABC-present)

    In 255 ABC, Vicondor attempted to break its union with Dorin, to the dismay of the Koss on Dorin. The attempt failed in parliament and ended up creating tension between the two planets that exists to this day.

    In 328 ABC, the parliament decided to foreclose ties with the Imperial Republica, ending the military outpost agreement. The Imperial Republica, likely out of a want for stability, did not react poorly, although perhaps they felt they had not lost anything of substantial value. Dorin was maybe not the most ideal place for a military outpost.

    By 440 ABC, the Dorinic Federation had been led by the same family for 100 years: the Mork. Koss Habb Mork was a benevolent man, prone to bouts of ideological ranting. Koss Habb Mork was staunchly anti-Imperial, and made that fact quite known. However, as the Galactic Alliance was, as far as the Federation was considered, non-existent and any echoes/whispers of rebellion were mere fabrication. When Habb Mork passed in 487 ABC, his son, Awl Mork, took a more pragmatic approach: avoiding any discussions or talk of rebellion or anti-Imperial politics. While Dorin itself was not a part of the Imperial Republica, its close proximity to its influence was enough for Koss Awl Mork to take a much more isolationist and peaceable approach to foreign relations.

    As of 500 ABC, Koss Awl Mork and the Serene Dorinic Federation were watching the Imperial Republica closely for signs of weakness or aggression.


    The Serene Dorinic Federation is a federated republic built on religious and tribal values of its majority Kel Dor population. There are three branches of government: the Parliament, the Tribal Council, and the Executive (Koss). The government is currently, and has been for over 100 years, ruled by the Mork Family. The present Koss is Awl Mork, a young(ish) man who is as pragmatic as he is cautious.

    The primary political parties are The Hope Coalition, the ruling party made up of religious progressives, pragmatists, and free-market economists, and the Imperia Dorinica, a pro-Imperial faction made up of Imperial sympathizers, military isolationists, and religious fundamentalists. The Hope Coalition has a slim majority currently, having to maintain ties with smaller, less influential political parties to keep its hold on the government. The Imperia Dorinica, while never holding outright power in the Executive branch, have forced policies through the legislature from time to time.

    Koss and Parliamentary elections are held every four years (with the Parliamentary elections occurring two years into the Koss’ current term), with the Koss holding his/her position with no term limits. Parliamentary ministers hold their offices for eight years, with ¼ of the parliament going up for election every two years. Tribal Council members, effectively judges, are unelected and hold their positions for life, having been appointed by the Koss with the support of the Parliament. However, the Koss can veto the parliament’s opposition if the vote was no more than 55% against the nominee.

    Political ranks are Minister of Parliament --> Viceroy (the Koss' cabinet) --> Koss.


    The Serene Armed Forces are led by the Koss as Serene Commander and the military leaders elected by the Parliament. The Navy is small, but well-equipped due to past trade deals with Imperial Republica. The ground forces are split into three sections: Special Ops, Ground Command, and the Tribal Command. Special Ops are made up of intelligence, reconnaissance, and propaganda units; Ground Command is the main Army; and Tribal Command is made up of assault, commando, and martial arts units.

    The current High Admiral of the Seren Navy is Pall Coa, a temperamental man with a known ideological streak; the current High Commander of the Serene Ground Forces is Juu Meti, one of the few female military leaders on Dorin, a renowned strategist that comes from a long lineage of military leaders both based on Dorin and in the wars across the galaxy for both the Galactic Republic of the past and the Empire.

    The military ranks are Fist --> Expert --> Vice --> Archon (right below High Commander/High Admiral) --> High Commander and High Admiral.


    The religious views on Dorin are largely based on ancient tribal systems. However, in present times, the views are split into Progressive and Fundamentalist camps in the political landscape. The Progressives are generally younger and distrustful of absolute trust in tribal ways, while the Fundamentalists tend to be from an older age or are skeptical of change that contradicts old teachings. While neither one is necessarily more or less likely to support the Imperial Republica, the Imperia Dorinica, the minority party in parliament, is supported by many Fundamentalists.


    While the majority of the population on Dorin are Kel Dor, other species have been known to live on the planet. Due to its atmospheric conditions, however, it is generally inhospitable due to the unique mixture of odd gases and helium. With the help of rebreathers and underground cities, however, non-native species such as Humans can live with some success, although they must rebreathers above ground. This has led to some tension between the native Kel Dor and non-natives as those living below ground are often given second-class status because of their inability to breath the planet’s atmosphere. Under the rule of Awl Mork, this has been a primary focus to ensure that peace between all peoples is maintained, and not used as a weapon by outside groups such as the Imperial Republica.


    The intent behind this lore is to provide for a neutral NPC faction that acts as a “gateway/buffer” to other non-aligned planets and sectors of the galaxy. Due to its proximity to Imperial space and the vast neutral zones of the galaxy, this NPC faction/planetary government could be a key step for any PC factions to make headway into the open expanses of space.

    In addition, this NPC faction would possibly provide a catalyst for diplomatic missions by both Imperial and Galactic Alliance groups. As no direct conflicts have occurred as of yet, this could be a location of interest due to (1) the Rebels/Galactic Alliance needing military, diplomatic, and economic support from a moderately powerful and independent government, (2) the Imperial Republica wanting to restore ties with the planetary government to ensure access to other non-aligned worlds beyond their sphere of influence, and (3) because of its remoteness and often inhospitable climate, it provides a perfect place for criminals, gangsters, bounty hunters, and any other PCs wishing to hide out from PC factions in moments of conflict or crisis.
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    Very interesting. Approved.

    I do hope that GA and IR FLs make good use of that organisation in future plots.
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