Artifact The Ring of Fire

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    General information


    Signet Ring
    Crix Dolan

    Physical & technical specifications


    Allows one use of a Force Fire skill with little to no effort to the user per thread


    Lore information


    Personal lore, Artifact

    The Ring of Fire

    "Cool little quote to fill out the feel of the item."
    ------—Zay, speaking to Patrick

    The Ring of Fire is, as its name implies, a ring with a deep connection to the force specifically attuned to the element of fire. This artifact is a gift of The Bendu forged by the one who stands in the middle for Crix Dolan following the Jedi's completion of the entities trials. Proving to have a will akin to the all-consuming element, The Bendu could think of no other gift than one that exemplifies Crix's nature.

    Crix accepted the Bendu's challenges and after a grueling test was awarded the artifact by the one that stands in the middle. The challenges gave the Jedi a deeper understanding of the force's unforeseen nuance. To see a being that bridged the gap between the light and the dark astounded the Knight and Crix walk away with not only a more intimate knowledge of the force but also an item personally created for his success.

    The appearance of the ring is incredibly intricate and resembles a firey face that encircles the entirety of the accessory. Normally, the ring is silver, but when the user activates it, the metal mirrors the shifting hues of a wildfire. The Ring of Fire is blessed with a deep-seated connection to the force and flame and the ring's appearance embodies these traits.

    This ring can store force and be used to accomplish one level 2 force fire ability with little to no effort from the user. However, the ring requires force to work and transferring energy is the only way to recharge it. So once the ring has been used the wearer must stop and recharge the ring making it a valuable, but limited tool.


    Taking a stab a lore creation by making another gift of the Bendu. The Bendu must be staff DMed and is likely level 4. A plot of 3 threads must be completed for this item. The only way to obtain this item is through the Bendu.

    (I'm creating this artifact as the reward for this plot. I'll expand upon the item in greater detail as details in the plot unfold. Also, I'm not sure what The Bendu's challenges will be for Crix so I've just placed a generic mention to it and will elaborate once they're established.)
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    Approved! pending completion of the plot.
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