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    The Mining Guild


    A corporation dedicated to profit by obtaining and selling raw materials. They operate, whenever possible, outside of major government control as to avoid taxes and strict regulations. While a legitimate company, they often send agents out to destroy competitors or secure land by any means necessary. More than building materials get mined by these crafty businessmen. Spice mines are a huge source of income as well. A good home for a businessman, a criminal, or both.


    The Mining Guild came into existence fairly recently onto the galactic stage. Their operations are a combination of Hutt Cartel Remnants and legitimate outer rim mining. An opportunity was seized when the Hutts fell to Imperial rule and could not be as ambitious in the rim as the Cartel once was. Mining operations in the uncontrolled outer rim required security and a tough front. While some of the original intentions behind the guild were legitimate, it did not take long for thugs to begin using the company as a front for their activities. At first these Thugs would be fired or worse, but as the company grew so did the ambition of its leaders.

    Most recently the guild has begun to work for extra profit in areas outside of mining. Spice runs, protection money, and other Cartel-esque activities have become sponsored by the guild. Not that the general public would know that. Legitimate mines began secret tunnels for spice mining, legitimate trade routes began including smugglers, and security became more than a defense. The Mining Guild sought to grow into the large gap the Hutts left behind.


    President: NPC Leader or Rank 4 player
    Manager: Level 2-4 Commander
    Operative: Level 1 Guard/Miner/Smuggler/etc



    Main Office on Eriadu
    Small Mine on Sullust
    Small Mine on Ryloth
    5x Cargo Speeders


    Drago Lex - Operative
    Loi Sanno - Operative


    To create a unique faction opportunity for smugglers and other criminal scum. This will be a fun addition to the site for those who miss the Cartel and want to get up to some shady antics. The legitimate side of the business I think will add some elements to the RP that will make it fun for members and other factions.

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