The Level System

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    The Level System
    SWRP uses a level system to determine the strength and notoriety of a character. There are four levels. Levels are reached by roleplaying, engaging in PvP, completing plots, and completing special sitewide events. Roleplaying in general grants a character a certain amount of credits which are cumulative towards their overall level. Engaging in PvP, completing plots, and completing special sitewide events are ways of accumulating additional credits and can greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to reach the next level. The following are the credits required to reach a certain level (Note: all characters start at Level 1, and credits are cumulative):

      • Level 2 = 750 credits
      • Level 3 = 2,000 credits
      • Level 4 = 4,500 credits
    Levels, Skills, & Power
    As previously mentioned, levels have a certain effect on a character's abilities. Each increase in level grants a character a dramatic increase in skill, stamina, and power. While levels can factor into a character's notoriety and reputation, it is a more accurate representation of a character's power and skill. For more specific examples of how levels influence combat and PvP, please visit the PvP guide.

    Levels, Rank, Notoriety, Influence, and Perks
    A character's notoriety and influence is derived from multiple elements including rank, level, events, and major actions. Notoriety and influence are important to a character's ability to alter the course of a faction, use and command faction assets, meet with important individuals on the galactic scale, and the difficulty of accomplishing certain tasks. With increased influence comes greater reach and ability to influence the direction of the galaxy.

    One of the largest elements that factors into influence and notoriety is a character's rank. For instance, the Emperor will inherently be a household name with near-complete say over what happens in the Empire. This would hold true of any faction leadership position (in which it would make sense). The higher a character's rank within a faction, the more likely they would be known within their faction and other factions. Council-level characters would be known throughout multiple faction whereas a Master may only be known within their own faction.

    A second element that factors into reputation is level. While far less important than rank, those who are most powerful in the Force/skilled in their field and have made many connections will likely find it easier to pique the interest of the important individuals in the galaxy. While a high level alone is unlikely to be enough to get you a sit down with the Emperor, it will better your odds than without it.

    One of the final, major elements that factors into influence is a character's actions and organic reputation. To be clear, this is not a reference to things written into a character's backstory, but actual activities executed in the RP. Did you orchestrate the downfall of a Sith Lord? Did you win a tournament broadcast across the galaxy? Did you somehow cause a shift in the political climate of the galaxy or forge a new treaty between major factions? These would be actions that would cause your character to be noted. As a general rule: if other people besides you are not talking about it OOC, it's probably not a major enough event to increase your reputation.

    Capstone Perks
    Level 4 characters have the opportunity to possess a special ability known as a capstone perk. These abilities are usually unique to them and give them a special edge that other characters do not have. For example, a Force-sensitive Level 4 character might have a capstone perk that gives them a mind that is impervious to mental probes and assault. A level 4 non-Force-sensitive character might have a capstone perk that allows them to know everything that happens in-character within a certain territory in the galaxy (i.e., Hutt Space).

    Capstone perks are NOT, however, to be related to or give one an edge in PvP. Capstone perks must be submitted as Lore articles in the Lore boards so that the Staff may review and okay them before they can be used in the roleplay, to ensure they are not used to meta-game or give one an unfair advantage in PvP.