The Level System

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    The Level System

    SWRP uses a level system to determine the strength and capabilities of a character. There are four levels. Levels are reached by roleplaying, engaging in PvP, completing plots, and completing special sitewide events. Roleplaying in general grants a character a certain amount of credits which are cumulative towards their overall level. Engaging in PvP, completing plots, and completing special sitewide events are ways of accumulating additional credits and can greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to reach the next level. The following are the credits required to reach a certain level (Note: all characters start at Level 1, and credits are cumulative):
    • Level 2 = 750 credits
    • Level 3 = 2000 credits
    • Level 4 = 4,500 credits

    Levels in Combat

    As previously mentioned, levels have a certain effect on a character's abilities. Each increase in level grants a character a dramatic increase in skill, stamina, and power. While levels can factor into a character's notoriety and reputation, it is a more accurate representation of a character's power and skill. See the guide below for more detailed examples of what each level is capable of:

    Levels and Force Users:

    Level 1

    Level 1 Force users are typically defined as fully trained and competent Jedi Knights and their equivalents on the dark side of the Force. They are capable of holding their own in combat, but there are limitations to what they can do. For example, they cannot split their focus and use two Force powers at once. Likewise, while they are capable of casting such Force abilities as Force lightning and tutaminis, both abilities lack potency, such as lightning's ability to kill or the ability of tutaminis to catch blaster bolts or lightsaber blades.

    Examples of Level 1 Force users in canon include Kanan Jarrus, Ahsoka Tano, Asajj Ventress, and the Inquisitors.

    Level 2

    Level 2 Force users are typically defined as your average Jedi or Sith Master. Their abilities are potent and they have heightened stamina, but they are not as overwhelmingly powerful as one might be led to believe, possessing the power of about one and a half Level 1s. Level 2 Force users have far more control over their abilities. Blasts of Force lightning from a Level 2 Sith have the capability to produce grievous injuries, while Level 2 Jedi can produce withering blasts of telekinetic power. Level 2 Force users are additionally capable of such feats as purging poisons from their systems (though this requires considerable focus), and they can more easily maintain their focus in combat scenarios. They can also take on two opponents, albeit with some difficulty, in lightsaber combat.

    Examples of Level 2 Force users in canon include Quinlan Vos, Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, and the Grand Inquisitor.

    Level 3

    Level 3 Force users are typically defined as venerable and experienced Jedi and Sith Masters. Their power is tangible, and they possess enough of it to easily overwhelm a Level 1 and give a Level 2 a run for their money. They can split their focus in combat without sacrificing potency, and can thus use multiple Force powers at the same time; this includes the ability to defend themselves with the Force while also lashing out with it. At Level 3, Force lightning tears through the body of a target, not only causing immense physical pain and injuries, but also fast draining the stamina of the victim. In prolonged dosages, it can even kill. Likewise, Level 3 tutaminis can catch blaster bolts along the palm without causing damage or even temporarily catch the blade of a lightsaber.

    Level 3 Force users have much sharper senses and are able to react with powerful Force abilities at a moment's notice. In lightsaber combat, they can split their focus between several opponents with much more ease than a Level 2, as well as react fast enough to deal with attacks coming from multiple directions. They can also use the Force with much more subtle gestures and retain their potency. Whereas most in the galaxy aren't as good as they think they are, these Force users are every bit as good as they think they are.

    Examples of Level 3 Force users in canon include Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren.

    Level 4

    Level 4 Force users are legendary and said to be so few that only a handful exist in a generation. They make up the most powerful beings in the galaxy and are revered, feared, or both by both the galaxy at large and their enemies. They are powerful enough to toss aside Level 1s with ease, overpower and outspeed Level 2s with little effort, and give Level 3s a run for their money. It is unwise to take these Force users on alone unless one of is a similar level. At Level 4, age does not seem to be a limitation, as even elderly Force users at this level can use multiple large-scale Force powers without tiring, including hurling large objects in rapid succession and maintaining deadly bursts of Force lightning.

    At Level 4, Force lightning can kill quickly and tutaminis can be used to entirely absorb the Force lightning of a Level 3 or lower or resist (albeit with great effort) the lightning of another Level 4. Level 4 Force users can restrain lower level Force users with ease and can use the Force without gestures of any sort. They are also unparalleled in lightsaber combat, able to hold their own with Level 3s and easily dispatch lower levels. Like the Level 3s below them, they can also take on several opponents at once without much difficulty.

    Examples of Level 4 Force users in canon include Yoda, as well as Darth Sidious and Snoke.

    A Note About Independent, Self-Trained, or Untrained Force Users: All characters level up as they are roleplayed. However, the descriptions above describe trained Force users. Force users, whether independent or otherwise, who have not undergone training, either by a main faction or an independent faction (i.e., the Nightsisters) are considered significantly weaker and less skilled than a trained individual at the same level. Likewise, self-trained individuals are not considered on par with characters who have been properly instructed by one knowledgable in the skillset they are attempting to acquire.​

    Levels and Non-Force Users:

    Level 1

    Level 1 non-Force users are typically defined as the elite soldiers or pilots of the galaxy. They can engage with common foot soldiers and overpower them with ease, and can accurately and quickly use their weapons to address enemies. They are also competent in their craft. For example, a pilot would know everything there was to know about their type of ship and would be skilled enough to engage in dangerous space missions for their employment organization. A Level 1 non-Force sensitive is skilled enough to go head-to-head with a Level 1 Force user. However, Level 1s cannot easily split their attention between multiple enemies.

    Examples of Level 1 non-Force users in canon include Doctor Aphra, Jyn Erso, Enfys Nest, and Sabine Wren.

    Level 2

    Level 2 non-Force users are typically defined as venerable and experienced elite soldiers and pilots. They are the veterans of their craft. Years of fighting and honing their skills has made them more resilient, able to resist deadly bursts of Force lightning or mental probes, and take on Level 2 Force users, as well as get the upper hand on Level 1 Force users. Their reaction speed and reflexes are sharper, rivaling that of a trained Jedi Knight, and they are capable of engaging multiple targets in front of them. Level 2 pilots would be completely at home in their own ships and would be able to get away with more dangerous and risky maneuvers by trusting their years of experience and sharp instincts. Level 2s would also be trained and comfortable with the technology (i.e., weapons and ships) of their faction.

    Examples of Level 2 non-Force users in canon include Hera Syndulla, Pre Vizsla, Iden Versio, and Captain Rex.

    Level 3

    Level 3 non-Force users are recognizable by name due to the feats they can preform and are among the most skilled and deadly combatants in the galaxy. They are masters of their craft, having honed their skills for years and made a name for themselves in doing so. Even surrounded by enemies, these soldiers are capable of holding their own. Their reflexes are quick enough to outspeed and completely catch off-guard Level 1s and they are renowned as being cut above the crop among Level 2s. They are able to react with lightning speeds and are considered a bane to Force users, whom they can contend with without much issue. Level 3 pilots are deadly, capable of multi-tasking and pulling off risky or otherwise insane maneuvers, while coming out almost entirely unscathed. Level 3s would be able to pick up almost any piece of technology (i.e., weapon or ship) and use it regardless of their familiarity with it.

    Examples of Level 3 non-Force users in canon include Poe Dameron, General Grievous, Boba Fett, and Cad Bane.

    Level 4

    Level 4 non-Force users are as legendary as their Force-using counterparts, and nearly as rare. They are the best at what they do, easily being considered "super-elite," and are so skilled that it is questionable whether or not they can hear the voice of the Force themselves. Their reflexes are so sharp they can engage enemies without looking and move with speed and reflexes that are almost supernatural in nature. Their minds are often impenetrable fortresses and they can be scarily sharp intellectually. Level 4 pilots can outmaneuver almost any enemy, fly almost any ship, and can put their ships through maneuvers and techniques that they weren't even designed to accomplish. They can also navigate the most deadly regions of space, such as asteroid fields and gravity wells. As with Level 4 Force users, it is considered foolish to take these beings on alone or to underestimate them, as to do either would be almost suicidal.

    Examples of Level 4 non-Force users in canon include Thrawn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Jango Fett.​

    Capstone Perks

    Level 4 characters have the opportunity to possess a special ability known as a capstone perk. These abilities are usually unique to them and give them a special edge that other characters do not have. For example, a Force-sensitive Level 4 character might have a capstone perk that gives them the ability to discern deception or the hidden Force alignment of another Force user. A Level 4 non-Force-sensitive character might have a capstone perk that allows them to know everything that happens in-character within a certain territory in the galaxy (i.e., Hutt Space).

    Capstone perks are NOT, however, to be related to or give one an edge in PvP. Capstone perks must be submitted as Lore articles in the Lore boards so that the Staff may review and okay them before they can be used in the roleplay, to ensure they are not used to meta-game or give one an unfair advantage in PvP.
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