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 The Hutt Imperial Court

Discussion in 'Hutt Empire Archives' started by Brandon Rhea, Jul 15, 2009.

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    Hutt Imperial Court

    The Hutt Imperial Cout is the main political body of the Hutt Empire. Leaders of Hutt clans throughout the galaxy are granted a seat as advisors to the Emperor on Nal Hutta. The leader is typically chosen by the previous ruler and is given the title of "Emperor", becoming the de facto leader of the Hutt Empire. While a democratic voting process was formerly used, the practice was abandoned by the then-Chairman Tusa Ujalli Hai during the second year of the Hutt War. Now, decisions lie solely with the Emperor, and the former Council acts merely as advisors to his domineering will.

    Imperial Household

    Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai

    Royal Advisor Jorv the Hutt
    Royal Advisor Shagmous the Hutt


    Andoba the Hutt
    Gabriel Djibril - Obroa-skai System

    Agreoran Jeduid - Svivren
    Eduardo Vandergraff - Serenno

    Zarr the Hutt



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