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    Planet: Corellia
    City: Bel Vistal
    Location: Phoenis Manor

    The arrival to Carthus home had mostly been uneventful. The ship having been landed on the ground surrounding the large house.

    Carrying Oddi and leading the way for Eithni and Funani that probably still were in need of recovery. He walked through the large part smashed, from SCs sudden explosion from the house earlier that day, glass doors into the ballroom. Taking the spiral staircase up to the first floor and walking the viewing balcony, past the library and up to the second floor where the bedrooms were located.

    His droid had unlocked all of the guest rooms and even provided them with the ability to lock them for privacy. Carthus placed both Oddi and Funani in one of the smaller bedrooms that were opposite a larger one (Guest Room 4), then he showed Eithni to the larger room across the hall (Guest Room 1).

    With that, he would leave them for the night to recover, freshen up or do what they saw fit.

    Though his astromech had decided to join Oddi in the smaller room, it caused a smirk from Carthus but he said nothing, the droid was obviously worried and it was probably for the best as it would mean it could warn him if something happened or if he was needed.

    It was almost midday the now, but the events of all that had happened still were clear in the mans mind as he sat in the Library on the second floor, Cathus had not slept much in truth as he sat in a chair, his eyes looking at a small table that was in the middle of room upon which rested a bowl with a few pebbles.

    He was focusing on the pebbles continuing to focus closely on them as he began to tap into his emotions to harness the force and will the pebbles to lift out of the bowl. He wasn't finding it as difficult as he once did to lift objects with the force and began to find the process of it somewhat relaxing or a release for his deeper feelings, letting him clear his mind at times.

    But soon he let them drop again taking in a deep breath as he got up and walked towards the balcony looking over the ballroom and leaned against its railings.

    If anyone was to explore parts of the house they may come across paintings and images of a man and woman with a young boy who looked very much like Carthus. The house was in need of a bit of cleaning though wasn't terribly neglected, just not maintained to the highest level people may have come to expect.

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