The Heart of Tython

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    The Heart of Tython, the crystal's activity with the Light Force pre-dates even the founding of the Jedi Order. Belonging to good-natured hermits, healers and monks. Long before it was turned into a weapon for good. The blue kyber crystal was first used by the Jedi Order during the original Schism, as a beacon of the true nature and power of the Jedi Order against the Darkness of the Exiles.

    The crystal was used by a number of prevalent members of the Jedi Council during the Great Galactic War, like Jedi Master Thalia Corliss and Jedi Master Rem Shivaaga. However, it disappeared like the Order at the end of the war. It is believed that one of the last Jedi fled with the crystal to one of their lost temples. Their the Jedi Master meditated on the destruction of the order and what would be needed to overcome the Darkness. Believing that the Heart of Tython was one of the tools needed, he hid the Crystal in the temple carefully watched by the ancient temple guardians. Before he died he left hints to its location in places of importance for the Jedi across the galaxy, before finally fading away into the unknown.

    The Heart of Tython, emits an ice cold blue blade, with an almost white centre. When activated it seems to radiate positive energy and light, helping illuminate wide areas around it. The crystal itself is large, meaning that any Lightsaber which wishes to use it needs to be adapted having the sides removed for the crystal to fit. The purity of the crystal allows a Light Side user of the force to channel their power with little effort and perform feats usually well beyond their means.

    The Heart of Tython, is located within one of the ancient Jedi Temples spread across the galaxy, though its exact location is unknown. Rumours have it that is is guarded by the local guardians of the planet, who will attack anyone unworthy of the crystal.
    To create an interesting new artefact and for a Jedi character to seek out. The beneficial abilities fo the crystal are flavour only and cannot be used in PVP, although it can be used in cPVP, Plot and Story threads. A mirror of this crystal is the Eye of Morraband.
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    As much as it pains me to do so, I'm going to be denying both of these outright, @Braden Drake. These are really cool ideas, but, at least as far as we currently know, kyber crystals don't work like this. They don't offer special abilities or blades (except the Darksaber).
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