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    Used for knowledge and defense, the light side of the Force represents balance and harmony within the self and the galaxy. It is associated with life and wisdom, mindfulness and healing, and is seen as a positive entity within the lives of those who follow along its path. It is used by the Jedi Order, but it should be not mistaken as a passive approach to seeking answers. Following the Force’s will allow for a Jedi to gather knowledge in order to take the best choice. However, the Light Side is not an easy path to follow, as the temptation of the Dark Side is strong, especially when a Jedi lacks clarity and calm. Even the most noble of intentions can have adverse effects. A Jedi’s defense against the dark side is knowledge through observation and meditation of the self. When a Jedi remains calm and vigilant of themselves and their surroundings, the Force is a Jedi’s most powerful ally.


    An unnatural and corrupting power, the Dark Side’s purpose is chaos and destruction. Unlike the Light Side, the Dark Side is drawn from raw emotions, corruption, and the perversion and destruction of life. Practitioners easily succumb to its destructive nature, not only in behavior where one can become aggressive and delusional, but physically as the body decays from continued use. Those who walk the dark path seek unspeakable power; it is easier and faster, but not stronger than the light. The temptation of the Dark Side does not discriminate and feeds on those who look to empower themselves beyond natural means. Jedi who teeter along the Dark Side’s path will always be scarred by its allure until they surrender to it entirely.


    Force Powers

    The energy of the Force can motivate the physical body to become more in strength, speed and agility. Formable opponents in battle, Force users abilities can be described as almost superhuman. Their training and focus can allow them overcome physical feats by becoming more nimble in combat or jumping unnatural heights with grace and ease to where it can be considered an artform. Force Users are able to incorporate these skills with their weapons, especially with their traditional weapon, the lightsaber. Believed to be an extension of themselves, a Force User’s expertise with their energy bladed weapon is just as threatening, if not more intimidating, as a Jedi without a weapon.

    The Force also allows its users to project their own voices in a damaging bellow or scream as well as mimic the sound of animals and beasts within the galaxy. When faced with usual conditions, the Force may be used as protection from the high or low temperatures of the elements or hold their breath for unnatural lengths of time, but does not protect them from a vacuum environment. Trances are not uncommon for Force Users as they are able to surrender themselves to the Force or to their darker abilities to allow them to survive in harsh conditions of habitable worlds.

    There are in addition to more neutral abilities, more darker aspects Force Users have been known to use. Surrendering themselves to the Dark Side, these individuals are able to induce unfathomable pain into others and even known to siphon the life or Force essence to heal themselves and defeat their enemies. Victims are either left exhausted or depending the extent and strength of the drain, could result in death.

    Force Users are able take on opponents in greater strength and number than themselves, though vigilance is important when using these abilities as they can easily push beyond their physical limitations of their own bodies resulting in quick exhaustion or death. Thus training and practice to know one’s body is essential in order to grow and become more knowledgeable in what is possible. Even with these skills, Force Users are not unbeatable, disruptions in concentration, or taken off-guard as well as overwhelming odds against beings or weapons can easily overcome a Force User.


    Practitioners of their chosen Force paths rely on their ability to sense the world around them. To be able to sense is a meaning that is beyond the physical senses of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell. It could be described as a paranormal experience where a Force user is able to detect changes in the waves of the Force to alert them of changes in environment or notification of certain individuals in their presence. Those closest to the Force User are even known to pick up when friends, family, or comrades are in danger light years across the galaxy.

    This sense ability also allows Force Sensitives to detect changes in a being’s intentions, to determine lies from truths, and even give them the ability to see near and beyond the future as described in visions. They can even manipulate their own presence to hide from visual sight or to avoid detection by enemy Force Users.

    In addition, Force Users are able to enhance their natural physical senses of sight or hearing in order to guide themselves around obstacles or hear the faintest whispers in a noisy Cantina. These abilities can allow some to understand unknown languages or communicate on a primal and emotional level with non-sentient beasts. Some may suggest it as a form of telepathy, but it can be better described as understanding the influence of intentions by the individual or beast.


    Due to the nature of the art, healing flourishes in the use of the light side, as the dark side is known for its unnatural means of corruption and decay. The Force can be used to mend small cuts to healing broken bones, closing battle wounds, sensing death and disease, and purifying poisons from the body. However, the use is time consuming and can be taxing especially if the practitioner is healing themselves. Healing, both mentally and physically, takes time, practice and meditation in order to be accomplished successfully. With the light’s revitalizing and life giving nature, naturally those who follow its path are seen as healthier and appear more youthful in their age as compared against their species.

    Even though dark sided users of the Force may not be successful in healing with light side abilities, they are able to find other means to accomplishing the task. Draining the life and/or Force energies from their victims allows the dark sider to extend their life and heal their ailments with disregard to the fate of their victim. They may also look to use their victim to turn their bodies against themselves, inflicting harm within the mind and body of the individual, inducing vertigo-like effects, cut off air supply, induce unimaginable pain or use means to stop their heart entirely. Though as like the healing of the lightside, some effects may take time, practice and a focused mind to concentrate long enough to be effective.


    The power of the Force is limitless in its application. Along with the previous abilities discussed, the Force energies can be manipulated into a variety of attacks and defenses. Most notable of these is telekinesis; a basic ability that is taught to novice Force Users from the start of their training with being able to push, pull, levitate, and/or stop objects or people. Users are known to use pushes against opponents or objects in order to clear a path and can result in simple nudges to waves of energy depending on the strength, energy and focus of the user. Pulls may also be used to draw objects to themselves or pulling an opponent closer for a finishing blow, while some darker aspects may include crushing objects or individuals, or pulling a victim apart in opposite directions.

    Energy from the Force can also be used as defense by creating temporary shields and barriers from toxic gases or flying debris. It can also be used a barrier to absorb or deflect harming energies such as Force Lightning and blaster bolts from their bodies or may even use objects to channel the Force’s energies in order to make it stronger in order to use as weapon that would otherwise be ineffective. Some of the strongest Force Users can even catch a lightsaber with the bare hand and not be harmed, though it should be noted that regardless of the strength and experience of the user, interruptions can result in failure of their defenses or attacks.

    Though the most recognizable of dark sided abilities is the use of Force Lightning; an inherently corrupting and corrosive power, Lightning is a potent and destructive power that embodies the hate of the user. Victims are able to defend from it either absorption or deflection by the blade, but still leaves a taxing mark both physically and mentally. However, like most Force abilities, the strength and use of the power is dependent on the Force user’s stamina and concentration. One is never necessarily completely vulnerable if they remain vigilant and mindful in battle.


    Ranging from subtle persuasive suggestions to complete mind control, Force Users are capable of deterring one or more individuals or using them to their advantage to complete tasks. Those who are weak of the mind or have been exposed to substances to make them more vulnerable tend to be the easiest affected. Light persuasion may be used to avoid detection or discover information without permanently harming the victim; Force Users also may create illusions to mask their appearance or make others see or hear things that are not there. Jedi tend to be more subtle in their techniques, avoiding to permanently harming the victim.

    Dark sided users carry the tendency to be more forward in their techniques. Darker applications may include erasing the memories or making the victim relive painful memories in order to torture or persuade the victim to giving in their wants. They can induce fear without reason or crush the fragile mind with ease once they are able to get inside, inflicting permanent damage on the individual. And if all else fails, they are capable of using the Force to extract the knowledge they wish to obtain straight from their minds.

    Force Users regardless of their alignment are trained to strengthen their wills and minds to prevent the psyche from being invaded. Those who are not sensitive to the Force and work in high risk positions such as intelligence or politics may also train their mind to resist probing. However, if the guard of the individual falters either by being worn mentally or physically, they are still susceptible to will of the user.


    It should be noted that even though the Staff does not have a definite list of Force Powers that are permissible, Generally force powers not in canon are not usable without an approved write-up in the Lore Boards. Force Powers that will need consent from all users involved such as severing from the Force, instantly killing, obtaining otherwise publicly unknown information, or seeing events in the future that have yet to occur. Keeping an open discussion will prevent confusion and help everyone build a better story for their character(s).

    Many Force Powers will be seen in PvP scenarios which can be better explained by following the link to the PvP Guide. All PCs will be affected by Force powers regardless if they are sensitive to the Force or not; writing and playing fairly is still expected among all members. There is still reasonable expectations for members to be able to write a response to an attack in order to defend themselves, auto-hitting is not permitted.

    The Staff holds the right to intervene if members abuse or misuse Force Powers. If players have any questions about Force Powers or their use, they may contact a Site Staff Member.


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