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    The moment many of you have been waiting for - selection of the first five Jedi! Staff have decided that this will be based on the questionnaire below drafted by our future FL. After selection, the players are expected to begin working on their characters, as they need to be ready by the time the new timeline launches. Please put a lot of thought into your answers to ensure the best chance possible! This will not be a first come first serve basis.

    Please PM @Minuteman75, myself AND @Malon on the site with your application. Any applications that don't include one of us will be disregarded, and Minuteman is not to be DMed/bugged on Discord about the selection process. If disruptive/nagging behavior is reported, you will be immediately disqualified. Applications will close sometime during the week of the 18th of this month.

    Good luck!

    1) What makes you suited for this role? Furthermore what are the challenges of roleplaying as a Jedi? Need specifics

    2) How active will you be? Will you be able to drive activity for the Jedi in a timely fashion? Perform your assigned duties consistently, including the training of new members?

    3) What would be your goals envisioned for the Jedi? Have any interesting and unique plots that can benefit the group? Need specifics

    4) Who are the Jedi exactly and what are their strengths and weaknesses in your opinion? How do you intend to empower and expand the Jedi that includes the recruitment of other players? Need specifics

    5) Are you willing to being a team player? Also what would be your character concept for a Jedi in the next TL? To be more exact what would be their personality, age, views, and species?
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    Gah, this leaves me so torn. A part of me wants to apply for a Jedi because playing space-wizards is my jam, and I think there are some ways I'd be good for the job. But I think concerns around availability in particular mean that it's probably better to let someone else take the lead there. Padawan-to-be it is!
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    I want to try and create and Exile style character from KOTOR 2. But that may not work. Hmm.