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    Character Name and Level: @Zeven Visz - level 2

    Character Rank: Sith Acolyte

    Name of Plot: The First Blade

    Participants in the plot (Character accounts): @Zeven Visz ; @Nikka Toren

    Intended Outcome of Plot: Zeven aimed to use the Jedi Nikka Toren to find and take The First Blade, a Jedi artifact and the first lightsaber used by a Jedi Grandmaster.
    Lore Link.
    Actual Outcome of Plot: Despite having formed something of a bond with the Jedi, Zeven used her to find the blade and defeated her in battle to claim it as his own.

    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved? No

    Link to Dice Roll Thread if used: N/A

    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:

    • Hazy Shade of Winter - Both the Jedi and the Sith go undercover as archaeologists to find the first step in locating The First Blade; an ancient Jedi holocron.
    • Sound of Silence - Despite their mounting suspicions and paranoia, they work together to clear the first obstacles of the blade's final resting place. They accept that they will do battle, though neither of them relishes it.
    • Destiny - Jedi and Sith clash in battle over the right to walk away with The First Blade. Zeven emerged victorious but not unscathed, claiming The First Blade as his own and dragging his injured opponent to safety before leaving.
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