The Eye of Morraband

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    The Eye of Morraband, an ancient Kyber Crystal which has resided in the lightsabers of some of the most powerful Dark Side users of the past millennium. It is rumoured that the crystal itself even pre-dated the original schism of the Order. Belonging to a Jedi who went dark decades before.

    Since that day, this crystal has been the property of over a hundred powerful Dark Side users corrupted beyond measure, it is said that even possession of the crystal can taint the owners will. Ironically the crystal has never been in the possession of the Drast Family or its various descendants. Constantly falling out of the families reach.

    The last owner of the blade the Sith Lord Darth Rain died almost two hundred years ago. Rumour has it that the crystal resides in his tomb on Korriban. But few have ventured into that forsaken place and none have returned.

    When used within a lightsaber, the crystal creates a blood red blade slightly thicker than your average Kyber Crystal. The blade shaft often crackles with lighting whilst in use. Some of its skilled users have been able to use this to their advantage. The pure darkness that is The Eye of Morraband allows a Dark Side user to channel the Force easier and in greater ability and power. But at a cost, like all things of the Dark Side the crystal takes a toll on the user's sanity and physical wellbeing.

    The Eye of Morraband, is believed to be within the tomb of the Sith Lord Darth Rain on Korriban. Though it is haunted by the Sith Lords spirit and a number of traps within its walls.
    To create an interesting new artefact and for a Sith character to seek out. The beneficial abilities fo the crystal are flavour only and cannot be used in PVP, although it can be used in cPVP, Plot and Story threads. A mirror of this crystal is the Heart of Tython.
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