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 The Exchange

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    General information​

    Organization type

    Criminal organization
    @Milo Vemec Drast
    Dromund Kaas
    Kessel, Dromund Kaas

    Historical information​

    Date founded

    500 ABC

    Other information​




    The Exchange

    "U kulle rah doe kankee kung."
    —Nor'baal Fanth upon being killed by Milo Vemec-Drast⁽¹⁾

    The Exchange was a criminal organization founded by Caitlin Aislin with the help of Gillian Rel. When Cait betrayed Gil and turned to the Sith, the latter chose to leave the organization, and Hutt crime boss Nor'baal Hutt took advantage of the power vacuum that followed to take control. Following a few decisions that angered the Empire, the Emperor dispatched Milo Vemec-Drast, a long time associate (and friend) of Nor'baal's. Milo killed Nor'baal and absorbed all of his assets, taking on leadership of the Exchange under another persona—Olin Tisbar, enterprising spacer.


    The roots of the Exchange were planted in the Lusty Lekku, a small cantina on Nar Shaddaa, popular in the area and known for its friendly vibe. Caitlin Asilin originally started it to be an organization that specialized in spice, smuggling, and information brokering, though its membership grew quickly and saw it become much more than that. At its peak, the Exchange was one of the best-known criminal organizations in Hutt space—which soon became Mandalorian space—and many called on them for everything from protection to cheap muscle, with many of its lower-ranking members looking to prove themselves by taking on jobs of varying importance to showcase skill.

    Cait had originally trained on Korriban but fled back home to Nar Shaddaa before the Exchange was created, and she soon found her past catching up with her as the organization slowly grew. People in high places slowly began to take note of the Acolyte that had fled, and one soon took interest. After Cait met with Darth Vrael to organize a mutually beneficial partnership with the Empire—resulting in the construction of a facility on Dromund Kaas—Dark Councilor Darth Victress began contacting the woman, and slowly grew to wield more and more power over Caitlin. She issued her ultimatum after the Emperor died—become a Sith, or face the consequences.

    Too far gone down the path of the dark side, Cait met with Gillian and informed him of her apprenticeship to the Sith Lord. The man did not take it well, and their relationship slowly stagnated—until their final meeting, when she assaulted him, nearly taking his life with her lightsaber and then fleeing to finish her training in Sith space.

    But she never arrived. Cait went missing, and Gil did not want to take the helm. He took a few assets and left the Exchange, leaving it to the Councilors of the organization to decide what they will do. Nor'baal Fanth quickly stepped up and took power, and the Hutt had just gotten into the swing of things when he made a grave mistake.

    He issued a bounty both on Cait and on her master, Darth Victress, the latter of which reached the ears of the Emperor. Taking note that one of the Sith he had found he could rely in—Milo Vemec-Drast—was a close friend of Nor'baal's, he asked the Drast to show his loyalty to the Empire in a simple, but powerful way—through the betrayal and killing of Nor'baal Fanth.

    No sooner had the issue been ordered that the slug lay dead, and Milo took all of Nor'baal's assets, claiming ownership of the Exchange under the name Olin Tisbar. His persona was that of an enterprising spacer who had risen through the ranks and stepped up during the power vacuum following the Hutt's death, and for the most part, the Exchange returned to its normal activities—smuggling, mining and distributing spice, and everything else it formerly did.


    The Exchange is ruled by a CEO—also known as "Boss", "Overlord", or "Lorda," with a Council that advises him and wields control over various assets. Its Enforcers are tasked with keeping the order among the lower ranks and serving as an extension of the will of the Council and the CEO. Its operatives are its foot-soldiers, doing all the dirty work from chasing bounties to forcefully seizing new business space.

    • The CEO — Also known as Boss, Overlord, or Lorda, the CEO is the supreme leader of the Exchange, wielding sole executive power over the organization. The CEO has the ability to mobilize any of its assets at any time for whatever purpose, and they effectively "own" the organization.
    • Councilor — The Council is a small group of individuals (usually 3 to 5) that serve as "managers" for whatever assets they are given control over. They advise the CEO, who may call on the Council to vote on important decisions, and serve as the leaders of the Exchange in case anything happens to the CEO, democratically deciding on a new leader or direction for the organization.
    • Enforcers — The Enforcers are the "officers" of the Exchange, tasked with keeping order at its establishments, facilities, and among its ranks during strikes. They usually wield control over small groups of well-trained thugs, as well as over some facilities and territories.
    • Operatives — Operatives are the bulk of the Exchange's ranks, serving as its ground troops. They take on the less delicate tasks, from seizing property from others to quelling any uprisings in Exchange-owned mines and the like, among other things. They are the standard mercenaries, loyal only to the Exchange, and are known to sometimes take on other jobs such as bounties and the like in their spare time.



    Though it began on Nar Shaddaa, the Exchange no longer has holdings on the planet, as a result of Gil taking the Lusty Lekku and the spice-storing warehouse on the moon. Instead, the HQ of the Exchange is on Dromund Kaas, inside the LL Manufacturing factory.

    Locations include:
    • LL Manufacturing — A stim manufacturing facility, LL Manufacturing has become the Exchange's Head Quarters in its time of need, despite its location inside Sith space.
      • NPC staff
    • Spice mine on Kessel — The first of the Exchange's more important aspects, its spice mine quickly became a very valuable asset and a steady source of income for the organization. It is guarded heavily and visitors are generally only permitted by the CEO or a Councilor, though Enforcers are allowed to conduct business if they need to.
      • NPC guards and staff


    The Exchange has no "fleet" other than the ships of its members and a few freighters and starfighters at various locations.


    Currently N/A

    Blue indicates a strong alliance/friendship
    Yellow indicates neutrality
    Red indicates an enemy

    @Milo Vemec Drast as Olin Tisbar​




    To provide a write-up for the Exchange. The official Discord channel is here.​
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    As the organization has been absorbed into the Sith Empire, it is now NPC. Should I change the prefix or does it just get archived?