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 The Exchange

Discussion in 'Factions and Organizations Archives' started by Nor'baal, Apr 8, 2019.

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    The Exchange was a corporate holding company that formed out of the imploding criminal agency founded by the 'Lusty Lekku' (LL) owner Cait Aislinn following her dissappearance. Initially established as a lose collection of gangsters affilaited with the LL, the Exchange was restructured following the dissappearance of Ms. Aislinn, becoming a holding company for the assets formerly controlled by her. Taken over by their lead accountant and financial officer, Vit Chaneeko, the Exchange went through a major business restructuring, in which is handed over criminal elements of the company to the relevant authorities, who just so happened to be the same people who objected to the new management, and promoted law abiding businesspeople, who in turn happened to greatly support the new management. As such, on paper, the Exchange is a legal business enterprise.

    On paper.

    In actuality, the Exchange is little more than a collection of holding companies which serve as fronts for criminal activity. Each company is registered on a world whose laws are more tolerant of their business dealings, the 'managers' of these subsidiaries in turn being sub-bosses of the Exchanges criminal elements. The holding company itself is controlled by a CEO, who ensures that the apparent shareholders are satisfied, whilst really serving as the overboss for this criminal undertaking.


    Founded by the patron and founder of the LL on the Hutt world of Nar Shaddaa, the Exchange had something of a humble start. Beginning in a region of space in whihc the law was up to those who had the resources to set it themselves, the Exchange was founded as a collection of criminal organisations, lead by a gangster, who quickly fell into step and alliance with shadowy figures in the Sith Empire (then known as the 'Old Empire'). It did not take long for the group to grow, with Hutts taking a keen interest, and even members of the Sith turning to join and rake in the credits.

    However, their good fortune was soon to come to and end, and when the Exchange founder, Cait Aislinn, was tempted to join the Sith, she turned on her former partner, Gillain Rey, attempting to kill and and leaving him for dead. The organisation fell into turmoil, with Cait vanishing soon after, and leaving a power vacuum in her wake. A few members of the group scrambled to fill that vacuum, but it was to be the groups accountant and financier, Vit Chaneeko, who claimed the title.

    Freezing rivals out of the organisations assets, he left some to former members, and others he handed to the police, apparently attempting to restucture and legitimise the operation. Restructuring the Exchange as a legitimate business concern, behind which he would mask its criminal undertakings, he established a business office on Manaan, his homeworld, and officially registered as CEO of the 'company'. However, for those in the know, business as they say, was carrying on as usual....

    Organisation & Structure

    Officially registered as 'The Exchange', a shareholder owned and operated holding company on Manaan, the Exchange is made up of a collection of asset owning companies, which it entirely owns. Each company is headed up by a manager, who ensures that profits grow, and the legal undertakings of the company are met and run correctly.

    At present, the Exchange operates two companies, namely:

    • Lekku Stims - An entirely legal manufacturer of medicinial stims, Lekku Stims is a factory on Dromund Kaas, and is a limited share distributing company in the Sith Empire.
    • Glitterstim Solutions - A spice mining operation, registered on Kessel, Glitterstim Solutions is in the business of producing Glitterstim spice, for 'medical purposes'. Naturally, is has no involvement in the shipping of spice, as, according to the PR of the company, that would be illegal.

    Of course, the Exchange operates a huge number of illegal ventures as well, but does not advertise these as business undertakings. Currently, its efforts are focused in the following areas:

    • Spice Smuggling & Research - Produced in the Lekku Stims factory, spice is packaged and then sent to smugglers en masse, with the authorities paid to look the other way. It also provides spice to smugglers from its operations on Kessel.

    To accompany its assets and operations, and to ensure that they continue to be managed effectively, the Exchange has several employees at different ranks. Corporate ranks are complemented by Criminal ranks, and members rise up the ladder in tandem with their corporate and criminal undertakings. These ranks are as follows:

    • Executive/Operative - Forming the rank and file of the Exchange, these men and women are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the companies and their criminal undertakings.
    • Manager/Enforcer - Heading up small teams of Operatives, and taking the lead on larger projects, this rank is the second tier of progression in the Exchange.
    • Director/Sub-Boss - Running an asset for the Exchange, and normally safeguardingand overseeing the criminal operations of the Exchange upon a planet, they select the CEO from within their ranks and have relative autonomy within their area, in so long as they pay their tithes up the chain.
    • CEO/Overboss - The overall leader of the Exchange, this individual is often a shadowy figure in both the Corporate and Criminal world, tasked with ensuring the Exchange works and expands its operations across the Galaxy.


    @Vit Chaneeko - Nor'baal

    @Norbaal Fanth - Nor'baal

    @Cardinal Paroaria - Brick

    @Hask - Prawn
    @Tyco - Nommie
    Something - TWD
    @Louis Daele - ??
    @Drask the Hutt - Meckabro


    The Exchange controls a constantly fluctauating list of assets, both corporate and criminal This list will be kept up-to-date as assets are gained and lost through and by plots. It is obviously fair to assume that criminal assets would not be public knowledge, and the discovery and linking of these to the Exchange would need to be RPed out.

    • The Exchange Corporation - Manaan
      • Corporate Office Building
      • Numerous NPC Admin and Security Workers
      • Lekku Stims - Dromund Kaas
        • Stim Factory
        • Numerous NPC workers and security
        • Spice Smuggling Operations
      • Glitterstim Solutions - Kessel
        • Glitterstim Mine
        • Numerous NPC miners and security
        • Spice Smuggling Operations

    The Exchange has numerous contacts and affiliates across the Galaxy, especially within its operational space, andits enforcers do impose protection rackets on areas around and within their fields of operations. However, this is hard to encapculate as an asset, and as such is not listed here.


    Being a Corporate and Criminal Organisation, the Exchange has a web of relationships with similar groups, and galactic powers, which are as follows:

    • The Sith Empire - Neutral
    • The Mandalorians - Neutral
    • The Galactic Alliance - Neutral


    With the Exchange (old writeup) being left somewhat in limbo with the departure of the faction leader, this write up is intended to act as a center point of information for the restructured faction. We have a discord which can be found here.
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    Note: Will need extended edits to accommodate leadership change
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