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    • - Origin -

      Freya Baldr confronts a beast in single combat to become the First Claw.

      "There is no trial too great only a will too weak."
      - Deucalian Saying

      Deucalians were a people born on a cold and unforgiving world. Strength was not just required of each and every one of them, it was demanded. A harsh planet produced an even harsher people and those people knew the harshest truth of all. Not every child no matter how strong, loving, or true would make it to adulthood. It seemed backwards, but the best way to prevent this tragedy was twofold. All babies were looked upon by seiðrmaðr and those deemed deformed were sent to the winters. Those that grew up to adulthood, 15 winters, would be met with a trial organized by the clan's Hyllebær. This was the start of the Deucalian Trials. What came to be a rite of passage soon spread to other parts of Deucalian life.

      As the Clan's spread and began to diverge in culture and values their trials began to diverge as well. While some universal trials remain a Bleedenstag might scratch their head at what the Friscii deem a fitting trial for adulthood and vice versa. What follows is a collection of common trials, but is in no way exhaustive. Deucalian's are a creative bunch, they are quick to think of many new challenging tasks.

    • - Trials of Bravery -

      A Deucalian party preparing for the huntsman's trial.
      The brave survive. Either as heroes with many scars or as legends burned up in the skies or smote upon a far flung battlefield. Without bravery there would be no Deucalians today so it was obvious that trials of Bravery would be held with the highest prestige in the hearts of the clans. While the Claws may take bravery to different interpretations the central tenet of a Trial of Bravery exists, the consistent and oppressive sense of doom in a single misstep and the forging ahead into territory unknown. From this idea comes the test that separates the Deucalian from the coward and the coward from their head.

      To participate in a Clan's trial of bravery was to commit. One symbolized this by cutting their hand and offering their blood to the Trial overseer. If the Deucalian failed in their trial genuinely and honestly, there would be no dishonor. If the participant ran from the trial or showed any great cowardice then that blood that was offered was forfeit and the failure would be dead to the Clan, perhaps even marked as a Bersark depending on the severity of the failure.

      While Failure was an ever present fear, the reward for completing a Trial of Bravery was significant to more than match that concern. Achieving success in such a trial would mark those who completed it as truly brave warriors who would be highly considered for tasks where only the brave would survive. Traditionally those who completed the trial were given an honorific title and a treasure to serve as a reminder to all those that came upon them that they stood in the presence of a brave Deucalian.

      A Deucalian climbing a sheer cliff on Hoth with no safety rope
      Each clan holds a different trial of bravery but a few trials exist as universal held by all Clans. Trials can be requested at anytime though they are traditionally done before raiding season which varies based on the clan. Below are examples of Trials held by the clans.

      • Trial of the Vanguard - Deucalians fought using their strength and guile, but their most potent tactic was shock and awe of their vanguard. Led by Bersarks these warriors dropped in by Snekkja Pod directly into enemy lines. While these warriors provided a distraction and took down static defenses while the rest of the raiding party landed and prepared for the proper assault. Trial Participants would be shot from the undefended pod, land harshly in the misdt of battle, have to quickly gather their bearings while being shot from all sides, and survive. Completing the trial requires a kill, a trophy taken, and the survival of the participant.

      • Trial of Armor - Deucalian Armor is a prized piece of equipment built for the harshest environments and worn by the harshest people. To earn ones armor was a rite of passage and could be asked for by any Deucalian after their initiation. This trial consisted of three challenges over three days tailor fit to the environment. For example on Mandalore a participant may be expected to walk through the jungle one day, raid a Mandolorian camp the next, and steal a ship to get off world on the third. Knowing the great difficulty it takes to acquire this armor either by performing this trial or killing one who has means the wearer holds great respect among their peers.

      • Trial of the Hunt - Horrific beasts, dragons, monsters they exist for one reason and that is to be slain by the brave. Rancor, Krayt Dragons, Giant spider matriarchs, these things and more can be the focus of a Hunting Trial. Those who succeed in their hunt will always be known as a slayer, a significant honorific in all facets of Deucalian society. To fulfill the task the beast must be slain and its head presented to the Trial Giver. An eye or ear can be substituted if the head is overly large.

        Clan Specific
      • Trial of the Brave Baldr - The Baldr clan ranks bravery as their most important virtue. Freya Baldr, leader of all Deucalians and the founder of the Claws was said to be the bravest Deucalian to ever live. In her memory a trial was created. Given a simple Nerf Herder freighter the trial participants would be tasked with flying a dangerous course. Sent towards a dying star, an asteroid field, or a known pirate haven they would have to return to The Freya the Baldr flagship with the ship still in one piece and functioning. Performing this trial will open the Baldr to you as friend and trusted companion, your bravery never questioned.
      • Trial of the Wolf - A rite of initiation for the Alemanii White Wolves this trial leaves a warrior stranded on an unknown world with a pistol, a vibroknife, and their wits. They must survive in the often hostile environment for three days before a flare will be launched indication their rescuers position. Upon completing this trial the succeeding individual can call themself 'White Wolf'.
      • Trial of the Leap - The Friscii Clan have always been innovators, but behind every great inventor is the charred remains of their test subjects. Offering a trial to all brave participants the Trial of the Leap involves new innovative technology like drugs, ships, weapons, and explosives being put in the participants control to see what happens. Upon survival of the trial the participant will receive the technology and be known as a Patron of Progress.
      • Trial of the Climb - The Thorites are a traditional and literal bunch. When they devised their trial they stoically decided a climb was the proper task. With no climbing gear. Sent to the sheer face of an icy ascent the trial participant is given a simple task. Climb. Make it to the top and you are deemed 'The Fearless' by Thorites. If you fall you die.
      • Trial of the Shadow - Valkaria have often been called cowards by their fellow Clan members due to their sneaky nature. Still bravery comes in many forms and the Valkarian Securities answer to the trial of bravery is the blank sheet. Upon accepting the trial one mission you receive will come back blank save for the name of your target. Through subterfuge, interrogation , and any other means they are to find out what is to happen to the target and execute the task. Completing the task correctly earns one the title "Shadow" a significant moniker to inspire fear in their rivals.

    • - Tradition -
      Freya Baldr CCXLI the First Claw looking over the starcharts made by her ancestors

      Tradition is everything to the Deucalians. Doing right by you family, your clan, your people. Traditional trials take up the idea of this. While they are not in so large a number as the trials of Bravery their significance is not to be underwritten. Traditional ways are under attack across the Clans so now more than ever there is a need for someone with a foot heading to the future with another firmly rooted in the past to bridge this societal rift.

      Mostly overseen by The Baldr and Thorites as keepers of the old ways there is also the Trial of seiðrmaðr for those gifted with the mysterious Force. Those who partake in the trials of Tradition will not so much have their life threatened as their mind and spirit. While a trial of bravery may leave a scar upon your body, a trial of tradition may instead scar your soul.

      • Trial of Relic Reclamation - Much of Deucalian history is lost upon Deucalia proper, but many relics of the peoples rich history are scattered on ghost ships, past encampments, and even in collections of Non-Deucalians. To reclaim these and verify their authenticity would grant the Trial taker significant monetary reward and the honorific 'Reclaimant'

      • Trial of Bones - Deucalians fight many battles and in battle comes death. While the raiders attempt to reclaim their fallen it is not always possible. To go on the Trial of Bones is to go to these places of Deucalian's lost and give them a proper burial. Burn the bones or build a shrine, whatever one feels is proper for the fallen. Report to the Clan Elder and the taker will receive a carved piece of bone with the runic inscription indicating they are a 'Bonetaker'.

        Clan Specific
      • Trial of the Fenrir - The Baldr clan is unparalleled in the skies and produce the finest pilots of all the clans. It was the Baldr that built the first Fenrir Fighter and it is they who host the trial to indicate if one is worthy of the title Fenrir. The Trial taker is given one battle in a fighter to score a kill and survive with the fighter still flying. Performing this task will deem the taker worthy of the Fighter and it shall be gifted to them.
      • Trial of the Darkness - The Thorites live upon a dark world. Hoth is cold and unforgiving and that is how they perceive all things and all peoples. To participate in the Trial of Darkness is to take this stoic viewpoint to its logical conclusion. Drenched in water the trial participant must undo three knots before they are allowed to change. Without rest they are tasked to take a flame deep into the frosts in the back of a speeder. Dropped off the participant must find there way to two way points to light the torches there then make it back to the Thorite camp. Upon completion the Trial participant will be deemed "Light Giver" failing with death of body or flame.

    • - Ambition -

      A Victorious Bleedenstag kills her Allmenn ascending to his positon
      Ambition is the fire that burns in the heart of every true Deucalian. Not content with their place in the galaxy, their clan, their family, a Deucalian may challenge their masters to see if it is they who should rule. Through steel, cunning, strength, and sheer force of will a slave could become a Deucalian a Deucalian could become a Claw and a Claw could become a legend undying.

      Of these all Deucalian's agree and thus there is no split in this tradition. All maintain the right of challenge, but all bear the punishment of failure. Failing a challenge means death or something as good as it, becoming a Bersark. These pitfalls prove treacherous enough for all but the most confident and ambitious as it should be.

      • Trial of Holmgang - Coming from the old Deucalic word for duel. This trial is a simple challenge from a lesser to a greater. There is no limit within Deucalian society, a slave might challenge a Claw, but it would be done at the more powerful participants time and place and the challenge would be dictated by them. Traditionally the fight is an unarmored battle where each participant choose their weapons, but it diverges greatly depending on clan. The Friscii are known for games of Chess while the Valkaria exchange extremely difficult riddles. Each challenge is different. Completing the trial means one ascends to the tier of the challenged. If a slave does it they are no longer a slave. Failure means death or being branded as a Bersark so such trial is not taken lightly.

    • - Honor -

      Marlgan Thorite leading a Trial to regain his lost honor

      What is a warrior without honor. They would be nothing more than a beast with a blaster. Honor is what separates the Deucalian from the common thug and thus losing honor is always seen as a death knell for any Clan member. To reclaim ones honor is not an easy thing and doing so takes much in the way of Bravery, Tradition, and even Ambition. Thus the Trials of Honor are by far the most difficult, but their rewards are the greatest for they are not material they are spiritual and that of the spirit can never be taken and never be broken.

      • Trial of Cleansing - When dishonored a Clan member will leave their people naked. Left where they are with no things and no name they are to gain an identity, a people, a place in the galaxy. Doing such a thing can often take a long time, years even, but when it is all done the ever watching Deucalians will send you a bar of iron. This message is simple and clear. If you have a new family, beat them to death. If you own a barn, burn it, if you have livestock slaughter them. Burn your bridges and rise from the ashes of the life that was. Your honor will be restored because by doing this you have chosen your heritage above all else, even your happiness. Those that complete this grueling ordeal will ever be known as 'The Honorable'.

        Clan Specific
        • Trial of the Forbidden Knowledge - The Friscii Clan seek knowledge above all. Those who dishonor the clan will be locked away in the archives of their people. There they will be fed bread and water and set on a task, find the forbidden knowledge. Somewhere within the tomes is knowledge no man should know. Digging through page by page with fear growing with each turning the trial will either drive the participant mad or leave them hollow in the knowledge it reveals. Those who perform this dark trial shall be known to be "Cursed with Knowledge"
        • Trial of the Bersark - When one is made by a Bersark in the Baldr clan they are provided a unique chance to save themselves. To restore their name and honor they are given an impossible task. Set off in a Snekkja Pod adrift in space they are told to return with a ship greater than the one they left. As the one they left is a Tyr Class Frigate the task seems monumental indeed. One must always be trying however for the Bersark is charged with a watcher. This unknown Baldr will check in on the Bersark and if they see them no longer attempting to perform the trial by settling with a family, giving into despair, or generally dragging their feet then the Baldr will kill the Bersark in the cruelest ways they can imagine.

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