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    The Daskari Spheres

    "The Spheres were glorious and numerous. We had everything. Now, it seems, we may soon have nothing at all."
    ~ Crew Holocron on board The Derelict​

    The Daskari Spheres was an ancient civilisation that existed at its peak in the southern unknown regions around 10,000 BBY. What little information left about the empire can be gleaned from The Derelict, although these details are still unclear. Organised around a central emperor situated on the homeworld of Dask’cho, the Daskari Spheres were a fairly powerful civilisation at their prime. Dask’cho is situated somewhere in grid square E18 but its exact coordinates are lost somewhere inside The Derelict’s cavernous hull. The multitude of hyperspace anomalies present in the unknown regions meant that their expansion was tall rather than wide, inhabiting around 15 planets before the disappearance of The Derelict.

    The civilisation made use of several unique technologies, seemingly having developed their own weapons tech that functions similarly to a modern blaster. The inner workings of their starships were mostly traditional technology although the Daskari apparently relied on Force users for hyperspace navigation. The Force sensitive astronavigator would operate very simple navigational computers and made use of powerful telepathy to sense easier hyperspace pathways. The Daskari Spheres incorporated the force into their daily operation regularly, the long extinct Daskari species having a high percentage of force sensitive individuals in the population. The Derelict’s records have historical entries as far back as 8,000 BBY although it is unclear if this is the accurate date of the Daskari rise to power.

    It is hard to tell how the Daskari Spheres fell but the fall was quick and catastrophic. The Derelict’s files indicate that around 10,015 BBY political unrest was at a peak and news that an uncharted system had been found in the core of Daskari space arose in this same year. Perhaps the empire fell to civil war or perhaps some kind of catastrophic accident occured. Although, combat logs in The Derelict’s systems hint that some other kind of threat was rapidly approaching the Daskari empire from the inside…


    To provide background information on the civilisation of origin of The Derelict and open up the possibility of further investigation into the empire’s fate.

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