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 The Collective

Discussion in 'Sixth Timeline Archives' started by Akita Dyoto, Aug 9, 2016.

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    The Nar Shaddaa Trade Collective (STILL EDITING)
    "We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us"
    Sign Up thread

    Why the Collective?
    Smuggling, bounty hunting, piracy, all choices on how to make a living. They may be looked down upon by those who say they hold higher "moral obligations" but that does not take away the work for the living. If the so called Republic eliminates one smuggler, a group of pirates, or even a guild of bounty hunters someone will simply fill the void of power and opportunity left by their absence. In this galaxy there is a never ending struggle between these views of good and evil but who is to say who is which? How is a squad of republic soldiers gunning down a sith any different from what those who accept bounties do to make a living? We all make choices on how to live but who is to say one way of living is any better than another? Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? The galaxy needs a place where hard work can be rewarded without question of what was asked and The Collective is just that.
    The Nar Shaddaa Trade Collective is not simply some crime syndicate hoping to capitalize on the outer rim. We are not a group of thugs or any other name you can put to something of that nature. We are those who saw the opportunity to bring great fortune to our home worlds on the outer rim and we intend to do so. When I saw an opportunity to let my home world of Nar Shaddaa shine I payed attention. It was an oppurtunity for it to surpass even Coruscant as a galactic hub for trade. I knew I could be the spearhead that took my home world to glory, and I was not about to pass that up.
    The vices of the galaxy have always been unsafe and unpredictable. Men and women trying to make a living from what opportunities they were presented being told their way of life isn't right. These "crimes" are only illegal if those in charge say so, and with The Collective leading the way who is to say the vices of the galaxy cannot continue? Who is to crackdown on crime that isn't illegal? With myself and my associates in charge lining our pockets with the vices of the universe there will be no more struggle. The credits we make can be funneled back into the system to keep the services and goods flowing smoothly. It is an opportunity any smuggler or bounty hunter would be glad to take, and I've made it possible. There is a world of difference in what we see and what is, and this is why the morality of the galaxy is wrong. A man had a choice, and I chose the impossible.

    -Akita Dyoto

    The Hierarchy
    The Chairman: Akita Dyoto
    Adviser: Drorre the Hutt
    Lieutenant: Kelbourne's Character
    Enforcer: Arek Krieg

    Chairman: The leader of The Collective. He holds the first and last word and what he says goes.
    Adviser: Adviser to the Chairman. Deals more with the business side of running The Collective. Oversees imports, exports, and keeps the trade running smoothly. He is the economic adviser to The Chairman
    Lieutenant: Holds the authority to keep order within The Collective and uses the enforcers to do so. He is the militaristic adviser to the Chairman.
    Runners: These are the head smugglers. They keep everything the Adviser wants done in check. They are the hands on side of the imports and exports and collect the tariffs on the goods.
    Enforcers: Their job is exactly what it sounds like. If someone is not following what the Lieutenant wants done or is otherwise going against The Collective they will go in and solve the problem.
    Affiliates: The soldiers of The Collective. If something is needed done off planet or something else of that nature the Affiliates are contracted to do so. They are also called upon when a higher up needs help completing their duties.
    Subordinates: The lowest of the Collective. They work on the spaceports and do their job. They are not in charge of anything but they are the backbone of the Collective.

    How The Collective Came to Be
    The Collective was first started after the fall of Grurm the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa. Grurm was a leader in the exchange with a liking for deceit and credits. When Akita was young, Grurm had found him and realizing his natural born talent for speaking and negotiation took him in right away. Grurm used Akita's natural charisma as a zeltron to talk his way out of all the trouble he got himself into when screwing the other crime families out of property and everything else he could take. That is until Akita was older when Grurm saw him as a threat to his leadership on Nar Shaddaa. He embezzled funds from the exchange and blamed in on Akita; however, Grurm overlooked his opponents abilities and was executed by Akita and some of his own droids turned against him.
    With Grurm overthrown and the help of a man named Arek Krieg, Akita started collecting all sorts of people to make Nar Shaddaa better than that two-bit Hutt ever held it to be. He and Arek were able to take control of many of the things Grurm had left without an owner and bit by bit bought out and took over much of the planet (Grurm had already been top dog on Nar Shaddaa for some time). It is now three years after their initial start and they are finally able to call the Smuggler's Moon theirs after uniting the planet. Akita Used his charismatic leadership and his call for opportunity to unite the planet under one name, The Nar Shaddaa Trade Collective.

    Possessions (What we use)
    Early versions of the Ghtroc Class 720 freighters: These light freighters are used as the basic transports for The Collective
    Early versions of the Star Viper: These starfighters are used to protect the transports for The Collective

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    Hmmm, this sounds rather interesting.
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    The faction was posted back in 2016, and was never approved.

    The creator has not been active this year.
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    Awww, for shame. This was a very interesting idea. Speaking of 'interesting', do you know any open threads I can rp at? I've been away for awhile and I'm trying to finds some, but I don't know which are opened.
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