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    The B'omarr Order
    The Most Worshipful Order of the B'omarr

    "Change is a force without focus or origin. All about us is in flux, those who observe such wonders scarecly understanding that which they behold. - Musings on the Divine, Brother Evilo Bromcular.​

    The B'omarr Order is a small psuedo-religious coven made up of the eponimously named B'omarr Monks, which occupiesa small selection of Monastaries across primarily, the Outer Rim. The B'omarr believe that, by removing themselves from physical attachments and and pursing a life of observation and recording, they can gain a greater understanding of the Universe, and in doing so obtain enlightenment. They believe that they can find the 'Path' of the Universe, and those within it, and that it is their duty to gain and protect such knowledge. As a result of such practices, the B'omarr are more of a philosophical order than a religious one, not believing in a god, but rather doggedly following the pursuit of 'understanding'. Working under the belief that all things are in a constant state of flux, the B'omarr believe that it is their duty to observe and record such change, in an attempt to better understand what leads to periods of great upheaval and flux.

    The order was established seven-hundred years prior to the fall of the Galactic Republic, and has been almost universally ignored by most Galactic and Planetary Governments, a small order of naval gazing monks musing on the state of the galaxy, being seen as of little importance by the powers that be. This allowed the B'omarr to expand, initially building a temple on Tatooine and then on other worlds that their studies lead them to, ones of some sort of geo-spatial or historic significants: Mustaphar, Manaan and Vandor at present.

    Practices & Beliefs

    "They are a deeply isolationist group, spending much of their youth locked in their temples, learning what they need for what the B'omarr call 'The Great Pilgrimage', in which - upon reaching adulthood - a Monk heads into the Galaxy, normally studying something of some form or another. When their work is completed, it is returned to the temple of their origin, and there, does that Monk remain, pondering other works on the ways of the Galaxy, until the time of their death." - On the B'omarr, Prof. Vee Exiz, University of Kuat​

    The B'omarr centered their practiceses on the persuit of understanding, so that they could achieve enlightenment through 'blessed wisdom', believing in something they call 'The Sacred Path', namely that path ones life is destined to take. Some believe that this path must always be for enlightenment, others that we cannot alter the path we are on, and others than the choice is ours as to which path we take. B'omarr have almost daily debates in this topic, much to the bordom of any guests they have. Whilst some within the Order believed that the only way to such enlightenment was to isolate oneself entirely from the affairs of the physical world (a sect that would, in centuries to come, rise in prominance and thus split the order) many foused their formative years on preparing for their pilgrimage. This pilgrimage would see a young Monk setting out into the Galaxy, to study some form or aspect of the Universe, with such studies being highly varied.

    Such an undertaking was the main focus of a young Monks life, and thanks to that, they spent much of their young adult and teenage years preparing for their travels. Learning to defend themselves, with a form of martial arts, Zama-shiwo, which focused on non-lethal combat, as well as healing, multiple languages if needed, and basic survival skills, they soon became ready for their pilgrimage, and upon turning eighteen, where sent out into the stars.

    Caring not for material possessions, the B'omarr dressed in simple robes, and dedicated much of their time to the conteplation of the workings of the Galaxy and its ever constant flux. Indeed, some Monks took such dedication to entirely new extremes, and would - once their pilgrimage was complete - head into isolation, living alone in remote locations. Others, would refuse to speak, communicating only in sign language, or sometimes not at all.

    Upon the occassion of a Monks death, or morre often, approaching death, their brains would be removed and kept in storage fluid in the temples 'Great Room of Enlightenment', wherein it was assumed their knowledge (that was not written down) would be kept for those meditators who visited the chamber to commune with. There was nothing scientific to support this so-called 'fact' however. All of this, and all of what they did throughout their life, fed into the B'omarr Orders constant, and insatiable desire to acheive enlightenment through understanding, relentlessly gathering and producing treatesis on all things in the Galaxy, until they could do so.

    Being an Order that encourages its members out into the Galaxy, they take the protection of their members seriously, educating them in martial arts and the practice of healing from a young age (with many initiates coming to them as orphans). It is hard to find a single member at Disciple who has not perfected at least one martial art, and indeed, it is uncommon for a Master to exist without being highly able to hold their own in combat.

    Over the course of the years, craftsmanship has become an import method of expressing their pursuit of understanding. As such, many B'omarr take to writing, woodwork, poetry and artistic pursuits. Forbidding its members, for the timebeing, or inititating conflict, B'omarr are taught self-defence, as part of the Orders belief that they should observe and be part of events, not insitigate them. As such, they are forbidden from using ranged weapons, the most common weapon being a baton or staff.


    "Centuries before a few hardy colonists arrived to scrape out a living in the desert, the mysterious religious order of the B'omarr monks moved their followers to Tatooine. Out in the harsh wastelands, the monks sought a place of suitable isolation among the crags; there, over the generations, the monks carved for themselves a labyrinthine palace of grim solitude." - Mammon Hoole documents the B'omarr's arrival on Tatooine​

    The name of the founder of the B'omarr Order has been recorded as Bimeel B'omarr, the only Monk to date to have been noted for achieving true enlightenment, shortly before his passing a few years after the construction of the Tatooine Temple, and mother-temple of the Order. Originally founded by a collection of humans, seeking a place to worship something known as 'The Great Divine', the group that would become the B'omarr Order, established themselves on Tatooine, as the most remote planet they could find at the time. It as from this group that the greatly Enlightened Bimeel B'omarr stepped forwards, leading the group down a new path, one that was dedicated to attaining a deeper and more complete understanding of the Galaxy and all within it, and produced his treatise on 'The Sacred Path', thus laying the foundation for the order.

    Establishing a Monastery-Temple on the planet was to be their first order of business, as they had until then lived only in small tents. Adapting to the planets climate, the Temple was built on a rocky outcrop, to better survey the surrounding lands, with a large domed roof that also served to catch moisture on the rising mists each evening. Legends suggest that the B'omarr received help in there work from the local Tuskens, who to this day, have never laid a finger on the B'omarr Temple - for reasons only the Grand Master of the Order is told upon his ascension to that rank.

    For the first century of their occupancy, the B'omarr kept themselves to themselves, and as civilisation began to grow beyond a few small mining stations on Tatooine, they opened themselves up to the world. Sending represenatives into the townships, and then out onto the pilgrimages about the Galaxy, the B'omarr became a fixture of Tatooine Society. Daily services where held, in which locals could recieve healing and food whilst attending the chanting sessions, and slowly but surely, their popularity grew.

    The incumbent Grand-Master issued at this point, an edict, instructing his most senior members to head out into the Galaxy, and found new Temples. And, that is what they did, Mustaphar, Manaan and Vandor soon sported Temples of their own with modest populations. Shortly after this, communications arrays where constructed into the great domes of each temple,and by way of chanting and song, the B'omarr would communicate with one another across the Stars.

    Their numbers grew, to the levels at which they stand today, and as their numbers grew, they thought themselves more capable, more competant gathers of knowledge and wisdom, their libraris growing - and in the case of Tatooine, having to be expanded, with large caverns dug out to hold the knowledge their monks would gather. Slowly, the B'omarr felt their pace quickening, coming every closer to enlightenment.


    Like many psuedo-religious orders, the B'omarr has a heirarchical structure, which enabled members who wish to seek higher office, to do so.

    • Level One - Monk - The 'rank and file' of the Order, many of these Monks are about to undertake, or are in the proess of undertaking, their pilgrimage. They have little authority within the order, focusing instead on their works, travel and the support of others.
    • Level Two - Disciple - These Monks are more senior, and have normally passed through their basic training and are well into their prilgrimage. Often, they take to tutoring other Monks of a more junior level. They can be found supporting Masters if the master requests it of them.
    • Level Three - Master - Selected by each temples 'Council of Masters', a Master is the only rank that is able to lead a Temple, or part of one, and the only rank able to return to the Galaxy-at-large to continue studies after their pilgrimage is done. Such is their rank, that they are able to establish their own temples.
    • Level Four - Grand Master - Serving as the most senior Master in a given Temple, they continue in their rank until death. As such, the onyl way to become a Grand Master, is to wait for one to die and hope you are elected as their replacement by the Masters, or to found your own Temple.

    Such a structure has ensured the B'omarr have kept going for so long, allowing each Temple to be fiercely independent if it wishin to be so. However, it has in the past led to Temples isolating themselves a little to much!

    Assets & Temples

    The B'omarr have nothing by way of Assets other than their Temples, which are as follows:

    • Tatooine - Mother of Enlightenment - The First Temple of the B'omarr, and by far the most significant and the oldest as a result, the Tatooine Temple has a population of 800 Monks, and is led by Grand Master Ximin Boo'tha. It's main focus on the continued expansion of the B'omarr, and its wider survival. It boasts a large healing practice, and serveral large Libraries carved into the caverns beneath it.
    • Mustaphar - Change as Destruction - A more morbid sect of the B'omarr, and one that is seen by many of the Orders senior members as hvaing wandered a little to far from the Path, the Mustaphar Temple sees the most effective form of Flux/Change as that which Destruction brings. Their members study the effects of warfare, and often follow in the wake of raiders and conflict. They are a large martials arts training school to ensure their Monks are well trained. They have roughly 300 members.
    • Manaan - Ever-Shifting Path - Believing in self-detirmination, this Temple is one of the most popular, with some 500 members. Found on a large spire sticking out of the seas of Manaan, it focuses on the teachings of Ethics, encouraging people to live good and moral lives. Its Monks are often seen shadowing the Jedi Order, to learn more of their teachings.
    • Vandor - The Pinnace of Wisdom - Believing that Objects can harbour wisdom just as easily as words, the Vandor Temple has some 200 members, and is often engaged on bizarre treasure hunts for often obscure items of seemingly worthless value. It is a stange sect, with a large mountainside vault in which it stores increasingly odd objects.


    To provide an NPC organisation, which players can be part of, or can use in threads. Religious and similar groups are common in Star Wars, yet rarel elaborated on, so this intends to be a group that does not depend on the Force as the basis of its beliefs.

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