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    The Blue Suns​

    The Blue Suns was started as a mercenary outfit by a Mandalorian and a Hutt Enforcer who were tired of working for others in the Mid Rim and not making the lion's share of the profit. Publicly however, their main reason for departing from their employment with the Hutt Cartel was on ethical grounds as well; the Blue Suns have always been staunchly anti-slavery and working with an organisation that profited from slavery and encouraged it was never going to work out. Joanne, CEO of the new company, was a former slave before she began an enforcer and she refused to be party to it any longer.

    Moriet just liked to shoot things that shot back - slaving was repulsive to him because there was never any challenge in it.

    Since their formation, the Blue Suns have worked hard as contracted guards and paramilitary muscle but they have continued their own efforts against slavery operations as well. Despite being utterly ruthless in the Mid Rim, they are feared in the Outer Rim and in the criminal underworld for going out of their way to break up slaving rings and their like anywhere near their area of operations. They have taken on pro-bono work against slavers on request and of their own initiative - unsurprisingly they have found a steady stream of recruits from liberated slaves.

    As an organisation to join, the Blue Suns fill a niche in that a person can get rich, kill lots of people and still be seen as a hero in some areas of the Galaxy. But make no mistake about it, the Blue Suns will gun down any and all opposition and they will turn down no other contract - bodyguards for assassins, guards for smugglers, anything but slavery is fair game for the Blue Suns so while they might very well make enemies of disgusting people, they are, by no means, on the side of the angels themselves.

    Key Historical Moments;
    • Formation - Formed by Moriet and Joanne, one Mandalorian warrior and one Hutt enforcer, the Blue Suns started small in the Mid Rim.
    • Siege of Ord Cantrell - The misnamed 'siege' of Ord Cantrell was a slave raid conducted by "rogue Zygerrian slavers" who attacked the planet almost en masse and incredibly well organised. The Blue Suns were, at the time, contracted as a simple guard detail for a local VIP but they managed to hold the line against the slavers, saving hundreds from being enslaved despite terrible odds, even if they had no chance of stopping the slavers entirely.
    • The Bestine Connection - The Blue Suns gained their first big, long term, contract as guards for the repulsor corporations of Bestine. They hold this contract to this day.
    • Malastare Mission - The first big loss suffered by the organisation, leading to a convoy they were protecting being destroyed.
    • Malastare Redemption - The reprisal mission done by the Blue Suns was ruthless and started their reputation for no longer accepting prisoners.
    • Zeltros Raid - Not an official mission but a landmark in the history of the organisation. Members of the Blue Suns were vacationing on the planet when it was attacked in a quick and dirty slave raid. Numbers of captured Zeltrons were kept low due to the actions of these off-duty members.
    • Zygerrian Counter Raid - Officially the only mission ever conducted by the Blue Suns in the Outer Rim, the Blue Suns raided the slave compound said to hold the captured Zeltrons. They lost a lot of people in the assault but managed to return almost 80% of the captured Zeltrons.
    • "No Man Left Behind" Policy Officially Adopted - The Blue Suns commits to stopping any ongoing slaving operations it comes across and offers to do pro-bono work against slaving operations.

    The Blue Suns is a very organised, structured, entity.

    Official Hierarchy;
    1. CEO: Joanne
    2. Commander: Moriet
    3. Majors
    4. Captains
    5. Operatives

    Known Assets;
    • Several thousand operatives and officers
    • Moderate pool of APCs
    • Small number of tanks
    • Moderate fleet of dropships
    • Moderate fleet of hyper-drive equipped support starfighters
    • Bases on Bestine, Malastare, Ord Cantrell and Zeltros

    • Joanne, CEO
    • Moriet, Commander
    • Unnamed NPC Officers
    • Unnamed NPC Operatives

    Intent: The intent is to create a large NPC group of almost chaotic good mercenaries for people to plot for, against and around, rather than simply relying on 'pirates' or 'guards'. This way I hope to bring more flavour to the world rather than keeping it too generic. The group will also post bounties using the Bounty Board against people who disrupt their operations regularly IC.

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    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but between the names of the leaders, the pictures, the name, and the description, isn't this veering *really* close to the Mass Effect group of the same name?
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    Point taken - edits made

    Name stays the same

    Leader names, Pictures and description changed
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