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    The Black Keep is the ancient stone fortress of Ha’rangir’s Chosen. It is situated near the peak of one of Mandalore’s highest mountains and is the final step of an arduous pilgrimage to reach. With high winds and frigid temperatures, it is a place of religious observance and hardship. The Chosen have used it as their main headquarters for thousands of years since their inception, the keep having been built around an eternal flame that is fueled by natural gas.


    The Black Keep is a looming fortress of stone atop a mountain that requires an arduous trek to reach by foot. The way is fraught with danger, and many have perished on the steps to the top. It serves as a holy site for the more devout of the Mandalorians, as well as the primary base of operations for Ha’rangir’s Chosen, a monastic order of Mandalorian zealots. Its location is obscure and few know about it after centuries of neglect post-Sith occupation. Leandros discovered it during a pilgrimage he undertook to atone for his own sins before realizing just what the fortress was.

    It is built to last. For thousands of years it has survived the weather and creatures of the planet with only minor weathering of the stone. It allows Mandalorians to rest, hone their skills, and reflect on their religion in privacy, as well as plan their crusades. Open to all, it acts as a spot for Mandalorians of all kinds to do the same, as well as offers them the opportunity to join the Chosen if that becomes their calling.

    The interior is reinforced stone and durasteel in places to ensure the longevity of the fortress. Snow aside, it is relatively clean and neat, and is broken down into various wings for the Mandalorians to do their work.


    Surrounding Area: The surrounding area of the Keep is frigid and barren. Since it is on a mountain, it has little in the way of vegetation and the only creatures are hardy and adapted to the climactic extremes of high altitudes on a mountain. Outside the Keep is a courtyard for training, meditation, or generally anything that people would want to go outside to do. It also has a path to reach the hangars.

    Hangar: The hangar is carved into the mountain itself and is accessible via the Keep’s courtyard after a small hike. It is well-hidden and secure, as well as safe from the harsh elements outside. It can hold up to five light freighters or similar craft and below, as well as a few land vehicles and places to store Basilisks. Additionally, it has fuel reserves and can recharge personal droids. Resupplying it requires a visit to Keldabe until a deal can be secured with a company for them to visit the Keep and do so.


    Great Hall: The Great Hall is the centerpiece of the entire Keep. It is a vast room with a vaulted ceiling that acts as a gathering room for Chosen-wide announcements, as well as ceremonies, such as the Joining. At the center is a massive fire that has burned for centuries thanks to a natural gas fuel from deep within the mountain, and is the initial reason for the creation of the Keep. A council room for the Grand Master and his Praetors can be accessed through two great durasteel doors at the end of the hall.

    Common Areas: The common areas of the enclave are furnished with basic amenities capable of supporting about twenty inhabitants for at least two weeks’ time until a more reliable source of food is gained. There is a kitchen, a living area, recreational room, and a weightlifting room. There are also private rooms that branch out in wings that act as prayer chambers for isolated reflection. For meals, there are circular stone tables for the Chosen to eat at with their peers. Outside, for the particularly devout, is a high tower with an open top that one can meditate upon and be closer to the gods, should they so desire.

    Living Quarters: The living quarters are Spartan in nature and compartmentalized in order to maximize space. Designed for function over form, it has just enough room for one person per compartment, storage for their gear, and amenities for hygiene. They are unique to each of the Chosen and allow personalization to make it feel that much more like home. The only exception is for the Grand Master and his Inner Circle, who all have larger rooms due to their position within the Chosen.

    Supply Stores: The supply stores are located in a stone building outside the main keep itself. It contains the majority of the necessities to keep the place running. It has anything from the food stores, to weapon and armor rooms, to power generators dug into the mountain that can keep the keep running for up to two months at a time, though this is simple since Keldabe is not too far away.


    To provide the Chosen with a base write up once I form them, as well as allow other Mandalorian faction members access to a fortress on their home world. I am going to acquire it via plot, I just need the base write up to be approved before I can begin.
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