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Discussion in 'Unknown Regions and Wild Space' started by The Storyteller, Aug 12, 2019.

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    The Almighty Credit


    Because everyone loves a good ghost ship, am I right? Word has gotten to us from a reliable source that a ghost ship within a remote asteroid belt is being used as a depot for a pirate gang. Not even sure who they are, but that's besides the point, doesn't even matter. The point is, these pirates seem to be slightly smarter than the rest of their ilk.

    Instead of keeping their stolen goods, these pirates seem to trade or sell them immediately and converting their illegal gains into legal and untraceable credit chips... and a lot of it. In fact, it appears that amount of wealth on this ghost ship is small fortune. And since they're clearly not using it, it's only responsible that we take those credits off their hands... still attached, if need be.

    Minimal atmosphere, minimal light, minimal everything. The 8893 Danube, some kind of large hauler, had become one of many ships in a technological graveyard, just outside the orbit of a large asteroid within the field. Ordinarily, beneath anyone's notice. That is, until now.

    The mission is simple; infiltration and extraction. Get in, find the credit chips and get out. There's no telling if the pirates are actively guarding their wealth with boots on the ground, nor is there a guarantee of non-interference by other raiders that happened to have come across the information the same way we have. Time is of the essence.

    If the enemy is there, cut them down. Navigate the ghost ship and let nothing, let no one, stand in your way...