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    "Lets not talk about me. I'd rather hear about you."

    FULL NAME: Teos Barraca.
    AGE: 19.
    SPECIES: Human.
    HOMEWORLD: Corellia.
    THEME SONG: I Can Do Anything by 3OH!3.

    OCCUPATION: Shockball Player.
    LEVEL: 1.
    FORCE SENSITIVITY: Yes. (Unawakened)
    FACE CLAIM: Presley Gerber.

    6 ft.
    WEIGHT: 79 kg.
    SKIN COLOR: Tan.
    EYE COLOR: Cerulean.

    A player in the Corellian Shockball team called the Hounds, Teos is one of the more talented people on the roster. Beloved by a small sect of female fans who over inflate how important and influential he is because of his looks, Teos is none the less a somewhat controversial figure for teenage gossip columns on the Holonet.

    Character Information

    • Top Ten exes of Teos Barraca: Tips on how to hold onto the star player of the Corellian Hounds.

      Our baby Teos has not had the most stable relationship history. From his first girlfriend Victoria Aveglade to his most recent fling with model Pia Lee (pictured to the right), this handsome hunk of an athlete just can't seem to stay with one girl. At least, that's what everybody else is saying. My opinion? Teos just hasn't found the right girl yet and with these tips, you could be the right girl! Based on his exes and history, I'm going to tell you how to bag the nineteen year old Shockball superstar!

      Number Ten: Be good looking. Sorry to those of you who weren't blessed with perfect skin and symmetrical faces. Teos has shown that he's got a thing for girls who get just as many awe filled stares as he does. It's probably why plain looking Bailey Jakks only lasted two weeks. And who can blame him!? Both of his parents were absolutely stunning and Teos himself is the picture of Human beauty. You're either an 11/10, or you don't have a chance.

      Number Nine: Have Blonde Hair. Thats right, statistics have shown that Teos stays with girls who have blonde hair far longer than any other color. Dye jobs aside, Teos seems to have a particular interest in lighter blonde, almost platinum. Now we're not saying that Teos isn't interested in aliens who can't grow hair, but lets just say that we don't think you'll be holding onto the Hounds Hunk if that's the case. Just look at Pia Lee! She's stunning and she only got dinner and a one night stand!

      Number Eight: Have an interest in Shockball. Yup, if there's one thing that our boy loves more that walking around shirtless, it's Shockball. Which makes complete sense. He IS a star of the sport, so even basic knowledge is a must. Unfortunately, Alexis Bates didn't know the difference between Corellian Crush and Hutts Demand! How are you going to try dating our boy, but not know what version of Shockball that he's best at!?

      Number Seven: Be Female (Maybe). Now, this one is a little shaky. While statistics show that Teos has had an overwhelming interest in the Female gender, we can't ignore the fact that he was caught making out with his male teammate Richard Prix two months and fourteen days ago. Since the Hound's Hunk has chosen to remain silent on the pictures, we'll just continue to assume that the makeout was a drunken dare and that Teos is still very much interested in Females.

      Number Six: Don't ask about his parents. We all know by now what happened to the Barracas. Don't be like Twi'lek model Tayy Pyculla and bring it up in conversation.

      Number Five: Don't expect him to always have time for you. Our baby is busy. He's the star of the Corellian Hounds, so obviously he has a lot of things to do. Working out. Practicing. Participating in games. Meet and greets. The occasional photo shoot. Did we mention working out? Reports suggest that Teos broke things off with Victoria Aveglade because she started being clingy, so remember that Teos has a life and you are the one that is lucky to be a part of it.

      Number Four: Be prepared to attend various parties and social events. This one is pretty self explanatory, but it seems that one hit wonder Xanthia the Elite didn't get the memo.

      Number Three: Find a way to make him smile. It's no secret that since the Barraca Incident, Teos hasn't been as happy as he used to. Sure, he smiles when he does well during games and in photo's where he's aware that he's being snapped, but Teos rarely smiles outside of that. Be the person to bring happiness back into our baby's life. Unlike Leia Darling.

      Number Two: Acquire a taste for alcohol. Linked to the above point, Teos has become quite the party boy since the aforementioned Barraca Incident. Not that we blame him. Dorme Valliance seemed to take issue with it, and look what happened to her.

      Number One: Be yourself. Despite the fact that this list is a literal handbook on how to act like somebody else, Teos can smell a fake person a mile away. It's why his social circle has shrunk so significantly in recent years and why nobody will hear of Onika Beige ever again.

      Like this list? Subscribe to our Holomail list for more. Next week, we'll be looking into the life of Richard Prix to see if we can figure out what really happened that night two months and fourteen days ago.

    • SPEED:



















      Teos was born to play Shockball. He lives and breathes the sport, the walking, talking embodiment of a jock. The star player of the Corellian Hound's, he specializes in the more speed oriented variations of Hutt's Demand and Corellian Crush, being built himself for agility and speed. He is the type of player to play more to the crowd as well, having adopted a confident, almost arrogant, persona which his fans have come to adore. His good looks have also garnered him the affectionate nickname of 'Hound's Hunk'.

      Outside of Shockball, Teos is very similar. While not as arrogant, he exudes confidence and pursues everything he wants head on. He say's what he wants and doesn't shy away from the majority of his emotions. Because of this, he goes through women as quickly as he goes through games and has recently become known as a bit of a player. Teos has also. found solace in alcohol, and is also known to be the 'Party Boy of Shockball' among his relatively small fanbase.

      In private, Teos holds a series of negative emotions close to his chest. Since the Baccara Incident, which saw the unfortunate double suicide of his parents come to light, he has become more reckless and careless. This extends into a sort of inconsiderate attitude when it comes to other people, which is simply a defense mechanism as he hasn't properly dealt with the loss of his parents. He doesn't want to be hurt again, so cuts people off before he can.

    • Teos owns several different variations of a 'uniform' he has created for Shockball. He also owns the gear for standard Shockball and Corellian Crush. Outside of this, he owns various other things that people own and has a decent stack of credits due to his so far successful career.

    • The Career of Teos Barraca.
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    Catchy theme song. Also, your profiles may be a little unusual but they do sure make an enjoyable read.

    Like your celebrity icon character, can't say I know how you'll manage to role-play with Teos but, good luck!

    Tagging @Malon for approval as everything checks out on my end.
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    @Deviant I just wanna make profiles that fit with my characters lol. Obnoxious top ten blog list works for my boi. And I have plans for both my bois. Just need to get a feel for them first.
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