Tech Updates Round 2: Electric Boogalo

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    Hey everyone! It's been a little while, but I've finally completed some long awaited (and much needed) adjustments to the tech rules and some individual items. Be sure to read everything yourselves, but the gist of the changes are as follows:

    -Added Advanced Tech section to the rules, formalizing many adhoc rules and guidelines that have been in place, especially regarding tech plots and what counts as advanced tech.
    -Reduced standard damage and ammo capacity for repeater weapons in core tech rules. @AutoFox and I will start editing the individual weapon write ups personally, but if you know you have created one that doesn't comply with the new rules, feel free to help us out and fix it yourself.
    -Hyperdrive usage rules significantly changed. This prevents people from just using the hyperdrive as an instant "/exit thread", and allows for more tactical maneuvers in space battles.
    -Added "Air to Ground" sections for Ships and Vehicles, specifically addressing what weapons can and cannot be used against PCs in a pvp, and how they can be used for certain other situations.
    -Adjusted Pulse Wave Tech write up. These were OP and needed a significant nerf. Please read carefully, as all current Pulse Wave weapon usage will be held to this new standard. Despite the standard accepted international "no snitching" policy, I encourage you to rat out anyone you see using illegal equipment of any kind in a manner that would draw attention to them.
    -The Tri-Barrel Blaster has been changed to advanced tech, to better represent its strengths in comparison to other weapons now.
    -General cleanup/clarification of Tech Rules thread. Lots of little things that dont have a significant effect on how things are or have been, but might be a bit easier to read and understand now.

    I'll continue to make minor adjustments here and there in response to issues we notice, or to make up for rulings or balance issues - nothing is ever perfect- but I'll keep the site updated on anything major. As always, if you have a good idea fairy floating around, feel free to use the suggestions forum at the bottom of the main page, or if theres any questions or glaring errors regarding the above, you can ask about it or point it out here.
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