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 Taung Society and Culture

Discussion in 'Hutt Empire Archives' started by Brandon Rhea, Jul 15, 2009.

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    The Taungs
    Society and Culture


    An incredibly religious and xenophobic people, the Taungs see themselves as the only true species of the galaxy. This belief sees them regard other species as nothing more then genetic mutations. In their religion, they believe in an eternal struggle between two gods, the stagnant Sloth god Arasuum and the Destroyer god Kad Ha’rangir, which highlights the difference between stagnation and opportunity for change. Taungs believe this comes from destruction and war.

    They believe all Taungs who follow the basic sensibilities of life, which are to look after one's family and to fight and live one's life with with honor, they would transcend to the afterlife to join the army of the dead. In such an afterlife, they would live forever with their families in a permanent homestead. Mandalore, the Taung's leader, is seen as a living incarnation of the gods. It is believed that Mandalore has the power of the gods, and their will passes through him, guiding his actions. Yet, despite this, the Mandalore can be challenged, and is normally done so when his actions are seen to be channeling the power of the Stagnant Sloth God Arasuum.


    After their contact with the Hutts, the Taung's technology moved forward hundreds of years. Taung technology focuses primarily on power and durability. Taung technology may not be as advanced as Republic weapons, however it is incredibly hard to destroy, and works in most conditions. The durability of their technology is helped by the ancient metal that seems only to be found in the Mandalore sector.

    The Taung call it Beskar.

    The galaxy calls it Mandalorian iron.


    The Taungs regard themselves as masters of warfare. They mean this in regards to not having a set way of doing battle; no matter how they fight, they do so ferociously and with complete professionalism, yet they can adapt tactics to change with situations on the battlefield. From youth, they are taught nothing but war and how to fight, meaning all Taungs have an understanding of what is happening on the battlefield. This technique of upbringing means they can move up the chain of command whenever necessary.

    Taung lines never break.

    The only way to defeat them is to destroy them completely.
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