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    NAME:Taang Suhl
    FACTION: Imperial Republic
    RANK: Acoylit
    SPECIES: Echani
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Male
    LEVEL: 1

    Tall with pale skin and flowing white hair

    Like all Echani fighters Taang is is physically strong but focuses more on agility. Taang is all so well educated coming from a royal house hold and being a Force sensitive allowed him to be educated at the imperial collage. Like all Force sensitive Taang in strong willed

    Taang though a sith is more a man of art and beauty than death. Though one must not mistake his lack of aggression or seemingly calm emotion in battle for a lack in violence. Far from it it simple means when that when Taang kills he does not do it out of hate but out of the love of the art that is the dance of death.

    Born on Eshan the home world of the Echani people to one of the royal houses Taang had a easy child hood where he was able to learn the ways of his people, there art, dance and fighting style. It did not take long though for Taang to join the ranks of the sith. A title that would bring prestige to his family name and allow the young Echani to make a name for him self in the imperial at large.

    During his training Taang was a model student when it cam to the more physical aspect of the training. Haven had a head start in swordsmanship and martial arts meant that in lightsabre combat he was top of his class. Though this did not translat to the understanding of the force or the dark side. But it does not bother Taang who sees him self as a servant of the darkside not a master of it.

    After completing his time in learning the ways of the sith, the force and the dark side Taang spent some time learning more about the imperial military at the imperial collage. With a broader understanding of the empire he was to serve Taang was ready. Though a low level acoyit the young man was ready for what awaited.

    With the war erupting Taang sees a need to bolster the defense of the empire by striking quickly at here enimies the Mandaloran and the so called old empire that are unable to adjust to the new galactic order that the empire established

    Lightsaber/Swordsmanship: Taang as trained from a kid in the art of sword fighting and is good fighter focusing on a agile defense and quick strikes

    Force power: Taang is average to some what bellow average in some force powers but in enhancing his physical skills Taang is stronger

    Hand to Hand: Like all echani Warrior Taang is very good at hand to hand fighting.

    Marksmanship: Tang is trained is fire arms but he prefers the blade

    Piloting: Taang is more than able to hold his own against the average pilot but he is stronger on the ground

    Medical: trained in first aid

    Lighsabre red in blade
    A Echani Sword (phric coated blade)
    Sith blaster pistol
    Sith armor



    Crux star fighter




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