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 Organization Systech Corporation

Discussion in 'Databank' started by Ecclessey, Jul 11, 2018.

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    "Systech Corporation"
    a.k.a. The Quesh Exchange

    Systech Corporation was founded in 6897 BBY and signaled in a new era in criminal ventures. Seeming to be a legit law-abiding corporation to many worlds, including the Republic, that earned its credits through adrenal manufacturing, medicine research and non-lethal means of self defense, it was in fact a front to various criminal activities linked to the Hutt Cartel. It was one of the big players in the coaxium raids of 6897 BBY and its personnel consisted of suspects of various armed robberies, extortion attempts and acts of illegal smuggling.

    Despite its apparent large area of operations, spanning from Nar Shaddaa to Coruscant, the corporate headquarters or better yet the only corporate asset of Systech Corporation could be found on Quesh, where it operated a modest research facility. Personnel was exclusively based at this facility for long periods of time and while they were often seen going offworld for either research or security they seemed to gravitate to Quesh for R&R. Their comfort in living on Quesh showed as they all addressed the corporation's director with his first name, Davik.

    Years ago, before his rivalry with the Syndicate, Davik Lorso was on Alderaan to create corporate smokescreens to mask a growing spice trade and an idea formulated in his head. The Hutt Cartel did all its work right in the open, which forced them to create difficult money laundering schemes and corporate shells in order to operate outside of their own domain. That cost them many credits, which in Davik's mind was entirely too much. In the ensuing four years he walked around as a Vigo in the cartel, Davik refused to join in such open displays of criminal debauchery and instead lived on his Farsight Scout Ship on whatever planet had a large enough hangar or landing dock. Despite of his lack of assets compared to other Vigo's, Davik did do the work and on contract killed Supreme Mogul Gulla, Lorda Colimma and the Serenno War Council. His HoloNet banking account was getting larger and larger.

    That is, until the cartel's hunt for Coaxium and Isotope-5 made him think. What if he could organize a steady demand in goods there was always a want for and at the same time make the credits appear as legal as can be? After reading the book of Alderaan business man Ronnal Tumy the answer turned out to be extremely simple: Start a business on a world without oversight and produce a product that no one understands. Thus Systech Corporation was born and after acquiring a research facility on Quesh and using his own Farsight Scout Ship as collateral it was open for business in the summer of 6897 BBY.

    Director: Davik Lorso

    Head of Research: NPC
    Research Personnel: joinable

    Head of Security: NPC
    Security Personnel: joinable

    As it is currently a minor corporation in the grand scheme of things, Systech has no openings outside that of research and security personnel. The research department just happens to include acquisition and transport of various compounds, from coaxium and glitteryl to classical artwork. The security department is currently made up of Deucalian White Wolves on personal retainer and Hutt Cartel Basadi who have joined Davik's operation.

    1x Adrenal Synthesis Facility
    1x Farsight Scout Ship ('Catscratch')

    10x Research Personnel
    20x Security Personnel

    @Davik Lorso

    Research Personnel:
    @Hal Farstrider

    Security Personnel:
    @Cabba Orosii
    @Nora Alemanii

    Since it was time Davik started to live up to his namesake and his ongoing rivalry with more fleshed out cartel sub-factions left it in murky OOC waters as to what could be retaliated against. I plan to make this grow and perhaps, eventually, split off from the Hutt cartel. Note that it is not meant to grow into a large criminal empire, but rather exists to reflect the IC actions of its members and the acquired wealth. For example, if Davik earns 10 million credits in the Makeb event then the research facility will get a hangar attached and with another 10 million the facility will get updated to include member housing. Has it more than five [5] players as security personnel, then security features get upgraded. Likewise for the research department. In the end this will serve as a continued background for plots and hopefully the growing importance of corporations in the galaxy.

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    Hey @Ecclessey, per Section VI, subsection A.3, PC Organizations are required to have five (5) members signed-up/committed in character. Let me know when the count is good and I'll give this another look.
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    Please archive this submission. Thanks ;)