SWRP Timeline 5 Abridged Version

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    If you need any reviewers for this, I'll gladly take a spot. Sounds like great reading.
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    Damn. Awesome idea, Weiss. I'd love to read this, but I'll admit it sounds like a colossal effort to put this together >_>
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    Honestly cant wait to read it my friend :)
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    Working on Dark Hearts now. Dark Hearts is a long thread, and unlike some other threads, I don't plan to cut it down as much (minus taking out a couple characters like Silas (due to not really needed) and Fawn (cannibalism subplot unnecessary)).
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    Red Herring sounds pretty good and whatever help you need, I'm here for ya'.
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    Indeed. I have no illusions it'll be a cake walk. I just hope I can do the awesome characters like Andraste justice.
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    The Prologue for the Star Wars Legacies Abridged Version has been posted, found here. The prologue comes from a Sith mingling on Korriban that turned south quickly; the thread, Dark Hearts (aka Giant Sith Techno Party), can be found here. Originally 6 pages of posts on the site (or 35 pages on Word Document at 12 sized Times New Roman), I've condensed it to a single post (or 10 pages on Word Document). I've changed a few things. The individual who attacked Geist Weiss was not originally Montross Vandergruff, but another alchemist named Azool. To cut on characters, and to help explain why Montross later has a beef with Geist and Darth Vereor, I decided to give Montross the role Azool originally played. In the original thread on the site, Montross actually was trying to support Geist and end the violence. I also cut out the cannibalistic Fawn element from the story, deciding to end it right before her cannibalism, as it works out well. I also decided to retcon it being a few years in the past, to explain why people improved since then.

    In future entries, I plan to alternate between the POVs, but I felt Andelka served a good POV for the entire story, so I kept it only her POV.
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    Entry on FanFiction.net is up. You can find it here. Chapters 2 (timeline compendium) and 3 (Demon of Konstellan) will be posted next week.
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    I'm considering reviving this. I'd probably do more changes, such as removing more characters, switch some roles, etc. For example, the ousted GM will be Lecchamemnon rather than Beric to give his reminiscence during the final battle more meaningful. Bastele will have always been chief of state. Ebberla replaces Sebastian as Della's teacher. I'm considering taking out the Fel Conspiracy. And others.
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    You don't know how excited I was to see Vereor


    I liked it Weiss, keep up the awesome working when you can. I'd love to see a novelization based on the members actions in different threads. Battles should be fun, but difficult, to get down into a flowing prose form.
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    The timeline has a lot of rich lore and interesting plots. I've been tempted to make a novel series based off the adventures of Geist Weiss and others of the Third Galactic Civil War (titled Sleepless, to reference how Geist is seeking a dream of order that he'll never be able to reach), though due to copyright would have to create an entire new universe and lore, which could be interesting. Already have brainstormed thoughts on the matter (and tricky figuring out how to give credit to all the work everyone's done on the site).

    Vereor is an awesome character. In the novel series brainstorming I mentioned above, for alien species I'm planning to have not as many as SW has. Originally I wasn't gonna have any reptillian species, but Vereor sold me in putting on in my notes.
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    I've got a revived interest in it.
    My links! My precious links! All gone. Broken. I'll have to start the hunt again from scratch again.
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    All of this...this makes me wish I joined sooner and was a part of these stories.


    Better luck next timeline.
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    I just read all of this and it's amazing!!
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    Dark Hearts
    Operation Gothic Shield House of Representatives
    Trap at Lehon
    Seeds of Rebellion
    Rescue Me
    Love Honor Obey
    Hands of Healing
    Let the Pages Turn
    Trial by Fire
    A More Elegant Touch
    Fear and Worry
    The Witch and the Demon
    The Battle of Tanaab
    (Chiss-Mando conflict not mentioned)
    Slaying the Juggernaut
    Declaration of War
    The Emperor's Address
    Battle of Saleucami:
    -Final Genesis
    -Paradise Lost
    -Sundered Heavens
    -Lake of Fire
    To Cleanse Both Mind and Body
    Ackbar's Premonition
    Tears for the Future
    Forming Bonds within a New Order
    Facing Judgment
    Cradle of Fire
    Quest for Chora *
    A Message to What Isn't There
    Food for the Poor
    Azure Shadows
    Evacuation from Cyrillia
    Sword in the Stone
    Final Acts
    Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope
    Till Salvation Do Us Part
    Celebrations of Matrimony (needed?)
    Memories of Obi-Wan
    Mandalorian exodus/Civil War:
    -Back to the Streets
    -Hunters and Witches
    -Honor Against All Odds
    -Evacuation from Sith Space
    -Re'turcye Mhi, Manda'yaim
    -Evacuate First
    -No Man Left Behind
    -Come, the Conquerors
    -A New Beginning
    -The Challenge
    -My Fellow Mandalorians
    -Battle of Fenris
    --Ice Fields
    --Command Center
    --Mountain Fortress
    -Fate of the Clans
    -Looking back: OOC discussion mentioning fights on Zaddja, Gannaria, Codia, and Roon
    Journey to Tython
    A Talent Within
    The Education of the Rabbit
    Feeling Better Today
    Toughen Up
    Skirmish on Ossus:
    -Encounter on Ossus
    -Thaed vs. Ebberla
    All Fires Fade
    Rematch on Tanaab
    Soldiers in Arm
    Encore on Geonosis
    STROST Reminiscence
    Under Masks Are Truths
    Justice's Illusion
    King's Touch
    First Battle of Empress Teta:
    -Temple Entrance
    Epitaph of a Ghost
    Thy Kingdom Come
    Thaed taunts Ebberla:
    -There Is No Peace
    -Through My Passion is Borne My Strength
    -At the End of Change, Paths May Part
    The Days That Are No More
    Duel on Redemption
    Battle of Teth (needed?)
    Robinson Crusoe
    Mandalore Speaks
    Diplomacy Redux
    To Honor a Promise
    Master and Commander
    Meetings and Gifts
    The Road Back Home
    Low Voltage
    Impending the Divulgence of Resources
    Simple Meetings
    Back in the New Sith Groove
    Stare Into the Abyss
    My Dark Heart Will Go On
    Angels We Have Heard on High
    Crushing the Plighting Carnage
    Requiem of the Fallen Dynasty
    Three Sheets to the Wind
    Battle of Boonta
    Battle of Brentaal:
    -thread 1
    -thread 2
    -thread 3
    Evacuation of Anaxes
    Battle of Alsakan:
    -Legacies Collide
    -New Xenvaer
    -The Ark of Xenvaer
    -The Temple of Shalharra
    -Boarding #1
    -Boarding #2
    Battle of Tython:
    -Battle in the Ruins of Kaleth
    -Battle of the Jedi Temple
    -Battle in the Gnarls
    -Ebberla Daw vs. Arcturus
    -In Andraste's Shadow
    Skirmish on Empress Teta
    Song of Two Houses' Legacy
    A Return to Normalcy
    A Grim and Foreseeable Future
    Battle of Coruscant:
    -Battle for Centax-1
    -Clash in the Skies
    -Battle for Centax-2
    -A Monument to Their Sins
    -Level 1313
    -The Fall of Westport
    -GA Defense Force Command Center
    -There Is Another
    -Jedi Temple Main Gates
    -Jedi Temple Hangars
    -Jedi Temple Training Rooms
    -Jedi Temple Archive Mainframe
    -The Galactic Congress Hall
    -The Duel for the Soul of Coruscant
    Witnesses of Despair
    Last Full Measure
    Flight of the Fallen
    The Coming Storm
    As the Force Weeps
    Where the Chapter Ends

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