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    Preyt and Darren were in front of the door that would lead them to the feast hall, Darren and Oz had just freed the Trandoshan from his captors and killed a lot of Wookiees in the process, but the Trandoshan didn't have enough, he was hunting now, he was out for blood, he was out for revenge, those furballs would regret what they did, they were only two against a good amount of enemies because the droid had only been paid to rescue the Trandoshan and didn't need to go through that, but two would be enough, specially if those two were the Hutt's Dynamic Duo.

    "All right, thessse idiotsss are probably camping on the other ssside on the door, I will open it and you russsh inside while ssshooting everyone you sssee and finding your cover, you go firssst becaussse you are sssmaller, fassster and even if I hate to admit it, A better shot than me, I'll be right behind you, ssso don't worry, I've got your back" The lizard explained, letting out a smile while patting his friend's shoulder "Try to leave the chieftain to me, will ya? I really need to blow sssome sssteam off and the galaxy'sss fluffiessst punchbag ssshould do" He added, letting out a small chuckle "Ssso, on three!" He said, preparing his stolen rifle from the wookiee he killed before "One...two...three!"


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    "Shoot everyone you see?" Darren nodded "I like it." he continued, making his way toward the side of the door "Simple," he got out his pistols, and pointed at one at the lock "...easy to remember." he pulled the trigger, shooting a clean hole through the lock and pushing the door open, before poking his head around.

    ...and back into cover within milliseconds, as a hail of gunsfire came their way.

    Gesturing upwards, for speaking was no use over the fire, he got a grabble out, and slung it up onto the roof, climbing over the top and going in through the back door, wherein he saw their enemies still firing at the front one. Pouring himself a drink, he waited for the gunfire to stop and smiled.

    "Good evening gentlemen." he opened politely.