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  Mandalorians Sumas Kovox-Solus

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    NAME: Sumas Kovox-Solus
    FACTION: Mandalorians
    RANK: Supercommando
    Level: 2
    SPECIES: Zabrak
    AGE: 30 g.s.y
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 5'11"
    WEIGHT: 90kg

    Several horns protruding from his head. Traditional Iridonian tattoos on his face and over his body. Bright green eyes. Tall for his kind, muscular and well toned. Few minor scars over his body from both training and fights during his life. Shoulder length black hair that he decided to grow out over the years. Different style of facial tattoos he added himself to reflect his progress as a "man" and a Mandalorian.

    Having lived his life as a traditional Zabrak, he is extremely tough and resilient. He is strong, well built and rather imposing at times. But despite this he is quite quick and light on his feet. He is also quite fit and has stamina to spare.
    He is pretty smart thanks to a proper education and quite a decent military strategist, but he hides this intelligence behind his skills in front-line combat.
    He enjoys his drinks and a drug every now and then, but he doesn't constantly abuse them. Other than that his health is pretty good, despite the harsh upbringing he endured on Iridonia.
    Has the reflexes of a warrior and is known to react quite quickly to surprises.
    Ambidextrous thanks to the amounts of times he had a broken arm and needed to cope on his own.
    He is excellent with improvisation and very practical. He tries to find a use for anything and everything.

    A very easy going and seemingly carefree person with a sarcastic streak a mile long. He's not afraid to laugh and he can tolerate a person quite well before getting properly angry. He is a rather energetic personality despite looking to be quite lazy at times. He is quite good at improvising and can think quick on his feet, qualities that fit a Mandalorian quite well. While not holding honour in as high a regard, his loyalty is without question. He is also an exploring and adventurous person, not able to stay in one spot for too long. Another odd trait is his view on the Sith. He despises the force users after they conquered Iridonia, but he won't go out of his way to kill any and all to finish them. Though with his past he isn't afraid to commit a few crimes and slit a few throats, especially when there is a shiny reward on a Sith's lightsaber on the line.

    His more-than-a-handful personality comes at a cost, though. He is not a patient person and his brave streak can sometimes get him in neck-deep trouble. His typical Zabrak air of confidence sometimes stray very close to arrogance. He is also terrible at picking his fights which also gets him in way over his head. His Iridonian upbringing can also make him rather aggressive at times, especially in a fight where he can lose his cool quite easily if he's not careful. He is also prone to get carried away with things, a trait that sometimes gets dangerous when he is in charge of explosives.

    Sumas Kovox was born on Iridonia and grew up in a fairly typical Zabrak lifestyle. He received a decently formal education and grew up with traditional Iridonian martial arts as is typical for his kind. What wasn't typical was his adventurous streak. At a very young age he struggled to focus on his lessons and often wandered off in search of something only he would understand.

    At the age of 10, however, he was in way over his head. He wandered off as always, but this time he got out of the town's borders and ran off into the harsh Iridonian wilderness. The wind and terrain he could handle even at that age. What he couldn't handle was the animals that soon started to stalk him. Eventually he ran into an enormous predator that would have torn him to shreds...were it not for an unlikely saviour. A Mandalorian landed with his jetpack and went head to head with the beast, beating it with nothing but a Beskad and a wrist blade. This amazing display of skill and power imprinted an image on the boy's mind that the Mandalorians were some demigod super soldiers, a ridiculous image to have, but one that inspired him nonetheless. The warrior helped him get home and soon he was welcomed with a tanned hide and warm embrace from his parents. He never got the Mandalorian's name, but the red and black armour would stay with him for the rest of his days.

    Since that day he focused to complete his studies and training to the best of his abilities, determined to one day join the ranks of those warriors. When he came of age he took part in his people's rite of passage and was awarded with the tattoos of his people. From there he got onto a ship and decided to explore the galaxy. He learned to speak a plethora of languages, got into some rough crowds in places like Corellia, Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa, and developed an array of skills over the years.

    At the age of 20 he finally found himself on Mandalore, searching for the warriors with black and red armour. He quickly learned of their name and made it his mission to be enrolled into House Solus. It took some persistence and a few beat-downs, but in the end they gave him a chance to prove himself. He was tasked with a couple of challenges that were gruelling, but he succeeded thanks to his past experiences and skills. He was welcomed into clan Solus and quickly worked on learning about their culture. It was surprising to see how similar his kind was to the Mandalorian lifestyle, but the small differences was a bit tricky for him to accept.

    From there he set out again to explore the galaxy, only this time it was as a proud Mandalorian and powerful warrior. He kept working as a mercenary or bounty hunter and still got into some sketchy groups, but his loyalties were solidly anchored with his new family. And when the call is heard, he heed's it and dutifully picks up arms in the name of the Mand'alor.

    Training from a young age and a proper education has made him smart and formidable. He can handle himself with various types of melee weapons and he is lethal with martial arts. With blasters he is very accurate and prefers pistols, but he is also a very good shot with a rifle. A guilty pleasure of his is also watching things go boom, and as such he has learned how to handle explosives. He also did some training as a medic, but he is by no means proficient.

    His years of exploration and hanging with gangs have made him a decent pilot capable of handling himself, though he still has a bit to learn before being able to call himself an expert. He also learned how to repair engines and prefers to work on his vehicles himself, making him a decent handyman. But sometimes he does need proper qualified help to fix something up.

    On Iridonia he learned of armour, weapons, explosives, and various other ways of killing things. As such he can do maintenance on his own gear and even craft it if he has the available parts. He also focused to develop these skills when he became a Mandalorian in order to design his own armour to a perfect standard in his eyes.


    CZ MSBR (reskin) (acquired here) | 2 extra mags sold

    E-33 Blaster Carbine | 2 extra mags (backup - will specify)
    WL-29 Long Blaster | 2 extra mags (when needed for long range - will specify)

    1x AC-27 rifle (Earned here) | 2 extra mags
    2x "Strill" Blaster Pistols | 2 extra mags each
    1xQuickdraw blaster pistol (Acquired here/hidden behind jetpack) | 3 extra mags
    1x Grappling gun
    Personal Beskar'gam
    1 pair of Shock boxing gloves, illegally modified to have the limiters removed.
    2x frag grenades
    2x smoke grenades
    2x CZ riot gas grenades
    2x Rev-all shots
    2x K.O Squares

    1x commlink
    1x Datapad
    1x NV5 Personav
    1x Oxidiser
    1x Port Scanner
    few Kilos of Welding putt he brings along if needed.

    One crimson crossguard lightsaber he acquired off a Sith in a firefight.

    Plot Related:
    1.Semi-wrongfully Accused(Dice Thread): Completed | Successful
    2.Trip to the market: Completed | Successful

    Personal/Story Related:
    1.Battle of Mandalore: Outskirts of Keldabe: Completed
    2.How's it hanging?: Completed
    3.Mood Boost: Completed
    4.Maintenance: Completed

    Missions/Faction Related:
    1.Heads on a Swivel: Completed | Successful
    2.Friendly competition: Completed | Successful
    3.Incompetent competition: Completed | Successful
    4.The riff raff: Completed | Successful
    5.It's my kitchen now: Completed | Successful
    6.Just like in the movies: Completed | Successful
    7.Troglodytes: Completed | Successful
    8.Twice the fun: Completed | Successful
    9.Fuelling Dissent(PvP): Completed | Successful
    10.Gran Finale: Completed | Successful
    11.Crystalline Chaos(PvP): Completed | Successful
    12.Oddly Familiar(dice): Completed | Successful

    -- The Content Below is Optional, but Encouraged!--

    Eva Stark: The Deucalian helped him to get out of his cell aboard a Gorath-Janteel Galleon. They escaped together aboard a ship what will be known eventually as the Meteor.

    Koil Solus: Alor of clan Solus. Sumas helped him out on a couple of missions and is thoroughly convinced that the War Councilor wants to shoot him.

    Skylar Rook: A Shistavanen mechanic belonging to clan Rook that he met on a mission. After trying to cheer the depressed Mandalorian up, Sumas and Skylar ended up developing feelings for each other. After a while, they confessed their feelings for each other.

    XR-1200fp light freighter
    The Meteor (Earned here)
    -(has an extra pilot he hired to serve as a co-pilot on either of his ships depending on the situation or mission)
    DSD-90 Starshear with all the bells and whistles.(Kept on board the Meteor)


    Does your character have any pets? If so, what are they?

    Post the names of the PC characters (characters role-played by real people) that your character has killed. If possible, include a link to the thread in which your character killed him/her.

    Has your characters been in any matches in the Dueling Ring or participated in a PvP, be it a Main Faction battle, a duel, or a skirmish? If so, post the names of those he/she has fought and include a link to the fight. Also be sure to specify who won the match.



    6 October 2019 updates:
    Updated ship, added the Meteor
    Updated gear. Added MSBR, laser sight attachment, datapad, comlink, Personav, Welding putt, Rev-all and Port Scanner.
    Updated Beskar'gam, added Jetpack to functions
    Updated relationships, added Koil and Eva.
    Updated roleplay list

    11 November 2019 updates
    -updated rank to Supercommando
    -updated level to 2

    26 November 2019 updates
    -updated roleplay list
    -updated gear, added Quickdraw, riot gas and removed CZ MSBR

    1 December 2019 updates
    -updated FC
    -updated appearance
    -updated age
    -updated roleplay list
    -updated weight

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