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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Darasaurus, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Stuka Cheskar
    Medical personel

    Hutt Cartel

    universal antivenom
    25 ml vial

    Secret recipe of herbs
    synthetic medication


    When someone thinks of the drug labs the think of spice, clear tubes and bottles with bubbling mutlicolored liquids in the back of some recreational hover truck. However it would surprise many to know that the Hutt Cartel, known for actually being responsible for that visual, also have a legitimate stake in welfare and medical supplies for the galaxy.

    This started when a paranoid Hutt named Zoonda was afraid of getting poisoned by her rivals. She ordered the labs at her disposal to allow her to have an detoxifying substance in the event she realized she had been poisoned. This substance was kept as a personal creation for some time in her family until later the successor of that Hutt came into power named Braggo. Braggo took over and enjoyed hunting dangerous game. Many of his favorite hunting grounds were in tropical areas where the animals were poisonous and so he began using the substance in the event he got injured while on safari. His own son, Brunna enjoyed partying quite a bit and ended up using the substance as an easy out when he drank too much or consumed multiple drugs. When the Braggo eventually passed the son saw the marketing opportunities for the medical substance and began manufacturing on a large scale.

    The ability of Stuka Cheskar ("death cheater" in huttese) is that when consumed it cleanses the user of any existing toxins and poisons in the body at that time making them no longer harmful the body. Once consumed the Stuka Cheskar also stops being effective in a few seconds. For this reason if up against a threat where poisoning is a continual risk then the user must have multiple doses to consume after each time they are reintroduced to the toxin.

    It is known for being very dark and extremely bitter and unappetizing when consumed orally. Having it injected tends to be far from pleasant and is said to feel like someone is stabbing several needles into one point at once though it does not leave any long lasting after taste that the drunk version does. But with the results it presents it cannot be disregarded. It must be kept in a protected and sealed container. Air contaminants or introduction to other solutions causes the Stuka Cheskar to 'activate' and then in turn lose its affect for future use. For this reason the substance is kept in air tight containers, often refrigerated and monitored closely.

    Stuka Cheskar stops all affects of existing consumables and can prevent the following side affects that might have caused. It is popular among rich kids to go out binge drinking to the point they are bordering on alcohol poisoning though more often than not they fail to properly take the Stuka Cheskar and end up hungover or worse. Before they reach that point they take some Stuka Cheskar and escape the affects of a hangover. However if one were to wait until the hangover and then take the medicine it will have little affect since the damage was already done and nothing but time and healing will help. Stuka Cheskar is a premptive measure before the damaging affects of a toxic substance takes hold and not a cure-all after the damage has been done.


    A highly valued protective item that can save someone's life. A good defense is a good offense so if someone is at risk of getting poisoned, too drugged up or something there's this.

    Yes. This is a high price and valued item. Finding it cheaper means that someone in the Hutt Cartel is probably skimming or maybe you're trying to steal from the Cartel directly. Both are very risky. As a result this is requires a two thread tech plot to acquire one dosage with replenishing supply.
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