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 Story OOC Rules

Discussion in 'Role-Play OOC Archives' started by Brandon Rhea, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Story OOC Board Rules

    The following are the rules and guidelines of the Story OOC Board. It’s not much, but we mostly ask that you follow these rules and respect your fellow members as well as the staff of TheStarWarsRP.Com. These guidelines will make your time on this site more enjoyable, so for the sake of all of us please try to abide by them. If you feel that we should add or remove a certain rule, please contact an staff member and we will discuss it in private.
    1) You are only to discuss RPs that pertain to the Story section.

    2) Under no condition should you be spamming this board or any other part of the site. There is a built in anti-spam feature that doesn’t allow you to keep posting every few seconds, but that does not work when it comes to creating new topics. So, please, don’t waste space by spamming.

    3) There shall be no abusive behavior and/or flaming (aka, insulting someone). Unless it’s in good fun and people know it’s in good fun there shall be no name calling.
    Example of “In Good Fun”: You’re an idiot, buddy. :D

    4) Please do not post messages saying “I’m back” or “I’m going away” or anything of the sort in the this board. Please keep all personal notifications in Personal Notifications and please read the information about when posting a personal notification is and isn’t appropriate here.

    5) Do not bump old topics. If a topic is more than two weeks old it should not be bumped. If you wish for a topic to be bumped, please contact a staff member and ask if they can do it for you per their discretion.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask any Staff Member. We thank you for your cooperation.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.