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Discussion in 'The Star Wars Saga' started by Lloyd Gross, Jan 27, 2019.

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    As someone who grew up reading Star Wars books and comics it was sad to see some of it go when Disney axed the EU. The new movies seem to either be hits or flops with most people.

    So has anyone else developed their own head canon from the old EU and new stuff? Anything new you don’t accept or old you won’t let go of?

    My head canon is the prequels, originals, Rogue 1, the Vader and Star Wars comics, Thrawn trilogy, and legacy of the force series. ((That last one will probably get me some hate)) Everything else I pretend doesn’t exist.
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    same, i am into the origionals, the clone wars. I feel Starwars should stick to making more movies with the original concept of the Rebel alliance and the Galactic Empire. It's more fun and real, so to speak.