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    The Star Wars RP
    Administrators, Moderators & Faction Leaders


    The Star Wars RP administrators, moderators and faction leaders are here to guide the thousands of members and role-players who have taken part in The Star Wars RP experience since the site was founded in 2005. The staff is a dedicated group of administrators who work to help provide the best role-playing experience possible. They are great people to turn to if you need help on the site.

    Administrators and moderators have a variety of roles that they perform on the site. Below are the specific roles as well as a description of what those roles entail.
    • Sreeya and Malon are the site owners and managers. They oversee the staff that manages the site and are in charge of facilitating staff discussions and decision-making. They also oversee story progression and plot approval on the site. They will discuss story ideas with other administrators and faction leaders in order to world build for the site's members. Questions or story suggestions should be directed to them. The owners are the point of contact for ideas and questions about submissions. At times Brandon Rhea serves in an advisory role for the staff.
    • Phoenix is the PvP Administrator. He oversees dispute resolutions in the Role-Playing boards and makes rulings on threads, though all admins may perform these tasks as well. As the PvP Administrator, he is the main point of contact for post disputes and RPing rules questions; rulings made by the administrators are final and members are encouraged to solve disputes before calling in an admin to assist.
      • GABA serves as a PVP moderator. She helps PvP Administrators in dispute resolutions in the Role-Playing boards and makes rulings on threads.
    • Dread is the Community Administrator. She focuses on the creation of the monthly SWRP Newsletter and maintaining the health of the site's community. Whenever she has the time, she will welcome new members to the site and help them get acclimated. At times she will also review and approve character profiles or help Aberforth in his technical role.
    • Loco is the RP Tech Administrator. He is responsible for keeping an eye on the Technology board by reviewing all submissions for approval. He also reviews content submitted by Main Factions and conducts content reviews in order to provide balance within the battle portions of the forum. Clayton may also review rules for generic tech and new tech submissions. The Tech Admin reserves the right to make rulings on Tech usage and interactions in PvP, and works closely with the RP Admins on rulings.
      • AutoFox serves as a moderator in the Technology submission forums. He approves new tech submissions (or archives them) and helps Loco police the generitech boards.
    • Nefieslab is the Plot Administrator. He's in charge of managing the Plot boards and approving and denying plots. He also creates and manages events to push the main story forward and guide it's overall direction. He coordinate with several other roles that effect the story to ensure that everything is moving forward.
      • Raydo, Darasuum and Painus serve as moderators in the Plot boards. They approve and deny plots and DM site events or staff controlled NPCs.
    • Arclight and Logan are the Lore Administrators. They're in charge of overseeing content submissions in the Planets, Species and Lore boards by reviewing and approving or archiving them. They may give critiques on submissions.
    • Aberforth and Shawn are the Technical Administrators. They are in charge of the technical side of the website and oversees the server, maintains the forum, and keeps our database clean and safe. They will often introduce new features to the site and make backend changes to improve performance.

    Faction Leaders are in charge of their respective factions both Out Of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC). Besides leading their factions, they have a variety of duties that they perform on the site, including approving character rank ups, creating events and mission packs for their factions and more. Below are the specific Faction Leader roles and the members who fill them.
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