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    One of the highest tier black market items available, the "Spoofer" is a black hat slicing tool that is used to replicate or clone a data set and then mimic its action and behavior based on the code it has copied. For example, it can take a carbon copy of an identification tag, or digital credit chit, and then fool a scanner or system into thinking it is genuine. It does this through a complex set of microchips and code, which is used to copy the required information for the clone from the base source, and then project back onto a sensor.

    Due to the rarity of such an item, and that fact it can only really be used to steal from, impersonate or defraud an individual or organization, it is illegal in almost every star system, with sentences varying greatly for its possession and use. Due to the complexity of the system, which can fit into the palm of a hand or into wallet with ease, it can only be identified by those trained to spot one (as many times they are hidden as other objects, like memory banks or business cards) and furthermore cannot be made by your average slicer.

    This device can only be manufactured by level three, specialized slicer characters or NPCs (with admin approval). They can only be purchased on the black market, and only used by those with slicer knowledge. It would take one posting round to replicate a basic data-set (for example, a credit chit, or unsecured ID document) and a minimum of two posting rounds to replicate a more complex one (like a military ID tag).

    Illegal. Very, very, very illegal. Possession of one is a serious offense within the Empire, and on many other worlds besides.

    To create a weapon in the arsenal of a slicer character, intended to help them to gain access to hard to get into areas, and as a product/service for them to sell to another PC. It is intended to be used as a spy gadget, one that is hard to find, hard to use, but effective if used correctly.

    Yes. These devices are not easy to find, nor are they easy to make. To create or otherwise acquire one requires 3+ threads.

    Special thanks to @Nor'baal for the original submission.
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