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    Just his luck.

    As the siren of his nav computer blared, Petr looked out into the ship before him. While heading back home he had managed to run into a gang of space pirates on their way to terrorize a small group of independent asteroid miners. He slowed his approach and came in closer to the mining colony. Small explosions erupted as large clusters of industrial junk was sent shooting off into space.
    As quietly as he could, Petr landed on the opposite side of the rock. There weren't too many pirates, but there were enough to create a sizable challenge for the young force sensitive. Petr lept from his star ship and began to sneak toward a large shipping grate. It was too small to stand in, but large enough for large pieces of mineral to be sent across the building in. The zabrak pulled the grate off the wall with the force and stepped inside, closing it behind him. He walked slowly to find where the action was happening.

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    ”If they do show up, I have two little ladies who love to sing.” a confident Devaronian said with an obnoxious smirk hanging off the side of his mouth, his entire body keeping balance on the hind legs of a metal chair. A small chorus of chuckles from the other three guards around the table did their best to keep the spirit of the confidence alive. A couple of shot glasses littered the table, while the Sephi defense force member laid on a bunk across the other side of the guard’s living quarters.

    A team of twelve or so defense members had been sent from Eriadu along with six starfighters to help boost the defenses of this small colony of space miners that provided ore for the Eriadu shipyards. While not an extravagant show of force, it doubled the colony’s fighting numbers, as well as eased the miner’s mind when it came to their safety. Should the pirates attack, the best the group could hope for was to hold the pirates back enough for reinforcements from Eriadu to arrive and send them off. The Sephi laying down on the bed knew that. The men getting stupidly drunk knew that. And deep down inside, the colony knew that too.

    What no one knew however was that the pirates were well prepared for this day. An explosion went off in the hallway of the guard’s living quarters sending the group by the table flying as well as surprising the hell out of the Sephi guard. She reached for the blaster pistol that was at her hip and got up to see the group of guards scrambling to get up. All except the Devoronian who now wore the chair he was on as a hat and protective tent. ”Get him up and tell his lady friends to get to work.” she instructed to the guard’s as she pulled him out from under the chair and into the other guards.

    Rushing out through the hole in the wall, she could see the red blaster bolts incoming from her right, no doubt from the invaders, as she got out to let out a rain of blaster bolts as she slid across the hallway to a human defense officer barricaded behind a wall opening. ”Director Grisham went to check on the control center, all of a sudden the doors into it are locked, and no one is responding. Now this, the pirates are going to be here any—“ speak of the devils name and they’ll appear.

    In a sudden blitz the ships appeared from hyperspace. A haphazardly built vessel that meshed up various other types, some looking Mandalorian and square, others Mon Calamari and round, while various other attachments made it look creepily held together. It was clear these pirates were stealing from shipbuilders and simply patching their ships up. Crude, basic but extremely unknown of their capabilities. The Sephi saw the giant carrier ship appear out of hyperspace as ten fighters all flew from the carrier’s chest cavity of a hangar as they launched a quick attack on the colony.

    The forces inside scrambled to their defensive groups as their awaited the pirates surely to land on the colony soon. The Sephi herself took the lead to the hangar to be the first line of defense from the alien attackers.

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