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 Sith Order Sota Kriger

Discussion in 'Approved Character Profiles' started by Gian Greydragon, Feb 27, 2019.

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    Sota Kriger, Exile of Clan Wardruna



    Sota was born among Clan Warduna, in their enclave on Bandomeer,where he grew up among his people, unafflicted by the assimilation of most of the Deucalian Clans. His clan did have ties to Clan Rau, and his father even remarried a Rau bride, after the death of Sota's mother, during the birth of his youngest sister, Svana. He was thirteen when they moved to Concord Dawn, taking up residence in the Rau's plot of farmland, in a small farmhouse owned by his new wife's family. That, however was short-lived when they discovered his Force Sensitivity. Knowing the stigma, Sota fled, with one of his Mandalorian uncle's ships to Wild Space, with his knowledge of hunting and tracking to live off the land as best he could.

    A year went by, and he had assumed his family thought him dead. He was shortly tracked down by a Sith Crusader and taken in, to be inducted to the Sith Academy on Korriban. He had a hard time fitting in at first, but he soon assimilated, feeding on the feeling of resentment for his family's hatred for the Force, and those who can use it. Now, age 23, Sota is a full-fledged Sith Acolyte, and seeks to prove his point to the Mandalorians and Deucalians that the Force is a weapon far greater than anything made of steel.

    Personality and Appearance

    Standing at a solid 6' even, Sota is not a small individual. His red locks are typically braided into a Deucalian Mohawk as well as his beard being double braided. He is of an average athletic build, and does not outwardly look like one anyone would mess with, with the amount of scars on his face and neck, and well as his hands an arms.

    Sota is your typical strong, silent type. He doesn't often speak unless directly spoken to, preferring action rather than discussion. He is a ruthless fighter, and will not go lightly on those who threaten his adopted family within the Old Empire. Deceptively cunning, and shrewd, Sota is deliberate in the defense of his people. What he lacks in words, he makes up for in carefully thought out actions. Diplomatically, he will study the body language of his target, and makes judgment calls based on that. He is fiercely loyal to the whole of the Old Empire, but to individual Sith, he does not trust any one of them to take his best interest into account. He, as well, is a dubious individual, in that he'll kill or otherwise sabotage competition to further himself.

    Skills and Gear

    The Force - Sota is a studied hand in offensive and defensive applications of Telekinesis and physical augmentation. He is consistent in his study of elemental Energy Manipulation with the burns on his hands an arms to prove it, though these skills are not refined enough for him to consider using them in combat. as he is still a budding Acolyte.

    Melee Combat - Being raised in Deucalian and Mandalorian culture, he is a very competent duelist, taking preference over his Saberstaff, or his Elduröxi, but his knowledge of the Force far surpasses his capabilities in melee, at this stage in his career as a Sith. He is fairly versed in Djem So, and Shien favoring it's defensive and counter offensive focus, as well as Shien's blaster defense.

    Marksmanship - While capable with a Blaster Pistol, he is not fond of them, keeping one on his person solely as a last ditch weapon. He is lethal with a blaster pistol in close and mid-range, but typically off-hands a pistol when using his Deucalian Axe.


    Saberstaff - Dual-phase blades - Crimson Red Blades
    Single-Bladed Elduröxi
    Pugio Blaster Pistol
    Kastaoxi (throwing axes) - x3
    Three Fragmentation Grenades

    Sith Battle Robes

    Nightshade-Class Pinnance


    Anarchy in the U(B)K — Sota catches wind of a Mandalorian attack in a city on the Independent world of Ubrikkia. [LINK] ● OPEN/PVP - Ongoing
    Kick the When They're Down — Sota aided in fighting off Mandalorian aggressors to the Academy on Korriban [LINK] ● Closed - Sith Victory
    Bar Thread — Sota cuts loose and has a few drinks with some other Acolytes and an Agent [LINK] ● Ongoing
    TITLE — Short description [LINK] ● (thread status)
    TITLE — Short description [LINK] ● (thread status)
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