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    General information​



    508 ABC

    Yavin IV

    Darth Kados

    Political information​


    Sith Empire

    Physical specifications​



    3 x 1200 x 1200 x 1300 meters

    Durasteel, duracrete, granite, stone, other materials

    Lore information​


    Site lore


    Sith Temple on

    Yavin IV​

    "Wonoksh Qyâsik nun."
    —Inscription carved above the main entrance of the first building

    The great Sith temple of Yavin IV was a series of 3 buildings all interconnected to create an Imperial fortress, temple to the Dark Side, outpost and academy built on Yavin IV during the Fires of the Rebellion Era. It was built right over a force nexus on the planet, over the ruins of a Massassi village that was built close to the Nexus. The Massassi inhabitants were all enslaved and used as the labour force to build the temple due to their low intelligence and immense physical power. None survived after the construction.

    2. Intent


    The temple was built several months after the fall of Korriban. The project was led by the Pureblood Sith Lord, Darth Kados, in an effort to set up a base of operations for the Sith Empire as well as a fortress to both keep an eye on the Mandalorian threat as well as launch a counter offensive to retake Korriban. Meant to be a secondary base, it was built to rival the glory of the great temple on Korriban. Even the architecture is very similar to pay homage to the ancient homeworld's temple.

    The temple is split up in 3 seperate buildings, with all of them being unique, yet uniform. Each building has enormous hangars to house dozens of starfighters for defence as well as the ships Sith might use in their travels and missions. Around the three buildings are enormous spaces meant for large freighters and small capital ships to touch down.

    • [​IMG]

      The exterior of the first building.
    • [​IMG]

      One of the temple's hangar spaces
    • [​IMG]

      Great library
    • [​IMG]

      "Jungle Fever", the local bar and hangout
    Having been designed with the primary role of serving as a fortress, the buildings are built as just that. The walls are several feet thick to withstand bombardment. Point-defence and anti-aircraft emplacements are located all over and the hangars house dozens of not hundreds of starfighters to counter an enemy invasion.

    The first building is built as the military base. Here the biggest stockpile of weapons, vehicles and provisions are located. This is the place to be for engineers and soldiers. With its state-of-the-art workshops, combat training areas, briefing and war rooms, medical facilities and high-powered monitor systems, this is the primary building that serves as a defence against enemy attacks. A significant part of the defence force lives in this building.

    The second building is more oriented for Sith in mind. The academy is built in this building to train new generations of Sith. This building also houses an enormous library rivalling the one found on Korriban. Here Sith can learn about history, legends, forbidden knowledge and everything in between. Several droids are found here to aid in locating specific items, saving Sith students the trouble of browsing thousands of items to look for one book.

    The third building is the communal building. This building houses the personal quarters of every occupant. With basic rooms reserved for low ranking members all the way up to large, luxurious rooms reserved for the Sith Empire's leadership. This is also where the local bar is located, which caters to almost any race and species found within the Empire. This building's hangar space is usually reserved for the personal craft used by the individuals living and visiting the temple. All in all, the temple has room thousands of individuals. across all three buildings, though the largest portion is located here.

    While it might seem like the buildings are the only part of the temple, they are all connected underground with even more space to house all the items. Transport is made easy between a series of tram systems and turbolifts that can carry individuals anywhere along the temple buildings and grounds within less than a minute. There are also numerous passages meant for use when the transport systems are disabled somehow, so cutting off one building from another is no easy task.

    Along with the reinforced safety passages, the temple has several backup systems and generators in case a system is lost. There is also a maintenance and safety team that keeps the place in working condition.


    To create a write up for the famous Temple of Yavin IV and introduce it into the site's canon. This also serves as the write up for the temple built in a plot. Thanks @vamp for the code I'm hijacking ;)
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