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      Sith Purebloods, the result of breeding between human Dark Jedi and the ancient Sith species, are a warrior race native to the planet of Korriban. Slowly over the course of centuries of breeding and populating the ancient Sith were slowly worked out and the Sith Purebloods have taken their place. Easily recognizable by their glowing golden eyes, red skin, protrusions and spurs all over their face and body, and ludicrously tall stature, they are a typical image of what people imagine as the embodiment of the Sith and Sith Empire. Probably their most unique feature is the fact that almost the entire race is Force-sensitive(with a natural affinity to the Dark Side) as well as being primarily left handed, a trait that gave way to their unique weapon, the Sith Lanvarok. Their connection to the Dark Side is so strong, that it is said they have a symbiotic relationship with it where they fuel its influence and in turn feed off it and grow stronger.

      Originally natives of Korriban, but when they started evolving and breeding, several colonies migrated to other planets including the other 4 Sith worlds (Ziost, Moraband, Malachor and Dromund Kaas) as well as a few offshoot tribes finding their way on some obscure planets. They are a race of proud warriors, aggressive and ambitious by nature. Their lifespan generally exceeds that of average humans by centuries, though generally they don't live past 100 years due to them constantly waging war either against a common enemy or against each other.

      Their way of life is still considered primitive by many, not surprising given their aggressive nature and constant yearning for war. This natural aggression is what made them so useful to the Sith Empire in the beginning, because the Dark Jedi pretty much had an enormous Force sensitive army at the ready with very skilled and imposing warriors.Centuries of breeding has pretty much weeded out unnecessary traits and modern technology and civilization has turned this race into the perfect specimen for the Sith Empire, making up a significant chunk of the imperial war machine even to this day. They follow those who they see as strong and worth following...and they shun weakness, sometimes challenging and punishing those they consider weak or beneath them harshly.

      A Sith Pureblood family.

      Considered to be natural predators, their behaviour reflects that at times even to this day. With their sharp teeth and pointy tongue, sharp boney nails, and reflective golden eyes which allows them to see quite well even at night. Their skin is also naturally red, with hues ranging from maroon all the way up to very dark pink. They also naturally have very dark hair ranging from black all the way through to very dark red. It should be noted that the only place where they grow hair is on their head. Facial hair or any other hair is generally seen as extreme dilution and impurity of their bloodline and is shunned among Purebloods.

      A noticeable trait is the bony spurs over some areas of their bodies, like the chest, neck, elbows, and protrusions commonly found on their chins. Another common finding is dangling tendrils that twitch, curl and move to convey emotions felt by the Pureblood.

      Purebloods are on average much taller and heavier than typical humans, with average heights reaching 2 meters for males and 1.8 meters for females. Weight is also much higher on average as well, with averages of 140kg for males and 120kg for females. This significant height is most likely left over from the ancient Sith of old, more specifically the powerful Massassi sub-species that reached heights like that and even higher.

      Their ludicrous weight stems from their very unique biology. Their muscle and bone structure has a density of almost double that of a human being. This immense muscle and bone density makes them much more resilient and significantly stronger compared to humans without too much of a decrease in speed, although agility takes a bit of a dive for them. Coupled with the common ability to amplify their strength and speed by use of the Force, they can easily keep up with the likes of Trandoshans and possibly even Wookiees.

      Purebloods have impressive lifespans, reaching 500 years and possibly even longer depending on the circumstances. A pureblood is considered an adult between the ages of 20 and 250, and "middle aged" between 250 and 400. They are considered "elders" after 400 years. There are a few rare examples of Purebloods this old on Korriban and Ziost, and they are highly respected for their age and the wisdom they have accumulated through the centuries. Other than that, they age pretty much the same as humans, going through puberty at around the same age and developing pretty much the same.

      As mentioned before, pretty much the entire race is considered Force Sensitive with a natural affinity to the Dark Side of the Force. Naturally there are some Sith that are not Force Sensitive, but getting solid numbers is very difficult. Typically a non-Force Sensitive Sith is usually shunned, ostracised, and most of the time even "discarded" to retain the pride and honour of the family and race overall. In a few very rare cases one of or both parents managed to save the child and spare their life, but these families are most likely banished and branded as dishonoured exiles.


      Pureblood procreate in the conventional manner, with litters of about the same number as humans. Just like humans they also have a rare chance for twins. A fascinating feature, however, is that the fertility rate of Purebloods are much higher than that of a human. Both males and females have evolved to have the highest chance possible of conceiving a child. This evolution probably stems from their warrior-like society and high casualty rate requiring more children to "fuel their armies".


      As mentioned before, Purebloods are very resilient with very high bone and muscle density. This gives them a raw strength much higher than humans, rivalling some of the strongest beings in the galaxy. Their hard, sharp nails and sharp teeth also provide natural weapons to use, while the bony spurs also provide extra density over certain spots like the elbow, heart and throat. This was most likely meant to be a natural armour millennia ago, but against Sith Blades, vibroblades and other modern weapons they are meaningless. Thought they'll still hurt when used for impact against an enemy's face or other areas.

      They also have excellent night vision thanks to their glowing golden eyes. Their immune system is also very strong, making them quite adaptable for new planets or environments. One neat feature is their inability to taste hot spices, which generally causes them to go overboard with hot seasoning in their food.


      With such a high muscle and bone density as well as a powerful immune system comes a plethora of problems. For one, their agility falls short unless the Pureblood is smaller and lighter than average(these are generally considered "runts"). They also are unable to swim, simply being too heavy to stay afloat. Purebloods have a natural fear for water thanks to this, even in "runts" despite the fact that they can swim just fine.

      Their density and enormous bodies also burn through energy very quickly. So the daily food intake is tremendous, usually what humans would consider as very unhealthy or dangerous. Their bodies also have trouble keeping up with their advanced age, with teeth going dull and muscle density dropping significantly as they reach into their advanced years.


      Just like humans, Purebloods are omnivorous, though they have a strong taste for meat, which makes up a very large portion of their daily intake. They also have a tendency towards cannibalism, sometimes feasting on the flesh of fallen enemies or drinking their blood. This also gave way to a barbaric traditional dish known as "blood soup" which has somewhat of an acquired taste to it and is rarely liked outside of Pureblood communities.

      Their food are generally also boiled and soft, most likely to preserve their teeth's edge to use them for longer. Their food is also very spicy and hot, often times too hot for humans to enjoy comfortably.


      Purebloods are naturally ambitious, proud and very aggressive with a strong yearning for war. Despite this they can be kind towards their own and they have a sense of honour to them to some degree. They have a strong sense of hierarchy and authority, often summing people up and identifying their worth. They can also get rather judgemental and difficult to keep in line when in the presence of someone who they see as weak or hasn't earned their respect. Their natural aggression makes them very good warriors. Though it can be problematic when they don't have a common enemy. Infighting and warring between tribes are quite common on the planets they reside on.

      Extremely intelligent, though it might not seem like it when looking at their tribal lifestyle. They are cunning and have a natural knowledge of the Dark Side. They also mastered the art of using it as a type of witchcraft, giving birth to the very powerful and dangerous art of "Sith Alchemy".

      A Pureblood Sith Lord draining the life of a Jedi enemy

      As stated previously, Purebloods are a warrior species. Many might say that it's what they are born and bred for, and given their natural tendency for war and culture one might be hard-pressed to disagree.

      Their society is generally a patriarchy, though females are viewed pretty much as equals. They value strength and skill above almost all else, and proving one's strength is the quickest way to win their respect. They train their children from a very young age in the art of war as well as develop their abilities in the ways of the Dark Side. Ironically, they are very much the same as Mandalorians in some cases. They don't have a rite of passage like other cultures, though. Instead their rite of passage is to imbue their own swords and weapons with the Dark Side and then surviving a war with other tribes or enemies. Returning without a kill is considered a failure and just as good as dying.

      They generally live in tribes ranging from a couple dozen people up to a couple hundred. Some of the most powerful tribes are ones consisting of a couple thousand people. Due to the harsh wasteland of Korriban they generally live in, they are typically nomadic and primarily a hunter-gathering society. It should be noted that they can differ from this way of life. On planets with proper cities it isn't uncommon to find Purebloods that integrate into society quite well, though thanks to their stubborness they tend to stick to their own and the majority of Purebloods still live in these tribes of theirs.

      To aid in their nomadic society they have mastered the art of taming and training Tuk'ata, a Sith hound rumored to be created by them through Sith Alchemy. These powerful beasts have become almost synonymous with Sith Purebloods, and they seem to only understand the language spoken by their Pureblood masters. Another common trait of their culture is piercings and tattoos. It's quite common to see both males and females with several piercings and even tattoos signifying various things such as their work, history, etc.


      Sith Purebloods communicate vocally just like humans, though they tend to not use Galactic Basic when they can help it. Instead they use their own local language, known simply as Sith. There are two variants. "Common Sith" is used for everyday communication and used primarily by the lower class. "High Sith" is reserved for the upper class, like chiefs, shamans, nobles in modern societies and the Sith Order, and incantations for spells.

      They also utilize more primitive sounds, like growls, roars, hisses and other animalistic sounds. These sounds only add to their fierce predatory image and animalistic nature, and is generally seen as barbaric. Funnily enough, to other Purebloods these primitive noises convey emotion quite effectively.


      Originally the Sith species was exclusive to Korriban. But with the arrival of the Jedi Exiles and evolution into Purebloods, several tribes have migrated to neighbouring Sith planets and other planets. These days they can be found on Ziost, Dromund Kaas, Malachor and Moraband. Their behaviour and society deviates somewhat in some cases on these planets, depending on how evolved and civilized the planets are.


      In their tribal societies they are quite primitive, though they are very quick learners and are more than capable of using modern technology. They also developed enough to create very good quality hand-to-hand weapons that they imbue with the dark side to strengthen them to the point where they are on par with modern bladed weapons.

      They also developed a traditional weapon known as the Lanvarok, which fires circular saw-like blades to tear through flesh and bone. These days, however, the weapon is seen as extremely barbaric just like everything else about the species. That's not to say it isn't an effective weapon.

      Modern civilization also introduced them to modern technology, and in present day it's more likely to find Purebloods familiar with devices like datapads, blasters and other items despite still living in tribes on places like Korriban.
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