Armor Sith Battle Robes

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    Sith Battle Robes

    This style of armor was developed to protect those not entirely content with the coverage of the Sith Marauder Armor, fitting a plastisteel chest and back plate, typically hidden under a thin darkened tunic, to what came standard. This proved to be more favorable when on the offensive against Mandalorians and the like.


    Fully legal in Sith Space, but one would be lucky not to raise a few eyebrows, whilst wearing the mask.


    Basically an upgraded skin of the Sith Marauder armor, with chest and back protection, for those that find themselves up against more Non-Force Users.

    Type and Coverage

    Type: Medium

    Coverage: (Coverage regions for Light armor is 1-3 regions, Medium is 4-5, Heavy is 6-7)

      • Head: Durasteel mask protects the face from the top of the head to past the chin. Transparisteel eyeholes
      • Torso: Layered plating protects stomach and chest up to the shoulders.
      • Back: Layered similarly to the Torso, protects lower back, up to the shoulders.
      • Lower Arms: Encased gauntlets, utilizing phrik plating, in similar fashion to the Sith Marauder Armor