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    Would just like to start this by saying that this is my first profile and first time doing forum roleplay so I'm not super experienced, that being said don't go easy on me I'd like to get all the constructive criticism I can get.

    Si Giati


    ► Young Adult
    ► Nautolan
    ► 5'8" / 1.73m
    ► 132 lbs / 59.8 kg
    ► Black
    ► None
    ► Glee Anselm
    ► Female
    ► Independent [Hutt Slave]
    ► 1
    ► Yes

    While she was born a free woman, the various debts of her father ensured that she and her family were forced into slavery at the service of a great Hutt lord. Here she has spent all her life, working hard for no pay of her own with failing to live up to expectations putting her family at risk. In her youth she attempted a number of escapes and has the same number of brandings across her back, each seemingly taking little effect. Only when she saw her younger siblings punished for her impudent behaviour did she truly cease her attempts, but her skills were taken note of during these escapades. Now with a few years of trusted service under her belt and with her family as leverage, she is being lent out as a mercenary to prove her worth and earn her Hutt master enough credits to buy the freedom she so desires.

    A red skinned nautolan with white patches over her face and back, she stands at the height of 5'8" and with a lithe build and a pair of murky black eyes. Her back has a number of whip scars and seven old brandings tallied across her left shoulder, clearly underfed in her physique. She wears a pair of baggy brown trousers, a white vest with white arm wraps from wrist to elbow. Around her hips is an aged belt with two holsters, a blaster in each as well as some pouches for supplies and a number of grenades with the final piece, a slave collar slapped around her neck.

    She has learned only through harsh self interest can she find the freedom for her and her family, straying away from the meek nature of her parents. Despite her years of slave service, she despises showing any submission or weakness to others and prides herself on constantly showing a strong front, refusing to do as told without mortal consequence or the involvement of her family. Her boldness and often emotional state make her prone to catastrophic blunders and wild twists of fortune, but her frequency in finding them makes her steadfast and ready in the face of such unpredictable circumstances.

    Si could not care less for the circumstances of the galaxy, her position does not allow her the right to an opinion nor the desire for one. She is more interested in the present dangers and opportunities, her first loyalty is to her family and their safety as she sees them as unable to look after themselves. Beyond this, a mindset of every man for themself has taken over her life and as a result she is loyal to herself before anything else, barring her family which is the exception she struggles to admit to. Loyalty to her Hutt masters merely serves as a means to ensuring the welfare of her family, but the sooner they can all be free of them the better.



    ► Explosive Grenade [x2]
    ► Concussion Grenade [x2]
    ► Power Pack [x6] (not including loaded)
    ► Slicing Tools
    ► Utility Belt
    ► None
    ► Slave Collar
    ► White Vest
    ► Arm Wraps
    ► Black Baggy Trousers
    ► Dexterity [8/10]
    ► Strength [4/10]
    ► Endurance [9/10]
    ► Melee [5/10]
    ► Ranged [7/10]
    ► Tech [6/10]

    ► Charisma [2/10]
    ► Intuition [8/10]
    ► Resolve [9/10]
    ► Knowledge [2/10]
    ► Wealth [0/10]
    ► Slicing
    ► Blaster
    ► Stealth
    ► Sleight of Hand
    ► Tracking
    ► Unarmed
    ► Hand Weapons
    ► Knives
    ► Underworld Connections

    ► Intimidation
    ► Barter
    ► First Aid
    ► Performer


    Personal interactions have been brief, Pel'Rin is usually pre-occupied and pays little attention to his slaves, instead leaving this duty to his underlings. He would barely recognise the woman, having only cast a glance her way a few times in his life and having so many slaves they likely blend together in his mind.

    Frido was in charge of handling a large quantity of Pel'Rin's slaves, amongst them were the Giati family. After her various escapes, Frido took personal interest in Si taking note of her skills and demeanour and almost took a liking to her, as much as one could as a master to a slave. It was his idea to loan out her skills for profit, with the knowledge that she would not betray her master while her family remained slaves at his mercy. Si sees Frido as a tyrannical master, and in truth would like little more than to see him dead.

    Her father, while he was a caring influence in her life Si perceives him as weak willed and at fault for the family's predicament. His old fashioned sense of fairness and honour put them at the bottom of the ladder, and she sees herself as equal and opposite to him - the force that will bring them back out. She cares for him in truth, but is often aloof and never has a kind word.

    While not held personally responsible for the situation, Si holds some level of anger at her mother for allowing it to end up here. She is the more wise of the couple, just as hard working but without the same naive honour of her husband though she does admire it.

    Si's younger sister, not old enough to preform any difficult duties for the Hutts but the time is fast approaching. Si wishes to provide freedom before this comes to pass, but it likely an impossible challenge. Si took it upon herself to offer an alternative point of view to her parent's softness, trying to bring out the strength in Rhus but to little effect yet.

    Si's youngest sibling, he was taken away at a young age with little to no warning. Si desperately wants to find him, but often claims she believes him dead or worse and that there is little hope.

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    This 'work in progress' looks better than both of my current character profiles! Si looks really interesting.
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    Yeah, work in progress? Lies. And first forum character profile? Lies.

    Everything just looks great tho, so tagging @Malon for approval.
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    Love the artwork! Approved!
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    Hey there. Just a thing I noticed. The EMP Grenades are advanced tech, so they would need a tech plot to earn. Also just an FYI, flash/flashbang grenades are actually called Concussion Grenades on here. And the standard grenades are Frag Grenades, with everything more lethal being advanced.. Here is a listing of all the stock grenades.

    So, if you can swap out the EMP for a non-advanced grenade that would be pretty cool. :)

    Also, if you plan on going into battle, might want to list how many extra powerpacks your weapons have too.

    @Dominic Naylor
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